Remaining in Britain is not about money it is about family

Remaining in Britain is not about money it is about family

by Alan Melville
article from Thursday 25, March, 2021

THE ACTS OF UNION in 1707 did not merely bring an official end to generations of warfare, it drew together two of the most remarkable nations in the world and from their marriage gave our planet the single greatest power for good in history. 

Since that marriage, we, the free peoples of Great Britain, have stood together against the tyranny of kings and princes, against the greatest Powers, most threatening despots, and most evil dictators. In the great 19th century we exported our love of freedom in our great crusade against slavery. Our ancestors gave their blood, their lives and their treasure and in the end, they won. Today slavery is utterly abhorrent to any civilised person – and living British taxpayers contributed to that as the enormous costs were only paid off in the 2010s. 

As Britain, our country is so much more than the sum of its parts. Our young people have stood shoulder to shoulder for freedom, justice, and liberty in war and in peace. We have given the world more devices and inventions than any other nation, and more great sports than any other. We trade across the globe, and ‘Made in Britain’ is everywhere a hallmark of quality. 

Our country is the destination of choice for thousands who wish to work, settle and raise a family under our rule of law and belief in liberty, tolerance and openness. We seek to help other nations build their institutions and infrastructure and we commit to alliances that have established and retained peace near and far. 

Nothing is perfect in any country but we have avoided bloody revolution and despotism in favour of evolutionary change and parliamentary reform – repeatedly reviewing what we get wrong and what we can do better – creating new institutions and new laws that seek to help the weakest and most disadvantaged in our country. 

Our flag, sullied by our detractors, is yet a fashion item around the world, more popular in France than their own tri-colour and regularly adorns the accessories of people who admire and choose to wear the Union Flag in all its guises. That flag is rightly lauded as a symbol of freedom, decency, and most importantly hope,  by oppressed peoples across the world. 

Why would we break that marriage up? Forget the economics – this has nothing to do with £16bn tax deficits. It’s about our country, our brothers and sisters, our family and our friends. Yes I want to see Scotland win at Murrayfield, but I care more, much more, about our United Kingdom, our future together and the great achievements our children and grandchildren will produce. So should you. 

Reject the secessionists and stand up for the Union. This is our country, our future and most of all, our family. 

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Alan Melville is a Reform UK Scotland candidate for the Central region of the Scottish Parliament in the elections of 6 May. Promoted by Martyn Greene, Reform UK Scotland, 7/9 North St David Street, Edinburgh EH2 1AW 

Main photo: Vivienne Westwood Crawford Bag, insert photo: Alexander McQueen Diamanté Union Jack Skull Clutch Bag.


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