As the Great Game is played in Holyrood, no one is fit to write the rules

As the Great Game is played in Holyrood, no one is fit to write the rules

by Jonathan Stanley
article from Thursday 7, May, 2020

ONE WOULD BE FORGIVEN for thinking there was more to life in Scotland now than policing our thought and speech but as always when crisis strikes the SNP can be relied upon to ask those three most salient questions,

1. How can we blame Westminster or England for the crisis?

2. How can we be less accountable to our voters and free press?

3. How can we reduce the freedom of people we are meant to represent?

Captain Sturgeon has wasted no time uttering spurious nonsense from shutting the border and crying victim by latching onto claims Scotland has been discriminated against by suppliers of PPE. Meanwhile the rest of the motley crew has been busy within Scotland.

Emergency powers the Scottish government has granted itself has managed to extend the time limit on replying to Freedom of Information requests by up to 60 days. While trying to find out, reasonably, how many leukaemia patients have died waiting for bone marrow transplants I am stymied – yet the Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf seems happy to proceed with continuing to stamp out freedom of expression.

A so called Hate Crime Bill has been published which would criminalise the criticism of many ideologies and political persuasions, including transgenderism (which for the record is gibberish) and Islam. No doubt there are some who believe it is right that extremist language is policed but who really is fit in Holyrood to make that judgement?

It does not help that the Justice Secretary can find Islamophobia lurking in the darkest recesses of a crisp packet, having labelled the Prime Minister such for sacking Sajid Javid while replacing him by Rishi Sunak.

The SNP was already rocked before the Salmond trial by a few brave women who decided enough was enough and have poured plenty cold water over gender recognition which has fast become the tulipmania of the day.

Why the rush into such damaging legislation? Why this need to obsess over how to identity people by group? It sounds a little like the social audit threatened during the 2014 indyref campaign and hands power of our language and identity to a party machine that prides itself on ever representing, at best, half of the nation.

This is not democracy nor is it close to decency and integrity. It is the marshalling of the state to play that favourite game of social democrats, diversity bingo. Unlike that famous gameshow Bob's Full House, the Holyrood gag reel is neither jocular nor harmless. It is extremely dangerous for those representing us to decide and define how we may criticise them for doing so.

This is how dictatorships are elected into office, using benevolent sounding proposals to impose laws with malevolent consequences onto the people in a one-way ratchet that transfers power to politicians in exchange for liabilities and responsibilities to voters.

Have the Tories even bothered to waken up? Do the liberals have a clue how to respond? Does Labour know what day of the week it is?

Quiet flows the Don and Dee and our society closes just a little more. 

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