The Mummy Diaries: One baby, one threenager – Week 4

The Mummy Diaries: One baby, one threenager – Week 4

by Emma Hargan
article from Tuesday 27, August, 2019

IT’S A SPECIAL WEEK. The last three years and nine months of my life have certainly been an emotional rollercoaster, full of up’s and down’s, trial and errors, laughs and tears and I’m pretty sure it’s going to get tougher. I know that life throws us plenty of new adventures along the way but Jamie is about to start his first big adventure next week. Pre-school. It might not seem like a big deal to some, but for me, my boy is no longer a baby anymore and is growing up. All good but it’s happening sooner than I would have liked.

I thought the hardest part was getting Jamie started in creche. I thought that once I got used to the fact that Jamie was away a couple of mornings a week, going to nursery would be easier. I’m hoping it will be for Jamie because it’s certainly not making things easier for me! Maybe it’s because Jamie will be away for five mornings a week instead of two. Maybe I’m just nervous about the new surroundings, the new teachers, the new kids? My earliest memory of childhood is my first day at pre-school. Maybe that’s why I’m nervous. It is a big deal.

So for my blog this week, I thought I would write Jamie a letter. Something that he and I can look back on when he is older and reflect on this time in our lives. So we can remember.

Jamie’s Pre-School Letter

To my darling son on your big day,

I know you are only three years old and won’t understand this huge milestone you are hitting. It’s felt like no time at all since we brought you home from the hospital and in that short space of time you have grown into the most happy, funny, delightful wee boy.

I know that for you, today feels like just any other normal day but today is different. Today is the first day you start your education. You have already learned so much up to now. You know your colours, the alphabet, numbers, shapes, animals and songs but you are about to learn so much more. I know that you will make lots of friends and learn to share and be kind to others. You will learn to trust your teachers and ask for help when you need it. You will learn to play new games and to sing new songs and paint pictures.

You will learn to get up at the same time every morning and put on your uniform. Then walk to nursery with Mummy and Lily. You will learn to have a new routine every day. You will learn to listen to your teachers and do what is asked of you.

I know that you won’t always find things easy. You might not want to do the things that are being asked of you. You might not find that everyone wants to be friends. You might not understand the things that are expected of you. You might feel overwhelmed, or frustrated or angry and that’s okay. You might cry and need a hug and that’s okay.  Just be your amazing self.

And me? Well, I will learn to trust others to care and look after you. Will they know how to reassure you? Will they know to give you a cuddle? I will learn to let you go and experience the start of your life without me right by your side. I will learn to have a new routine. I will learn to be separated from you.

But always know that I am here. I will ALWAYS be there. I will ALWAYS be there to pick you up when pre-school finishes. I can’t wait to hear all your new stories, listen to all the new things you have learned and hang your pictures up on the wall. And if something’s not right and you are upset, please always tell me and I will do everything I can to fix it.

I wouldn’t think it was possible, but with every new stage you reach I get prouder and prouder of you. I know that you will walk into the nursery with that big smile you have. You will be quiet and shy at first but you will give me a kiss and a cuddle and walk in, like you do when you go into creche. Please know that even though I won’t be physically there with you, you will be on my mind every second.  I wish I was as half as brave as you and if I cry, it’s only because I’m so very proud. They are happy tears.

It will be a blink and before I know it you will be grown up, but always remember, you will forever be my baby boy and I am here. Always.

Lots and lots of love,

Mummy XXXX

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