There's no 'I' in team for our dear leader

There's no 'I' in team for our dear leader

by Jonathan Stanley
article from Wednesday 20, March, 2019

INEPT, incongruent, inciteful, individualistic, irreverent, indefatigable, irascible, iniquitous, inaccurate, inpertinent, indecisive, ignoble, irrational, ignorant, intolerant, invidious, incompetent, invertebrate.

Say what you like about our Prime Minister Theresa May, she certainly puts the 'I' in everything she does regarding our leaving the European Union. Sadly there is no 'I' in team. There is no team. There is a troika of PM, Press Office, and Party machinery that is running the country. That's as close as we can get to seing meaningful cooperation in Government.

The Long March through the institutions of democracy is almost complete. We have a Prime Minister who was never elected to lead the party and never elected outright to lead the country. She stopped replacing every Leave-supporting Cabinet member who has resigned with a retainer a good while ago and has conspired, and yes it is conspiracy, with civil servants loyal to the EU to deliver a withdrawal agreement that has been rejected twice by Parliament by two out of three of the largest majorities ever against a British government.

Her response has been to moot a third vote of the same drivel and then threaten yet again to twist everyone's arm so that there is a choice between supporting her – or not leaving the EU.

This behaviour is that of a petty tyrant and is without moderation utterly disgusting and despicable to witness. The credibility now of the Conservative Party to look the SNP in the eye and say "respect the referendum" is now shot to ribbons. 

It's over. There is no legacy now, only misery. Even Pyrrhic victories leave ashes but there will be nothing of substance left now for her minority administration. The 2017 General Election was about delivering Brexit and opposing the grounds for a second referendum in Scotland by demanding the 2014 referendum was respected.

That's gone now. 

Seven out of thirteen Scottish Tory MPs voted to extend Article 50 last week – on a free vote, no whipping, no arm-twisting. Even the Brexit Secretary managed to vote against the motion he summed up for because he could not stomach a long extension (which the motion allows). If there is an extension we should all remind ourselves that Scots have long memories. Nearly two decades in the wilderness and the party surfaced long enough only to elect a new generation that would sell out on Europe. If the party had an animal spirit to call on in crisis it would be the Cicada, a shady grub that lives underground for up to 17 years, surfacing momentarily to breed. 

Scotland cannot afford such a fickle and ephemeral opposition. It is beyond any measure of integrity that Mundell can remain in office after refusing to support a government motion that no deal is better than a bad deal. Likewise the dronal errand boys running to the TV cameras to trot out the rot that Brexit may never happen, as if it isn't plain and obvious the only reason it won't happen is because of them.

People despise bullying and they despise dishonesty. That is because most people are decent and would not dream to raise their children in the image of such mannequins despite them being our so called representatives. Maybe the party would consider this, and it is but a humble suggestion, that party members choose our candidates and not have them handpicked in a shadowy backroom?

It is by such base and messy means that we have come to this point, where government Whips vote against government, where Cabinet ministers eschew duty but keep salary and where a seven Scots Tory MPs on a free vote openly rebel against the British public.

What a sick and meagre seed we have had sown in our name. 

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