Ships Whay Hae! Is Ferguson Marine another lemon disguised as a peach?

Ships Whay Hae! Is Ferguson Marine another lemon disguised as a peach?

by Jonathan Stanley
article from Tuesday 20, August, 2019

WHEN LIFE GIVES YOU LEMONS bung as much taxpayers' cash into them as possible, preferably with as little analysis as possible into the value of doing so.

Derek Mackay has never disappointed us in disappointing us. He is the attar of modern Scottish nationalism. There really is no purer essence. 

Obnoxious, arrogant, rude, and that's just when he is addressing fellow MSPs. Worse than uncouth he is perfectly incompetent. By perfect I mean he is unconciously incompetent. He doesn't have a clue because he never has and never feels the need to learn from his mistakes. 

He started young as so many now do. The issue I have with so many of his type is that they have never worked outside of politics. There is no external locus by which a sense of reality can be based.

Having worn political hats in local government; then in Holyrood local government and planning, then in Transport and then as Finance Secretary one would think, possibly, he would enjoy every level of experience required to have ready a financial analysis of the cost of, say, nationalising the last civilian shipyard on the Clyde. 

Nope, not a sausage and of course, being Derek, that doesn't matter because thus far it never really has.  There are reasonable arguments for and against the state owning key infrastructure. In the USA municipal ownership of airports is the norm. Manchester Airport Group is one of the most successful in Europe. 

In the EU state owned shipyards exist, some partially state owned like the massive Chantiers de l'Atlantique.  They can work but only with a sound financial plan.  Despite the "climate emergency" and opposition to foreign wars we are years down the line of owning Prestwick Airport it seems solely for the benefit of the US air force and a handful of package holiday operators shipping out tourists to Spain.

In a serious independent country this would be seen rightly as a joke. Someone with neither the benefit of a good education nor of the ability to learn on the job would ever get to be in charge of a national treasury so why are our economic expectations being managed down by a minister who would not be hred for his officials jobs? Convince me this lemon is a peach in waiting. I thought this was what administrators did!

Without any outside work experience how can anything he has done in office be seen as a success in its own right when the SNP press machine is intolerant to criticism and dismisses any oversight as unionist busybodying? What a life to lead when nothing you do is ever allowed to be wrong.

Back in reality this matters. Shipyards and airports are expensive to run. Money spent on losses is money that cannot be spent on healthcare, education, innovations and crime fighting. This is so basic it pains me to write it yet when the man formally in charge of the Scottish government's role in our economy is an intellecutal shipwreck it is needed. 

Talking one's way out of a situation is a device, it is certainly not a skill. it delivers nothing good to anyone. Shipbuilders need security of employment, the rest of us need security of public finances. Scotland is being short changed on both fronts. 

Given the Nationalist cause is impervious to logic and criticism and that even their sales pitch for independence, Scotland's Future,  was an illiterate mess there is only one way to deal with Derek and the rest of ship of fools in Government.

Sling the lot overboard. The sooner the better. We can do better than this charlatan if we hold Scotland's standards higher. Isn't that what being a patriot is about?  



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