Death of a Saleswoman:  The Tupperware Tory swaps lobby firms

Death of a Saleswoman: The Tupperware Tory swaps lobby firms

by Dr Sutherland MacNeill
article from Tuesday 29, October, 2019

TUPPERWARE is one of those things that everyone has in their cupboard. Plastic, translucent, most often empty and the only distinguishing feature tends to be a colourful lid. Otherwise you can put in it whatever you like. That is the beauty of Tupperware.

Some members of the press, with a notable silence from the baby blue blob, are quite shocked at how after giving up the Tory leadership in Scotland to spend more time with her family Ruth Davidson has adopted a bouncing baby lobby job of her own.

What’s more, she will earn £50,000 from a lobby firm for 24 days work of, wait for it, not lobbying for them. See how it works? That smooth. Don’t worry though. She will be looked after by former Tory party chairman Lord Feldman who is a partner in the firm. That’s nice.

No doubt the thousands of Team Ruth leaflets in Northumberland Street are already part of the circular economy, which is green lobby speak for being pulped. What now then for the Union? Team Jackson has at least fallen into line on Brexit, well just about anyway. 

This is sadly the consequence of an empty vessel party that threw everything in behind a character that made it all about her, and then scarpered the second she knew the one-upmanship with Boris had failed and her local fiefdom was about to take a hammering.

It was clear early on that this was the model for Team Ruth. In eight years there has hardly been a policy announcement that has stuck and there is nothing that her crew have stood for except… well yes the only thing we ever hear about. 

Otherwise it’s whatever social justice cause of the day Ruth likes and, to be fair, potholes. They have at least made something of that. The health spokesman certainly tries hard to ensure the NHS is mentioned, falling education standards are attacked and soft penal policies are pilloried. But policies? That’s pretty much it really.

When you pride yourselves in having nothing to offer but status quo and Ruth, and then Ruth goes and there is no status quo you are left holding a little empty Tupperware box. Worse the Tories cannot bear the loss of their former leader so of course they cannot call for her to resign, which as an elected MSP on the books of a lobby firm is exactly what she should do.

Given the highly centralised and unaccountable way the party picks its winners, I mean candidates, such timidity is part of survival let alone approval.  So we see insult added to injury. As a MSP or councillor currently twiddling thumbs you are as complicit in this as career MPs are in the face of the outrageous anti-Semitism flourishing under Corbyn. The magic circle within Team Ruth no doubt hope they too can enter this shady world of spin, after using the Tory party as little more than training wheels for much the same period. 

Over three years ago I started highlighting the obvious folly of this culture and that Ruth was a charlatan without substance. For now only one party really matters union-wide and that is the Brexit Party. It’s job is to deliver on a referendum and do so fully. It is the only party that will contest the upcoming General Election on that platform. Given 52% of us voted for it, that in itself shows how much plastic pollution has built up in our cupboards. 

Time for a clear out!

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