The Mummy Diaries – “I’ve had enough of this pandemix – I’m off to Gwannies!”

The Mummy Diaries – “I’ve had enough of this pandemix – I’m off to Gwannies!”

by Emma Hargan
article from Thursday 25, February, 2021

IS THERE finally light at the end of the tunnel? I know that whatever the government decides to do, they are damned either way, but I for one am glad they are taking the ‘go slow’ approach this time around. I would much rather wait a little longer for things to open back up, than what happened at Christmas. They opened the flood gates, people went mad and everything shut down again. And it’s not the adults I’m worried about. As much as it’s taken a toll on all of us, be it financially, emotionally and physically – we know what’s happening. The kids on the other hand have had their whole worlds turned upside down. No matter what age they are.  

This year is a huge milestone for Jamie and Lily. Jamie is starting school in September and my stomach was doing turns just filling out the enrolment forms. God only knows what I’ll be like on his first day! I would like to say that I will at least have Lily with me – but no. Lily is starting playschool in September as well so things are going to be very different. 

The last 12 months for me have been very busy. Jamie and Lily have obviously been home all day, I’ve been working and then there’s the house keeping (which is a full time job in itself!). Well I say housekeeping, that’s probably the thing that’s suffered the most in all of this. I mean, I’ve managed to keep on top of all the ‘immediate’ stuff like washing and a quick dust and hoover every day etc. But as every mum in the land I’m sure knows, trying to tidy up and clean the house when the kids are running around is like trying to sweep up leaves in the middle of a hurricane. It’s impossible! 

Is it just me or am I only one that feels like their house needs re-decorated never mind a deep clean?! The doors and skirting boards are destroyed with balance bikes always  crashing into them. The walls have tiny handprints all over them (which I can’t decide if it’s cute or looks like something out of The Blair Witch Project!) The lovely ‘white’ rug I have in the sitting room (which was a pre-kids purchase) now looks multicoloured which no amount of Vanish in the land will fix. The door handles are hanging on for dear life as apparently “they make good smonkey bars mummy!”. 

Fox. Ache.

So, after sitting one night and making a list of all the things in the house that need replaced, repaired or painted, I think James was praying that the country was going to be locked down for another 12 months! 

The truth is, as much as I can’t wait for some kind of normality to return and for Jamie and Lily to spend time with their wee friends, I’m anxious. My head seems to be in overdrive just now with the ‘what if?’ scenarios. I don’t know why, but at least while we are in lockdown, the kids are safer and more selfishly of me – I get to spend proper time with them. I’m not going to sit here and tell you that it’s been like living with the Walton’s (far from it), there have been days when I have been tearing my hair out trying to juggle work with a tired, crying two-year-old and a mischievous four-year-old. There have been days when the kitchen sink has been loaded with dishes, the laundry basket has been overflowing and the kids and I have been in their pj’s. There have been weeks when I’ve broken our ‘only have a couple of drinks at the weekend’ rule. For example, the day when Jamie asked me for a Chuppachop lolly, swallowed the entire thing (stick and all!) and I spent the next two and a half minutes holding Jamie upside down and battering his back until he threw up! (Lollypop intact). Yes, that day qualified for a G&T after the kids went to bed. I have been barfed on, pee’d on, had juice spilt on me, cleaned half-eaten Haribo’s off the sofa. Some days I’ve had more clothes changes than the kids! 

There were also the days that Jamie and Lily were just completely fed up and were sick of doing everything. Last week..

“Mummy I’m bored.” Says Jamie.

“Do you want to do some colouring?” I asked.


“What about Playdoh?”


“Will we go outside and play in the garden?”

And the response..

“I’ve had enough of this pandemix. I’m off to Gwannies!” Says Jamie.

“Yeah I’m going to Gwannies too Mummy!” States Lily.

And the pair of them grab Jamie’s Trunkie suitcase and storm out of the kitchen.

I don’t blame them.

Then there were the best days. The snow days playing in the garden. The baking. The dens we built. Some more baking. The painting days, the picnics we had under the stairs, a little more baking. The walks, playing with Playdoh and sand. Playing with water in the kitchen, the craft projects, the treasure hunts, the puzzles, the games. Playing the floor is lava (a personal favourite!) Did I mention the baking? And that’s just some of it.

I think it’s just the fear of the unknown. I’m worried how the kids will be when I leave them back at school. When will we be offered this vaccine? Will it work? Will the kids be safe? 

But I know the kids will be fine, they will adapt as they have to everything else. The main thing is us. They way we are affects them. So, we just have to keep our shit together for a little bit longer folks!

I can live can quite happily with having my kids at home with me all day, I can live without holidays, I can live without eating out and going to the shops, spas, the cinema. What I can’t live with is watching my kids live a Groundhog Dayexistence, stuck in the house every single day. 

When the day comes – and I don’t care if it’s snowing – the first thing we are going to do is pack a picnic and throw Jamie and Lily’s bikes into the boot of the car and we will all go to the beach. This experience has taught us a few things but most importantly for me, I will never take the simple things for granted ever again.

“I’ve had enough of this ‘pandemix’ as well! I’m off to gwannies too!”



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