The Mummy Diaries: Two babies – Week 54

The Mummy Diaries: Two babies – Week 54

by Emma Hargan
article from Tuesday 16, July, 2019

WELL, ANOTHER WEEK and thankfully the aliens haven’t returned for Jamie. It’s been a much better week. Jamie has been on much better form – probably because I’ve been keeping him so busy he hasn’t got any energy left to whinge! Lily is also getting on great and starting to come into her own wee personality. That’s the mummy technical way of saying that Lily has started expressing her likes and dislikes, in other words – becoming a diva! 

I don’t remember Jamie being so headstrong as early, but Jamie was on his own. Maybe Lily has to express herself in order to keep up with Jamie? Jamie is starting to panic now as Lily is on her feet. She’s not quite walking yet but she’s almost there and now able to reach for toys that she couldn’t get to before. Jamie’s on high alert and has one eye on Lily all the time in case she takes one of his favourite toys. Lily has got wise to this and is enjoying keeping Jamie on his toes!

My, how the tables have turned!

So, this got me thinking. What is life like from a one year old’s point of view? What must go through their head? I know I’ve done a previous blog about a day in the life of a toddler – Jamie. But what about a baby?

The secret diary of the day in the life of a one year old by Lily Hargan

2.00 am – Is it daytime yet? Where’s my breakfast? Why’s it so quiet? I’ll just give my Mummy maid a shout – Oh what’s that? Where’s my Dummy? Where’s my Dodo? WHAAAAAAA! Yay she’s up! Dodo in.ZZZZZZZ.

4.00 am – Stirring. Mmm something’s missing. Where’s my Dodo gone? WHAAAAAAA! Yay she’s up! I’ll do the smile and she’ll lift me. Dodo back in. ZZZZZZZ.

7.30 am – CRASH! Eyes open. Oh Jamie’s up, Jamie’s up! Yay! WHAAAA! I’m up too Mummy! I’m up too! Mummy walks in. Okay big smiles and she’ll take me down for breakfast first before Jamie. Yip, yip, it’s totally working. Sorry Jamie – you snooze, you lose!

7.35am - Breakfast. FOOD. IS. LIFE. 

8.00am – 9am. Happy to play quietly by myself and keep out of Mummy maid’s way as she might take a notion of changing my nappy and get me dressed. If I don’t look at her, she might forget about me.

9.05am – Crawl, crawl, crawl! Must – move – faster. Aaagh, I’m getting changed. WHAAAA! Not a wet wipe to the face, seriously? Why the heck is she taking my vest off just to put another one on? This woman has too much time on her hands! WHAAAA! OH, a remote control. Hmmm!

9.15 am – Yes! Freedom! Hahaha Jamie’s getting dressed. Right I have full pick of the toys. Mmmm. I think I’ll go for... mummy’s purse. Shake shake! She doesn’t need this, or this, or these, or this. Yip I’ll just empty it all out and hide everything under the sofa. She can thank me later.

10.00 am – Whaaaaa! Don’t know why I’m crying! Whaaaa! I just can’t crawl anymore. My eyes are itchy. Aw no, that maid is walking towards me. Move it! I don’t need to sleep! ZZZZZZ.

11.30 am – Why’s it so quiet? Whaaaaaa! There she is. Okay just smile and she’ll take me downstairs and give me a cuddle. Aaagh, Jamie’s crying. He’s so selfish. Every time Mummy is carrying me, he wants lifted. Okay I’ll smile and look cute and she might cuddle both of us? Yip! Works every time. Any food going a begging?

12.00 Noon – Oh yes, this is looking promising. She’s in the fridge. Oooh, ham and cheese – my favourite. I’ll just crawl up her leg and watch. Augh, this is taking too long! WHAAAA! 

12.05pm – Lunchtime. Mmmm. Just (chew, chew) so (chew, chew) nice (chew, chew)!

12.15pm – Where did it all go? Jamie’s still eating. He’s taken mine! WHAAAA! Oh is that a biscuit? Mmmm.

12.45 pm – Jamie and Mummy are playing tag around the kitchen. Mummy wins and Jamie starts to cry. He’s a poor loser if you ask me. Aw Mummy is giving him a cuddle, err, no she’s not, she’s taking him for a sleep. I better hide quick. Mummy’s bloody fed up - apparently.

1.00 pm – oh no no no! Not the bouncer chair. WHAAAA! I’m so not tired, ZZZZZZZ.

2.00 pm – I’m up! Okay what did I miss? No sign of Jamie yet. Freedom! I’ll go and mess with his car. Are the wheels supposed to come off?

3.00 pm – Uh oh. He’s awake. The cute smile doesn’t work with Jamie. He’s always in a bad mood in the afternoon. All I want to do is play – with any toy that Jamie has. It must be a better toy if he is playing with it. I want it. I WANT IT! WHAAAA! Jamie drops the toy and runs. Hee, hee. Sweet!

4.30 pm – I can totally do this. Grab the radiator, bend the knees, almost up. Yes! I’m totally standing. Oh God, Jamie’s seen me. Don’t come any closer! Whaaaa! WHAAAA! Ouch. Ok, payback time.

5.30pm – I’m going to die with the hunger. It’s looking promising. She’s making something but why is it taking so long. Even Jamie’s with me on this one. Let’s whinge together and she might get a move on. I don’t know why she’s shouting at us, she’s the one making the dinner. Not much we can do! Daddy’s home yay! Lift me first, pleeeeease oh pleeeeease! Oh, never mind.

6.00pm – Dinner time. At long last. I was starting to get shaky. Mummy tells Daddy to put me in my highchair and get my bib on. I don’t want a bib on! Whaaaa! Mummy tells Daddy I’ve been like this all day. I haven’t been wearing a bib all day! Don’t know what planet she’s on?

6.30pm – Uh oh, that looks like a wet wipe. Aw no! Whaaa! Jamie, help! Jamie runs off. Well you know who your friends are then.

7.30pm – Did a bit more whinging until daddy says he can’t bare it any longer. Mummy runs me and Jamie a bath and we get to choose a couple of toys to play with in the bath. I don’t understand why I can’t have them all in? Jamie starts splashing – and me too. It’s great fun. Mummy then starts wiping the floor with a towel saying the fox ache rhyme again. Adults are weird.

8.00 pm – Uh oh, Mummy’s got my sleep suit out. Daddy is carrying Jamie up the stairs. This does not look good. It just can’t be bedtime already, I’m not even tired. No, I don’t want a kiss. WHAAA! No I don’t want my cuddly elephant. WHAAA! No I don’t want to hear that lullaby music! WHAAA! No I don’t… ZZZZZZZ

8.10pm – They think I’m sleeping. I’ll let them have 5 minutes…

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