Come together post-Brexit?  We are hardly a knocking shop in Marrakech

Come together post-Brexit? We are hardly a knocking shop in Marrakech

by Dr Sutherland MacNeill
article from Tuesday 7, January, 2020

SHOWING CONTRITION, or indeed mercy to enemies is a very curious British trait.  It's part of our heritage, from when we were far more powerful, when we could afford to appear magnanimous in victory as well as gracious in defeat. I suppose it’s part of that sense of fair play we used to value so highly.

Sadly, not so many of us do any longer. Despite so many premature pleas asking to Remainers and Leavers to, "Let's all come together" I feel a chuckle breaking out. Nothing too obvious, a splash of the humorous contempt that Edinburgh lad, the late Ian Richardson, delivered sublimely as Francis Urquhart in House of Cards.

When his immediate predecessor devises the awful electoral slogan of, "Let's all come together" Urquhart laughs when a rival mutters, "Bloody nonsense, "all come together"? Sounds like a motto of a knocking shop in Marrakech."

The role of Chief Whip is of course to make sure everyone does VOTE together but accepts this is a compromise needed to maintain a very broad church that any successful party comes from. Parties NEED unity, people most certainly do not.

Worse, what it really is about is more of the same. That we did not know what we voted for. We do. It was to reject THEM. The establishment that stitched up our democracy, played footloose and fancy free with our national identity and imported millions of people into our country changing it recklessly and needlessly without consent. We ignored gross imbalances in our union, with a liberal elite in big cities champing after an every greater share of the pie, while the shires and former industrial towns languished.

Compromising with those who held us back means turning back from where we chose to go, which was far away from the status quo. It is not a question of compromise and contrition but only for the rest of the country to catch up with us. Was there ever a Remainer or a Nationalist who even for a whisper of a moment slowed down, paused and admitted maybe, just maybe, they're going the wrong way?

Five years after they lost the referendum they had craved, the SNP is still banging on about the same thing. In doing this they deliberately have tried to undermine our referendum to leave the EU and conspired with Eurocrats and foreign politicians, to sabotage the process of leaving.

Negotiating positions were undermined. Voters were demonised. Lip service sought and received on Scotland re-joining the EU if it left the UK. Worst our own Parliament was held to ransom time and time again and our Supreme Court soiled itself in public by wading into how our democracy is run. Lo and behold we now have Supreme Court judges paraded like show ponies telling us all now to beware politicising the Court!

Compromise and show a chink in the armour to such people? Never. It would be like waving one's hand above the trench to give at least one bullet a sporting chance at hitting it. The truth is Remainers and Nationalists have been extremely poor losers because they have never accepted defeat.

In the real world you DO win and lose. Not everything is a compromise, even if one side wants it to be. Our union does need fundamental change. Sometimes, by the quill and sometimes by the rusted chainsaw. Our BBC is rotten. Our Court is heavily biased against the values of everyday people to the point it behaves like a colonial governor in our political affairs. Our dear neighbours are the frenemies they have so often sadly insisted in being.

Compromise is the worst of the lesser evils and it should never be entered into to relieve ourselves of some of the discomfort of finally being in a position to take responsibility and power from those who for decades have wielded it so poorly, enriching themselves and impoverishing our place in the world.

Britain finally has a world to win back. We have spent 30 years railing against Russians, bombing Arabs and appeasing neighbours with virtually no indigenous history of democracy, subsidizing their metros and airports while our roads crumble with potholes. To what end? Beyond the vision of a few cossetted globalists what have the rest of us to show for this strategy of love bombing and loving to bomb?

Could it be perhaps we are sick of being taken for a ride and for fools by so many abroad and at home? Maybe we are sick and tired of being that knocking shop in Marrakech. There is only so much humility and contrition a great power can show and remain safe from its friends. 

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