When the love of power eclipses even the love of children, innocents will be lost

When the love of power eclipses even the love of children, innocents will be lost

by Dr Sutherland MacNeill
article from Monday 10, February, 2020

THE SERIOUSLY NASTY PATERNALISTS are in terminal moral decay.  With a child's name and innocence held to ransom by the most wicked of political cults the question remains simply this,

How low can the rest of us go in tolerating the SNP's unconditional love of power, in other words, its decadence?

Few things genuinely horrify me anymore in Scottish politics. Yet Derek Mackay genuinely horrifies me and the SNP genuinely horrify me. We were barely 24 hours post the revelations of Mackay's behaviour and quickly it transpired that not only did Sturgeon’s media team not immediately fire her perverted finance secretary but instead went on to pursue the victim, demanding the victim's name and other details.

Mackay seems to have had form, certainly enough to be reported as having been banned from drinking at party conferences. This behaviour of cover up and complicity is not unique to the SNP. It affects every establishment party whereby those in power are so in love with power they will not countenance criticism of their colleagues except explicitly on their own terms.

We've been here before though. Bill Walker the Nationalist's very own happy slapper-in-chief stood for election to be MSP even after Sturgeon's office was allegedly aware of his domestic bad habits. Natalie McGarry remained in the party at least two months after being reported by Women for Independence for allegedly trousering cash. Humza Yousaf became an embarrassment as the Transport minister after driving without insurance and Mark McDonald had to quit the party over his behaviour towards women.

We have seen only in the last few weeks the reporting of a paedophile grooming gang in Scotland being suppressed for the sake of "community relations" yet there was not a single SNP politico enraged by the most disgusting of acts, the grooming and abuse of innocent children.

Then there are the adulterous affairs of SNP MPs aired in the media and of course there is the string of charges levelled against the man who would've been king of us all only a few years ago – Alex Salmond – who robustly claims his innocence. Is there is something eerie going on here, that so many senior members of Sturgeon’s party seem to have gotten themselves into so much trouble in recent years?

A recent article on ThinkScotland put it well. When the party culture revolves around pestering the rest of us continuously in the hope that we will crack is it a wonder these capers carry on? Mackay apparently even managed to ask the 16 year old boy if he was a Yes supporter. You couldn't make it up.

One thing peculiar to Scotland and not England is the age of suffrage. Eligibility to vote allows politicians to invite themselves into your life. None of us really like it but accept it is part and parcel of democracy. When the voting age was lowered to 16 it opened a gate into childhood that men should never cross through.

To work in university or medicine it is usually a requirement to undergo a police check and training to make absolutely clear one's role around those under 18. It is of no surprise this does not extend to politics – but clearly it should. The boy at the centre of this grubby scandal is only a year older than Mackay's own son. How did this character reach the highest levels of government without ever succeeding in anything?

The truth is the most important virtue in a cult is loyalty to the cult leadership. When the love of power if more important than the love of life or the value of innocence then innocence is quickly massacred. The Bible story of King Herod really comes to mind, a man so poisoned by the fear of losing power he thought nothing of sacrificing every young boy in his kingdom though the future of his kingdom would surely only be secured through its own children.

Thirteen years in power, more than five years after failing in its life's work, the SNP is a cult of power for the sake of power.

There will be no apology. There will only be a disappearance of Mackay in some form. The young boy in question got in the way of Scottish independence. For too many SNP supporters that will remain the biggest issue of the day. For the greater good, even the innocence of childhood cannot be kept safe. Even MI5 is being blamed!

These people are in the real sense of the word, monsters. There is such a thing as good and evil and there is a true sense of what it means to be a nation. The betrayal of the vulnerable by the powerful is not the foundation of any nation but the enemy of every one of us. 

We can start by addressing something progressive angels fear to, to restore adulthood as an institution, to return the age of suffrage to eighteen and to amend the age of consent so that sixteen years do as they do without the prying eyes and avarice of older men threatening approaching them through channels the law has provided them with.

No politician should be anywhere near a child without express parental consent. Elections should be for adults only, let our children have their childhood. 


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