2020 vision has blindsided Unionists - Indy crowd silence is not peace and will not last

2020 vision has blindsided Unionists - Indy crowd silence is not peace and will not last

by Jonathan Stanley
article from Friday 20, March, 2020

HOPE SPRINGS eternal and the gushing of praise laid at the feet of Evita Sturgeon by unionist parties is irritating to many who realise the fight against an idea immune to logic has no rest, only retreat.

We have been told of the benevolence of the SNP having withdrawn, for now, their indyref campaign. For the rest of 2020, while the dead are buried and sick are petrified of joining them, we are to enjoy a whole nine months of peace from the madding Indy crowd.

When Jackson Carlaw praises the camaraderie and goodwill of Scottish politics no doubt only a fool would dissent. I'm feeling rather foolish of late. When the SNP say they have suspended their campaign for this year they mean, at best they intend to ramp it up all the more next year. The rest of us want to move on but for the pure in heart 2021 will be their own Battle of Britain.

They are in deep trouble. Their former leader is looking rather grubby whatever the outcome of his trial for alleged sexual offences. The oil price just tanked faster than the share price of Ratner's Jewellery, and though it may recover for the window of Spring 2021 it will not be anywhere near enough to balance the cooked books of Mackay, sorry, Forbes. Even if it recovers to a more credible 50 to 60 dollars, Prince Salman has sent a shockwave through the North Sea workforce and the North East economy it fuels by simply boosting oil production.

Throw into the mix the nonsense on phasing out oil, phasing out cars, and the offshore economy is not a happy one. It punches a lethal hole in the bow of the Nationalist's ship. Trade policy just went south, reliance on the North East to prop up Strathclyde has been swapped for Holyrood facing the prospect of nursing two patients and that is before COVID-19 hammers the hospitality and horticultural sectors. Suddenly the EU seems very far away. So surely it is time to pack up and go home? A chance for unbridled unity across these islands?

Forget it.

This is when narcissists have a choice. They can cower away, or they can come out snarling, angry and very, very desperate. I've no doubt which one the SNP will choose. The blame over COVID hasn't started but oh boy it will. It has to. With Sunak just pumping billions into the UK economy (from borrowing of course) and her regional economy scunnered Nicola and her successors will need to fire up the grudge machine and run it hard.

The poster shown was daubed onto billboards only recently, incredible to civilized people it was even allowed. Swap the flag of St. George for a Star of David and you've got your full house. The independence movement tolerates open displays of what any other European country would call fascism. They'd be right.

Yet when Boris Johnson replaces Sajid Javid with Rishi Sunak – Humza Yousaf is out of the traps like a greyhound calling the Prime Minister Islamophobic. A billboard appears in Scotland demonising England? That's OK. That's not hateful or controversial. This is the signalling the SNP send out deliberately by tolerating what others do in the name of their cause. By contrast there is condemnation of any English politician for imaginary crimes while giving an approving silence to their comrades’.

The SNP wants to have its cake and eat it. Its adherents alone demand, insist, and play victim when Westminster (the English) denies them (another) referendum on independence. Come the day when anyone in the Yes camp fouls up, you can expect the SNP will do everything they can to keep their proxies at arm’s length.

When you lead a movement you own the consequences. In any other walk of life that would called leadership. In Natland it's just bad publicity and woe betide any Scot who dares bring them that. In demonising England the Nationalists show their worst hand, that being a Scottish Nationalist is more important than being Scottish.

There is nothing civil or joyous about demonising an entire people. That is exactly what this poster's  message does. We've been here before, far too often. When the Leave side won we were told we were being dragged out against out will. By whom though? It was a referendum. Who is doing the dragging? The English people, who else? Forget the 2 in 5 Scots who voted leave. They do not matter. They were never going to be allowed to get in the way of Scottish Nationalism. What of the 55% who voted to stay in the UK?

Again we were sidelined. Scotland's vote matters, but not as much as Scottish nationalism matters. That is fascism. That is right at the root of fascism, when a movement is more important than the people it is meant to represent. What is left? A lust for power, unbridled and unmoderated.

You think they'll rage against the dying of the light and retire? They'll rage on all the more. They know nothing else. Woe betide the unionists who give this disgusting political clique around the First Minister praise instead of real opposition.

There is no peace with the SNP's intolerant and incompetent gang and their silence will not last.

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