Back in the EU cooler – why we must escape again

Back in the EU cooler – why we must escape again

by Jonathan Stanley
article from Tuesday 23, April, 2019

RACING TOWARDS the Swiss border, having jumped one row of barbed wire, the capture of Hilts (Steve McQueen) before he can jump the second row is the iconic anti-climax of the 1960s classic The Great Escape. It is poignant because despite all efforts when facing a much more powerful adversary, failure is always an occupational hazard.

This is where Brexiters now find themselves, back in the cooler planning our next escape. We had better be careful because the enemy is now ready as it has ever been.

We have seen some deeply disturbing behaviour from the British and French heads of government in recent months. It is as so often a tale of two cities. Both have turned completely against their own people and have pushed their use of power within the law to the absolute limit. Neither care about how they are perceived and could be described almost as dictators.

They are not, and cannot be. Because dictators hold their own sovereignty. The UK and France do not have dictators. They have Gauleiters, regional governors of a centralised EU state that has now completed its transfer of power from our people. Our Prime Minister May and France’s President Macron both take their orders from a collective, the European Council, that has long been the marshalling yard for policies to be imposed EU-wide in the knowledge national governments would reject them.

This is collective government without opposition. There is NO formal opposition anywhere in the EU.  It does not matter which party or person is in power for their role is the same, to enforce Union rule and law.

Why do Gilets Jaune routinely burn down EU flags? Why does the Euro-gendarmerie attack them? Why does May do everything possible to subvert the referendum result as use any excuse to pull us back as close to the EU as possible? This is the behaviour of Gauleiters, keeping the regions in order.

This is where we are. There is no pretence anymore. The EU is a superstate and it is functioning as one to enforce unity and if that means bashing every jigsaw piece with a hammer so it eventually fits, then so be it. Reasoning with such an entity or its Gauleiters is futile. It is self-certifyingly moronic.

There is now one mechanism left by which we can leave the EU. By removing Gauleiters as we still just about appoint them ourselves. They have to be left in full knowledge they will never again hold secure office within the EU and every move in our democracy must now be to eject this miserable and un-British entity from our lives. 

Regardless of what happens in the European elections we Eurosceptics must now work for the next phase, of voting to remove the agents of the EU from our government. That is the only way we can escape, and we must. 


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