State collective planning of housing? Seriously?

State collective planning of housing? Seriously?

by Jonathan Stanley
article from Tuesday 5, September, 2017

THE PICTURE says it all for conservatives – but anyone who is not, and that includes many Tories, should heed the words of William F. Buckley Jr, the founder of National Review,

"A conservative is someone who stands athwart history, yelling Stop, at a time when no one is inclined to do so, or to have much patience with those who so urge it."

State planning of housing is a bad idea in the same way molten lead is a bad hand cream. Really bad and liable to burn you.

In a footloose economy people move to where they like to live. Bad quality housing locks in poverty and a lack of ambition and distorts housing markets. The record has been abysmal and Thatcher's greatest gift was breaking the back of state owned housing collectives by making possible the largest transfer of wealth in British history,

We do not need affordable housing. We have plenty. We need lovely classy fabulous unaffordable housing by the bucket load. Then people in affordable housing can move out and upwards, and laws of limits of substitution will create a......housing ladder.

There is a lot the state can do to help us by getting out of state planning. Bin the crazy stamp duty rates. Levy council taxes on building plots with and without planning permission. Let cities build up and not out. Let councils keep all stamp duty on new builds to encourage planning applications.

Have free pre-rush hour trains to get low paid workers into cities. Bin the council tax exemption on students in city centres and have a £250 flat fee instead. Edinburgh alone would collect £10m a year from this.

Let's go further and devolve all planning law and housing benefit to local authorities so just one tier of government can just get on with it.

Oh, and slash the Home County subsidy of ridiculously high housing benefit limits. Up to £500 a week for a couple's rent is madness. Slash this and then slash it again.

Fund relationship counselling and offer annual MOTs for marriages in the form of a session of advice to arrest deteriorating relationships. Divorce has increased housing demand and social care demand massively. Conservative support for marriage with children offers so much here.

State collective planning of housing? Seriously? The state as a property developer cannot offer a level playing field, quite the reverse.

It's been fun but I have to scream now.

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