Baking buns, building dens & dancing – Coronavirus? What Coronavirus!

Baking buns, building dens & dancing – Coronavirus? What Coronavirus!

by Emma Hargan
article from Thursday 19, March, 2020

The Mummy Diaries

LAST WEEK my lovely Mum wrote the Mummy Diaries article as she and my Dad were watching the kids for a few days while James and I escaped for a few days to the snow. We had a great time, although we missed the kids but it was lovely but strange not having to follow a routine and clock watch. It was great for us to have some time for ourselves and also nice for Granny and Gramps to spend time with the kids. I would highly recommend it and by the looks of things now, we were very lucky to get away anywhere!

It’s hard to imagine that just a few weeks ago, we were all blissfully going about our every day lives. Yes, of course, we were very much aware of the Covid-19 outbreak and watching the horror that was unfolding for so many people abroad, but I don’t think any of us have been prepared for the impact this has had and it hasn’t even really started yet.

Social media, the television, newspapers and radio have us all terrified and of course in a crisis, we see the true nature of human beings. The good and the bad.

So, when I arrived to collect Jamie from nursery last Thursday and was told that the it would  be closing until 30thMarch at the earliest, it brought home the seriousness of the situation. We all watch stuff on the television and see things on social media and while we sympathise, it’s hard to relate until it’s banging on your own front door. After having my own wee freak out and cleaning the house from top to bottom so you could smell the bleach from space, it dawned on me that I now have a much bigger situation to contend with. How the heck am I going to keep a three-year-old and a one-year-old busy and happy while being stuck in the house?!

Fox ache.

Now I know we haven’t gone into ‘lock down’ as yet but the only Corona I fancy having in my house comes in a bottle with a slice of lemon! The only time we’ll be leaving the house is when we have to buy the essentials like winenappies, wine diesel, wine milk and of course WINE! food. So in effect, we are going to be pretty isolated.

Cue: Operation keep the kids entertained!

The only thing I could think of to keep the kids into some kind of routine and for my own sanity was to plan a daily schedule.

Mmm, maybe not!

I made a list of things that Jamie and Lily like to do, as well as incorporate some reading time, puzzle time and dare I say it? Screen time!  I know this is a controversial topic but I think screen time has its place, some apps are educational and it definitely comes in handy when you are trying to make dinner without a tiny human hanging off your leg! I made up the following weekly timetable to help take the pressure off and although I have about as much chance of completely sticking to this as I would have marrying Channing Tatum, it would at least give me some kind of routine I can follow.

Now obviously I will have to chop and change this in the weeks that follow for the sense of variety and so the kids don’t get fed up. I may need to re-think the exercise video as well, seeing as how I could barely walk up and down the stairs on Wednesday. I actually did ask Alexa to play a kid exercise video as well on YouTube  but she must have made a mistake. A-hem!

Of course, there will be days I just can’t be bothered to follow a schedule and I’m pretty sure that’s allowed too! I’m very lucky as I can do any work in the evenings after the kids go to bed, but I know there are so many parents that aren’t in a position to do that and that’s tough going. It’s not easy trying to instil a sense of normality in the house while we worry about how the heck we are going to pay the electricity bill next month.

So, before we have to resort to wiping our booty’s with newspaper shortly (I’ll need to start buying the Daily Scandal!) I think for us as parents, our job is to try and stay as relaxed, calm and as sensible as possible for the sake of our kids. I mean, none of us are going to forget the year 2020 now and its only March! But wouldn’t it be some achievement if in years to come and someone said to our kids, ‘Hey, do you remember that Corona virus outbreak and how scary and awful it was?’

‘Yes, I remember that, but that was when we had some time off school and we got to build dens with Mummy and we had a picnic under the stairs. We baked buns and I showed Daddy how to do the Baby Shark dance.’

That would be job done.

Please comment on Facebook if you have any other ideas on keeping the kids entertained/busy!


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