The Mummy Diaries: One baby, one threenager – Weeks 16 & 17

The Mummy Diaries: One baby, one threenager – Weeks 16 & 17

by Emma Hargan
article from Wednesday 27, November, 2019

WE’RE BACK! It’s been a crazy couple of weeks, hence me missing writing last week’s blog. We’ve had course assignments, weddings, meltdowns, tantrums, swearing and back chat – and that’s just me! It’s been a fairly quiet fortnight for James and the kids!

So where to start? Last week was all work, work and more work. Thankfully, Jamie was at play school in the mornings and that’s when Lily has her nap so I had time to get jobs done. I managed to get most of my work finished in time before we had to leave and collect Jamie. One day I would tackle work and the following day I would crack on with trying to get my Social Media Marketing Diploma finished. My plan was to get my course done and dusted before Christmas so with time ticking away, I was starting to feel the pressure of my course, work, kids and the house.

So, by Tuesday evening I was on my very last assignment before completing my course. The cracks were beginning to show and I was starting to feel slightly stressed at, well, everything. Of course, James being his usual laid-back self was telling me, “Don’t be panicking, you’ve done so well, your nearly there. I’ll shower and get the kids ready for bed tonight so you can get started.” He said this trying to be supportive and understanding. And it was working, up until I heard James telling Jamie, “love you buddy!” while walking up the stairs and Jamie replied, “F***king asshole.” He’s going through a rebel phase just now.

I spent the next five hours with my head down, trying to get this last assignment finished. By 1.00am I was actually starting to go blind and hit delete instead of send to the college inbox. At this point I could understand where Jamie was picking up the swear words from. I held my hands up in shame when James glared up at me from his iPad as I realised I must have hit a new world record in how many times you can say fox ache in a row. By 1.15pm it was done and sent.

“Well that’s it done. There’s no more you can do.” James said.

He was right. All I could do now was wait.

The following morning, and I was keen to get the kids ready and Jamie off to play school as I still had a good many tasks to do. Work has just gone mental at the moment. I’m absolutely not complaining, it’s great, but it will soon settle down so I wanted to get it done and out of the way so I could get some housework sorted in the afternoon. At this point, the washing basket was almost overflowing with clothes and the dishwasher hadn’t been emptied since yesterday. I hadn’t realised how bad it was until I saw Jamie eating his Cornflakes with a fork! Aw well, I’ll maybe go for the Mother of the Year award next year!

Now, normally Jamie is always so excited to get to nursery in the morning, that he stands at the front door bursting to get along the road. He practically runs along saying, “Hurray Mummy!” The one day that I’m in a rush? Jamie decides he’s not going to pnursery today. He’s refusing to wear his uniform and wants to sit and build Lego with Batman and Peter Rabbit, as you do. How is it that toddlers know when you’re in a rush? It’s honestly like they know Mummy’s stressed, let’s just try and tip her over the edge and see what happens! Then Lily joins in on the act as well. She decides she wants to take Batman for a stroll around the house in her pram. So, while Jamie’s busy and doesn’t notice, Batman gets stuffed into a pram and carted away faster than you can say Gotham City!

Ten seconds later…

All hell breaks loose and Batman is getting ricocheted across the hallway while Jamie is roaring at Lily, “Nooooooo Lily, that’s naughty!” and Lily is screaming, “Muuuuuummy!” at the top of her lungs. And me? I’m standing at the front door with their jackets in hand waiting for a break in the racket so I can shout, “Come here now (!) and let’s go.”

Ten minutes later, ruckus over, we’re all dressed and out the door. Finally!

After dropping Jamie off at play school and getting Lily home and settled in her cot for a nap, I finally get sat down at the laptop and get some work done. Actually, I get a lot of work done before Lily wakes up for her lunch and we set off again to collect Jamie. Another productive morning getting a pile done but, yet again, nothing done in the house. By this stage, the laundry basket upstairs and downstairs was overflowing and the clothing situation was getting critical. I was now on my Bridget Jones knickers.

