Scottish Conservatives must not run in the European elections if they dare extend our EU membership

Scottish Conservatives must not run in the European elections if they dare extend our EU membership

by Jonathan Stanley
article from Monday 14, January, 2019

MARCH 29TH 2019 will be a momentous day. I'm not yet sure why but there are at least two reasons I can think of.

The first is that we leave the European Union.

The second could be that the Conservative Party prevents that happening by engaging in a policy of pretend and extend regarding EU membership.

The first option means Eurosceptics in Scotland and the north of England can return to being non-aligned citizens, many of us Tories and many of us not. That includes about one third of Scottish Nationalists who wish to leave the EU.

The second option means some Eurosceptics will form a new movement to stand at the European elections in 2019 and finding confidence with their reception at that election go on to attack and then replace Conservative Party representatives everywhere north of the Yorkshire Dales.

Of course it goes without saying this is only a hypothesis. Nonetheless it would result from a state where Tories would not be in any credible position to stand for the European Parliament. Why should they? It would be a manifesto of incompetence and betrayal. The only reason we would arrive in that situation is because Eurosceptics had been deceived and held in derision by a party who came to power in 2015 on a promise to hold a referendum on Europe and in 2017 on a promise to respect the result of that. That would mean a fraud over the course of at least two General Elections for which penance would need paid.

The Liberal Party was destroyed by the aftermath of WWI and the rapid expansion of suffrage. It never recovered. Labour was wiped out in Scotland following decades of rotten borough inspired politics, losing to the beast of Scottish nationalism it had gleefully raised and fed for decades. Who thinks seriously now they are on the way back to power beyond a few former industrial centres?

For some bizarre reason the Conservatives, having been more or less wiped out for 20 years in Scotland, think they can pull off the softest Brexit possible. One particularly irksome fellow retorted in Parliament recently that his patience with Brexit supporters had reached its limit. My message is a simple one: That's fine by us!

There are 59 seats in Scotland, another 30-odd in the bordering English counties. Are their MPs out there so stupid as to tempt fate and awaken a North British spirit that looks neither to Scottish nationalism nor champs at the bit to defend a status quo that leaves our union imbalanced and treats elected office as something one is entitled to? 

The Italian right found out through Lega Nord just how badly that plays. Under Matteo Salvini (pictured) Lega developed a sister party in the south of Italy that has rejuvenated Italian National Conservatism by marching from North and South to Rome.

In Sweden mass migration into Skane has driven up a very regional support base for Sweden Democrats. In Belgium the centre right NVA, though overwhelmingly Flemish, is particularly associated with Antwerp. 

These parties all have one thing in common. They are unquestionably unionist while assertive within their regions. These regions are not defined so much by devolution than by socioeconomic distinctions that lead to more open and evolutionary politics rather than the identitarianism that has gripped the main parties in Scotland in recent years.

Of course this is all rather niche and will only interest those who take an interest in hypotheses, but nevertheless – Tory candidates in any EU elections will face another wipe-out.

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