The case for true independence requires Scotland must vote for Brexit

The case for true independence requires Scotland must vote for Brexit

by Jim Ferguson
article from Tuesday 14, May, 2019

I TOOK PART in the recent BBC European Parliament election debate. As we entered the studio set, like gladiators walking into an arena, I noticed those around me were strangely quiet, apprehensive one might say. Never having been a career politician I wondered if the fact that I was feeling quite calm was normal. 

We took our seats and the questions started. Like a lighting bolt, a gentleman from the audience launched a torpedo-like question and I felt the anticipation grow. You could see and sense the nervousness of those in particular representing Labour and Conservative parties. 

The question was what was going to be the outcome of the election? While the Brexit party has good poll results we as candidates simply acknowledge it and then get back on with the campaign. Frankly we are too busy convincing everyone who has an ear to listen that this is no longer an issue of right and left – but right and wrong – because this is now about our democracy. If 17.4 million people who voted for Brexit, as well as those who, regardless of their position on the matter, feel democracy is being disrespected are not given a voice, we could in my opinion, see the country descend into further chaos, division and confusion. 

So I told the audience that I was fighting for independence and before I could finish my sentence a chuckle emanated from Tommy Shepherd the SNP MP on the panel and I heard his voice say “Are You?”. The Scottish Nationalists who beat their chest and punch the air don’t like it when Brexiteers start talking about fighting for independence for Britain because it exposes a major weakness in their argument. They claim that Scotland can be a sovereign independent country and then they say ‘in the EU’ rather quickly and a little bit more quietly, but its not lost on me. 

The truth is the Scottish National Party likes to perpetuate the myth that it is the soul champion of the cause and when we as Brexiters start talking about independence for Britain they get nervous. I tackled him on this as well as a number of people in the audience and in classic politician style he tried to evade but a certain lady in the audience had him directly in her aim. It was pointed out that to claim Scotland could be free and independent but still part of the EU was as untrue as the SNP’s vanguard argument that Scotland’s oil and the industry supporting it would be the final answer to all of Scotland’s problems. 

Frankly the European Union does not want free and independent countries. It wants vassal states subservient to the real power brokers – which is of course the European Commission. An unelected commission that is unaccountable to anyone, not even members of the European Parliament. The European Union parliament is the only such institution in the World with legislators that cannot actually make any laws. Nicola Sturgeon is simply being used by the elites in Europe with the old adage of divide and conquer because Britain United is far harder to deal with than Britain divided. 

Nicola Sturgeon might be happy about having her liege lords in Brussels fully in control of her and her Scottish Government, it is however anything but independence. The European Union has a guiding strategy known as the Prodi doctrine. This clearly lays out the path that Scotland must take if it wants to be a member of the European Union. First it must leave the EU (by leaving the UK before or after it leaves the EU) and then apply for its own EU membership. This can only happen if Scotland is truly an independent country. Either the SNP leadership simply does not understand this basic fact or they just like to blame Westminster for everything that goes ‘wrong’.

So we in the Brexit Party are saying to the people in Scotland who want their version of independence the quick route is to vote to leave the European Union and then if they really have the courage to raise their separation wishes with Westminster at another referendum they can apply to do so. Thereupon I and every single person who believes in the Union of Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Wales will fight them because we believe we are stronger together.

There are more people in Scotland who believe we should leave the EU than who voted for the Scottish National Party at the last European election. So I call upon the people of Scotland – regardless of party affiliation – to back and support the only true party that stands with the sole purpose of carrying out the wishes of the people to leave the European Union. All other parties are a vote to remain but if there is enough support for the Brexit Party it is my absolute belief that together with those sympathetic to Brexit within the Labour, Nationalist and Conservative camps we can deliver Brexit.

One thing is for certain as a Highlander and proud Scot with family who have fought in many major conflicts around the world ,and as the son of a solider, I am standing up and fighting for my country, my people and my democracy. The people of Scotland deserve better, our economy deserves better, our farmers, our crofters and our fishermen deserve far better and the positive message that the Brexit Party brings is one of unity, courage and strength. 

So lets stop talking down our people and our country and lets unite together, because we have the talent and the ability to be a great and successful, truly independent nation. Free of the EU we can trade on the global stage – and the Brexit Party can and will deliver this for the people.

Jim Ferguson is a Brexit Party candidate for Scotland in the EU Parliament elections due to be held on Thursday 23 May.

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