May is hell bent on terminating Brexit, we must terminate her premiership instead

May is hell bent on terminating Brexit, we must terminate her premiership instead

by Jonathan Stanley
article from Friday 13, July, 2018

LISTEN, and understand. That Terminator is out there. It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until we remain in the EU. That is the most succinct summary I can give of the Brexit White Paper published today, July 12th2018.

It proposes we stay in Europol and Eurojust without a voice. It proposes a common rulebook on goods which is a commitment to blindly follow orders or face a sharp chop in our trade should it decide we are not obeying.

Northern Ireland and Ireland do form a “single epidemiological unit” but Northern Ireland and Great Britain form a single epidemiological unit too given there is movement of livestock live and dead between the two. What a cynical clinical attempt at justifying some special status for Ulster within the EU.

There is NO migration policy at all, this is still to be handed over so this isn’t even a true proposal. It is just a statement of acquiescence that continues to December 2020 at the earliest. This is not delivering Brexit. It is trolling Brexiteers who elected Tory MPs.

It is hard to imagine parliament treated with such derision so consistently at any point in the last 350 years. This cannot be said lightly nor without evidence. What was witnessed in the chamber of the House of Commons was British democracy at its most frail. 

First the Head of Government went to a foreign power for approval of its Brexit proposal, in all likely coo-drafted with them, before revealing it to Cabinet.

Then Cabinet was held to a shotgun consensus at the threat of being made to walk up the garden path on foot having been relieved of their ministerial cars. This was nothing short of spiteful as too was the blocking of Stewart Jackson from carrying on his job at DexEu, presumably because he was good at it and has integrity.

Finally the White Paper was literally thrown, copy-by-copy, at MPs only after the Speaker suggested kindly that MPs should have a copy in their hand of a proposal they are meant to be debating – after it had already been given to the press.

This has been the sorriest spectacle visited on our democracy and of our own making. We believed in a woman who believes in nothing. A polite, tedious, paranoid nihilist with no respect for the institutions of our islands. 

There can be no residual respect afforded to one who cannot see the error and shame of that unveiled conceit and moreover no benefit of doubt or loyalty of kin to those who stand before Parliament, the court of democracy and swear such false and egregious testimony.

We are to have full uncontrolled migration from the EU. We are to be subservient to a foreign court. We are to outsource habeas corpusand justice to a court beyond our shores to whom any of us can be summoned without prima facie evidence through the European Arrest Warrant.

We are to have our diplomatic and military grace ploughed into a union we rejected by a government that was elected to do the opposite. This is fraudulent and it places us in a state of paralysis because we are now at a point in democracy where voting does not matter and manifestos are secondary to the whim of an executive that has entered into convocation of perennial renewal, as a Pope may appoint cardinals to appoint a papal successor of the same mindset.  

The framework within which a constitutional monarchy should operate has failed. It has been 13 years since a conservative leader was elected and it shows. There is no link between member and party, between citizen and government beyond that deemed convenient by the establishment.

No party leader has paused even for thought that this may be a very bad thing for our people and our own union. It is a parliament of rotten decadence and an intolerance of views beyond those of such a narrow repertoire of representatives.

The Maybot cannot be so benignly described as malfunctioning. It has gone rogue in virulent form. The Prime Minister has become Brexit’s Terminator.

It is time the membership and the party terminate her political career.

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