New polling suggests Brexit Party is set to reap the voters’ wrath

New polling suggests Brexit Party is set to reap the voters’ wrath

by Brian Monteith
article from Thursday 14, March, 2019

ANOTHER PARLIAMENTARY vote, another assault on British democracy.  It is shameful that such a sentence has to be written, but there it is.  With the two main parties failing to honour the referendum will the British people turn to the Brexit Party as the solution? The answer appears to be yes.

With every attempt to deliver a clean Brexit – that’s the consensual definition proposed in June 2017 by both the Conservative and Labour parties who agreed in their manifestoes that we would leave the single market and customs union – the remainers inside and outside the governing party and in the official opposition have conspired to halt and ultimately reverse Britain’s democratic decision to leave the EU.

Like a fish the Conservative Government is rotting from the head down. 

The prime minister plays fast and loose with promises she has no intention of keeping, be it “No Deal is better than a Bad Deal” or that we shall “leave the European Union on 29 March”.  Her use of the English language is Orwellian – with her Withdrawal Agreement ensuring the UK remains under EU jurisdiction, tied to single market regulations and hamstrung by the customs union while the backstop is (never) solved, and handing over £39 billion, with more billions to come.

With such leadership is it any surprise that remainer Cabinet ministers feel able to threaten to resign with impunity without being sacked? All honour and respect for democratic conventions is abandoned when the same ministers are able to abstain during a three-line whip seeking to deliver government policy to keep “no deal” on the table so the UK retains negotiating leverage.

The Labour Party is no better, selling out its leave voters – who delivered the majority of its constituency MPs by constantly ducking and diving in an attempt to force a general election – rather than gain credit for helping to deliver a Brexit the public would rally around.

In such circumstances we need to ask what are British people thinking, does the rejection of a democratic referendum provide fertile ground for the new Brexit Party?

In new private polling commissioned by leave supporter Mev Brown and carried out by BMG between 4-8 March some 1,500 British adults were asked “Would you consider voting for the Brexit party”? The results suggest there could be a seismic shock in British politics following the government’s capitulation to Brussels.

–   Of British voters intending to vote conservative at the next General Election 37 per cent said they would consider voting for the Brexit party, 30 per cent said they were unlikely to consider this and just 33 per cent said they would not consider this proposition.

–   The Labour party is in a better position, with just 24 per cent of voters intending to vote Labour willing to consider voting for the Brexit party, and 48 per cent not considering the proposition.

–   Those intending to vote for the Lib Dems are the most loyal, with just 14 per cent considering the Brexit party and 60 per cent not considering the possibility.

–   UKIP too is in trouble; with 71 per cent considering switching their vote to the Brexit party and just 12 per cent ruling out the possibility at the next General Election.

Bearing in mind this polling was before this week’s parliamentary votes there is every reason to expect the attraction of the Brexit Party has risen. If there is an extension of Article 50 and European elections are held, it is highly probable the Brexit Party could do very well and develop an irresistible electoral momentum.

With already  37 per cent of Tory voters, 24 per cent of Labour voters and 71 per cent of UKIP voters willing to consider the Brexit Party there is every prospect that a group of MPs could be elected that would hold the balance of power in a new parliament.  They would be able to support or coalesce with those parties willing to deliver a real Brexit. 

If this poll is born out by events then the traditional parties are about to reap the voters’ wrath for their callous disregard of their views. 

Polling conducted by BMG between 4-8 March, with a weighted sample of 1,510 adults, 18+, in Great Britain.



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