The Mummy Diaries: One baby, one threenager - Week 5

The Mummy Diaries: One baby, one threenager - Week 5

by Emma Hargan
article from Wednesday 4, September, 2019

WELL WE'VE HIT two huge milestones this week – and survived! On the very same day that Jamie started pre-school, Lily started walking. A day that won’t be forgotten for a while. It’s been emotional turmoil the last few days. It’s been excitement, nerves, anxiety, stress and then relief and pride. It’s exhausting just writing about it!

I thought I was doing pretty well at the start of the week. I had my usual lists of stuff I needed to buy for Jamie starting pre-school. Stuff I didn’t think would be that hard to get and I could get it all done in the one day and be super organised. Ha!

With Jamie still at creche for his final week, it allowed me a few hours free with Lily to get to the shops. I thought I would drop Jamie off and head into the town early to get all the bits and pieces. Just regular stuff that I would pick up anywhere. Or so I thought.

  • Waterproof jacket
  • Name tags
  • Backpack
  • Food for packed lunches
  • Juice bottle
  • Wine


No problem right? Mmm.

So, Monday morning James, the kids and me were up early to get ready and drop James off at work before then dropping Jamie off at creche, leaving  Lily and me free to shop. The roads were still quiet as the local kids were still off school so Lily and I were at the shops for their opening at 9am. Okay, where to start? I’ll get the food last. Right, waterproof jacket…

I think by the third clothing store I was starting to lose my mind and it was only 10am! How hard is it to find a kid's size 3-to-4 years waterproof jacket? Oh yes, they all had jackets, but they were either too light or no hood or not the size I needed. Of course when I asked any  of the shop assistants, they gave me a stunned look of "At this late stage you’d be lucky to get anything!" or that they were about to burst out laughing. Okay moving on.

Name tags. Should be easy found. When I was little, I remember my mum buying the iron on ones and then she wrote our names in it.

First shop. ‘Hi, I’m looking for name tags please?’ I asked. "Aw sorry, we’re out." Was the reply.

Second shop. "Do you stock name tags?" I enquired. "Err, yeah we did, hang on. Aw no sorry they’re sold out."

Third shop. "Hi, do you have any name tags left?" I asked anxiously. "Name tags!" laughing. "Oh no, we sold out last week. I think we’ve more coming in but it’ll be next week now."

‘NEXT WEEK’S NO FECKING GOOD TO ME NOW IS IT!’  I roared in my head.

"Okay, thanks." I said exasperated.

Right, next up – a back pack. First shop – a whole wall of back packs. Unicorns, rainbows, hearts, glitter. OMG – they’re all really girly! And then tucked away in the corner, a lovely wee green and cream back pack with wee elephants on it. And bonus! A lunch box to match. Perfect! At last, one thing off the list.

Lastly, the food. Now this has to be straight forward.

Lily and I arrived at the supermarket and I look out my list that I was given by the pre-school to put in Jamie’s lunch box. The list that was sent out along with his enrolment forms so I hadn’t actually read it yet but figured I would just buy whatever the list said.

Dear Mrs Hargan,

Please note that your child will be required to bring a school lunch with them daily.

The following items are NOT allowed and will be sent home.

  • Fizzy drinks of any kind
  • No white bread
  • High sugar or sweetened juice drinks
  • Crisps
  • Biscuits
  • Chocolate
  • Sweets
  • Grapes
  • Oranges
  • Popcorn


What the feck is left to eat?

Okay, don’t panic. Sandwiches. Ham, cheese, chicken, butter and jam, tuna? Okay.

Fruit. Kiwi, banana, apple, strawberries? Okay.

Yoghurt. Any kind as long as it’s fruit? Okay.

What else? Low sugar cereal bars? 320 Calories! For a cereal bar?

Flapjacks! Great.

So, after an hour of trolling the food aisles and reading every packet for a list of ingredients, and checking the sugar contents, all that was left to do was get my  supplies in.

  • Wine - CHECK!
  • Doritos - CHECK!


Sugar and calorie content? Don’t give a toss.

Okay, what’s left on my list. Err, juice bottle. He can have a carton, sorted.

On the way home to collect Jamie, I realised I wasn’t sorted at all. All I had was his packed lunch. No jacket and no name tags. I still had a few days left – online and fast!

After we got the kids fed and down for their naps, I finally had time to get online and search for a jacket and name tags. Why hadn’t I organised this sooner? I suppose the summer has just disappeared and I thought I had loads of time.

First website. 30 name tags, suitable for washing. Any style.


Second website. Child’s Regatta waterproof jacket. Size 3-4 years.


Three days passed and both arrived at the door, exactly as they said. Why didn’t I just do this weeks ago? Lesson learned.

So, the morning that Jamie was starting pre-school arrived. I woke up at 6.30am. Jamie and Lily didn’t stir until 8am. Typical! We got the kids downstairs and breakfast sorted. James took Lily off me so I could concentrate on getting Jamie organised and into his wee uniform. Oh he looked so grown up. I just couldn’t believe he was starting pre-school. I mean, where did that time go? Jamie finished brushing his teeth and walked through to the living room where James and Lily were. James made a big fuss of him and gave him a cuddle. It was at that point, Lily let go of the coffee table and just walked over to James without a care in the world. I turned away with tears in my eyes to grab my phone for some photos. Hold it together you woose! I was saying to myself. They’re growing up too quickly. I mean, the house is going to seem so quiet, I’m going to really miss….


Lily starts to cry.

"Jaaaaaamie!!" James roars.

"Right Jamie!" I shouted. "Get in the car now, we’re going to pre-school!"

"But I thought you said it starts at 9.15am?  It’s only 8.45am?" James asked.

"I don’t care, we’ll wait in the car park, they might take him early!"

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