An American owned NHS? EU membership would passport it.

An American owned NHS? EU membership would passport it.

by Jonathan Stanley
article from Monday 26, August, 2019

AS PROJECT FEAR ramps up it's probably time to dismantle one of the most absurd Brexit myths Remoaners have entertained for the past three years and that is the impact on the NHS in terms of who owns it.

We are told often by the same people, without a hint of irony, that if we have a free trade agreement with the United States the NHS will be destroyed – and that if we don't have a free trade agreement with the EU the NHS will be destroyed.

This tautology is something similar to what we see in Scottish nationalism whereby the debate centres not around problems to solve but rather a pre-determined solution to which problems must be found.  With the NHS there is always, and has always been, the idea it will be sneakily privatised against our will.

So let's firstly return to the free trade argument. The idea that there will be a shortage of medicines post Brexit has been debunked so often now, but still requires restating.  Stockpiling by suppliers and the NHS has been ongoing for months. Cold supply chains for insulin have been redesigned. Companies have had ample supples of insulin for months (I have proof).

Secondly, there is nothing stopping American companies, or any others, setting up a branch office in any EU jursidiction, and then bidding for franchises in the NHS or other EU health services NOW!. It is continued EU membership that raises the risk of forced privatisation.

The EU single market allows it.  EU law already mandates rail and train operating companies are separated to facilitate a market – yet no remoaner seems to have twigged the EU need only pass a directive doing the same for state funded healthcare in the UK and Poland et al, and the NHS would be blown right open, both  in Scotland and in England. So far private sector involvement comes only with state invitation, such as when the Scottish Government wanted a new children's hospital built. Less said about that the better!

Ironically the EU was negotiating a massive free trade agreement – the TTIP – with St Obama of the USA before  Trump demolished it. The EU was actively promoting the access to the European markets by American companies by deregulating them via TTIP. Stopping TTIP was part of the Leave campaign playbook!

If after three years Remoaners can only resort to idle threats that are logical fallacies it is safe to say the arguments have been well and truly lost by them. All that is left is to repeat hollow mantras to prop up media appearances by politicians who never really had anything to offer us. 

The reality is that EU membership is the most  likely route to passporting the privatisation of the NHS, with or without a free trade deal, with the United States. It's another reason we voted to leave it.

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