Smear, innuendo and speaking to the gallery

Smear, innuendo and speaking to the gallery

by Ewen Stewart
article from Monday 1, July, 2019

IN THE SPIRIT OF GENEROSITY let’s just say the last three years have been one of partial truth. We all now know what May’s ‘Brexit means Brexit’ really meant and we all now know what her leaving on 31st March meant too. We also know what such a policy meant for the Conservative Party. Their worst result, in a public election in over 150 years with an extraordinary 9 per cent of the poll. Surely the penny has dropped? It did with their MP’s, albeit rather belatedly. Now an extraordinary attempt to play the man and not the ball is in full swing to try and sway the last hurdle; the membership of the party is being brow-beaten into supporting continuity remain.

The ferocity of attacks on the front runner are extraordinary. The BBC last week led with a line that Johnson was hiding as he wouldn’t appear on a rival TV channel. Good to see the BBC jumping to Sky’s aid! They fear Johnson more than their satellite rival perhaps?

Then on their programme it was followed up with another in-depth analysis of the state of his relationship with his girlfriend. To top that there was airplay to threats from a tiny number of refusniks that they would rather bring the Government down leading to a possible Corbyn Government rather than see the UK leave on 31st October effectively issuing a threat to the Conservative Party members to vote for Hunt – or else.

Hunt is then given an easy ride. No mention of how he is seems to be playing to the gallery and no asking awkward questions as to why he seems to have changed his tune when their just happens to be a leadership election.

Jeremy Hunt seems to be again saying that he would be prepared to leave without a deal.  But in making this claim it might be instructive to reference what Mr Hunt said just after the referendum and ask a very simple question why does he seem to have changed his mind? To jog some memories here is the BBC link to his utterances on his strategy for BREXIT after the referendum.

It is also worth remembering that Mr Hunt stood full shoulder beside Mrs May’s proposed Brexit in name only. So here are a few questions that the BBC and indeed those with a vote in this leadership election might wish to ask…

a) Mr Hunt why were you the very first cabinet minister, after the referendum, to suggest a second referendum might be necessary? Quote “UK-EU trade deals would be a huge decision and the people should have their chance to give their verdict.”

b) Why when you said the UK should negotiate “a Norway plus option that would see ‘full access to the single market with a sensible compromise on free movement” should we believe you now would seek a clean BREXIT?

c) Why did you steadfastly stand shoulder to shoulder with Prime Minister May and her Brexit in name only Withdrawal Agreement when you now, albeit rather weakly and through gritted teeth, imply that you would be happy for the UK to leave without a deal? Why would the EU offer you a fig leaf more than the current sorry proposal?

d) Given that the current policy of perusing Mrs May’s withdrawal Agreement was met with the worst showing in 150-plus years for the Conservative Party at the European elections with less than 10 per cent of the vote and the subsequent collapse of your party at Peterborough do you think this appeasement will have any effect other than electoral disaster for the Conservative Party should anyone take your candidate seriously?

e) Given that you got less than half as many votes, from the people who know you best – your fellow Conservative MP’s – do you think you take your Party with you without electoral disaster?

Really let’s look through the spin, the playing the man, the weak smirk and look at the actions. No one is saying Boris is perfect, or even a saint. But I tell you this not a fraction of the risk that a Hunt premiership would be.

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