That night, I actually had a nightmare that I got run over by a car, the hospital staff had to cut the clothes off me – and had a right good laugh about my industrial-strength pants.

The following morning, I got a washing on before we left the house to go to nursery.

Thursday arrived and work was up-to-date so I decided I would get on top of the housework and get things back on track. By the time Lily and I were ready to leave for collecting Jamie, the bathrooms were done, the washing was up-to-date, and the house was hoovered. All that was left to do was wash the floors when the kids were napping in the afternoon. Sorted!

So, that afternoon I was getting on with washing the floors when I heard my laptop ping. I sat down and saw I had an email from the college.

‘Your final assessment has now been marked by your tutor and is now ready for viewing. Please log in to the college portal to access the result.’

Oh. My. God. All this hard work and it’s down to this. I don’t want to look.

I didn’t even realise that I was holding my breath until I saw my grade A and breathed out a huge sigh of relief! I could have cried. Happy tears! All I had to do now was wait on my certificate that was to be emailed first and then sent formally in the post later.

Now all that was left for me to do now was get myself wedding ready! You may remember a few weeks back I had a Hen Weekend in London? Well the big day had finally arrived on Saturday for my friends, Annie and Liam.

Everything was organised. I had my dress and shoes sorted. My friend Georgie and I were going to stay at the hotel so we didn’t have to worry about taxis for getting home. Daddy Day Care was arranged (AKA James) was going to look after the kids for me so I enjoy Annie’s wedding without worrying about Jamie and Lily. I was so excited! I honestly didn’t feel one bit anxious leaving James and the kids this time. I knew they would be fine and James would manage – probably too well!

And what a day it was! THE most fantastic day.

The only complaint I have is the time just went too fast! Annie looked absolutely stunning and Liam the handsome groom. Not to mention their wee daughter, Ellie who looked like a wee Princess in her beautiful dress and was just in heaven the whole day from getting transported to the Chapel in a horse and cart to dancing with her Mummy and Daddy for their ‘first dance’.

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house! From the flowers in the Chapel, to the beautifully decorated room in the hotel. The dinner was delicious and the company was exceptional. Everything was just perfect and I can honestly say I haven’t met a nicer bunch of people in my life. Of course, I knew all the hens from our trip to London, but I met the rest of Annie and Liam’s family and friends and there is no one else that I would rather spend singing Irish songs and of course Flower of Scotland too while drinking whisky until 5.30am in the morning! I was waiting on doing my Michael Jackson impression on the dance floor but I’m pretty sure one of the hens (I’d say it was Sarah!) had told the DJ NOT to play any Michael Jackson – dunno why?

I didn’t fall over this time either – bonus! But like a good Irish wedding, there was plenty of dancing (with a bit of Riverdance thrown in for good measure), singing, Guinness, whisky and just the best of craic! Oh and a photo booth.. (See main photo)

The following morning, James and the kids arrived at the hotel to take me home. I just about managed a slice of toast for breakfast but to say I was green at the gills might be an understatement. Arriving back at the house, I said I was going for a shower, when James decided to tell me that he was having to go out in the afternoon to do a job.

“Err, no worries!” I replied while breathing deeply so not to be sick.

(How am I going to get through this day? I’ve had an hour’s sleep, am about as hungover as I’ll ever be and I have to look after two small, noisy humans now, I thought to myself.)

“Okay, I’m away, see you later on.” James says and walks out the door.

Jamie then turns to me and asks, “Mummy go swimming with me and Lily now?”

Fox ache.

“No, not today Jamie, Mummy’s hung... err, Mummy’s a bit tired.” I replied. “How about Toy Story and a sofa day?”

“Yeeeeeeah!” They both cheered. Thankfully!

I might have my Social Media Diploma but I’m not going to win my Mother of the Year Award just yet!

A massive congratulations to the new Mr and Mrs Gallagher and of course, wee Princess Ellie! X

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