The Mummy Diaries: Two babies – Week 48

The Mummy Diaries: Two babies – Week 48

by Emma Hargan
article from Wednesday 22, May, 2019

HAS IT ONLY been a week since my last blog? Six teeth, one ear infection, a double dose of tonsillitis and one crabbit baby! Oh yes, it’s been some week. Everyone in the house has been on antibiotics for one thing or another. All except Jamie. Young Jamie has had a brilliant week. 

Dare I say, I think we’ve cracked the toilet training. We no longer need timers, as Jamie is now telling me when he needs to go. He didn’t have a single accident last week in creche and we are now managing to venture out of the house. Although he still has the odd accident, he’s doing amazing and I’m so proud of him. I still put a nappy on Jamie at night as I wanted to nail the daytime first and didn’t want to put too much pressure on him. The night time sessions are for another time. Maybe when I can actually remember what sleep is.

Lily on the other hand has had an awful week. Not only has she had to contend with six gnashers coming in, she’s also had an ear infection due to the amount of pressure her teeth have caused. I don’t think it matters how many kids you have, there is no such thing as an experienced Mummy. Just when you think you’ve got this, they surprise you with something you’ve never experienced before! I didn’t even think Lily teething would be an issue because when Jamie was teething, he only had one tooth come in at a time. It didn’t take a flinch out of him, let alone disturb his sleep. 

Firstly with Lily, I noticed the usual tell-tale signs during the day. The drooling, the red cheeks, the pulling at the ears, the gurning and the whinging. All bearable, with Calpol and teething rings of course – for a little while.

Lily - Monday night 8pm. Jammies on, drink of juice, drop of Calpol. Dummy in, kiss for Mummy and Daddy and bed. Job done.

Me – 11pm. Jammies on, brush teeth, check the babies. Aaah bed.

11.02pm. Lily starts whinging.

11.05pm. Now full on crying. The dummy is still in – shit! I gently rub her head. She’s really screaming now. I lift Lily and pace about her room. She settles.

11.20pm. Lily is sleeping on my shoulder. I slowly and carefully place her into the cot like she’s a nuclear weapon. Eyes open. The screaming commences. When did she last get Calpol? Must’ve been bedtime. Okay, only 40 minutes to go until she can get some more. I lift Lily and pace about her room. She settles but now knows not to close her eyes in case I put her down!

Midnight. CALPOL!

2.20am. I very, very carefully place a sleeping Lily into her cot. I tip toe out of the room not daring to breath. Into bed, close my eyes…

8am the following morning. I am woken by Jamie chatting away in his room. James has already left for work and Lily is still snoozing away. I feel like I’ve had about an hour’s sleep. Probably because I was expecting Lily to be up again. My throat felt like sandpaper. Great! 

A couple of coffees later and I was starting to feel a bit better. Lily was now up and I got the kids their breakfast and got them dressed for the day. Unfortunately, that was all my energy used up after that. By the time it got to lunchtime, I was exhausted but knew that my only saving grace was that the two of them would go down for their usual nap after lunch and I could risk shutting my eyes for half an hour. Ha!

Okay, just get to 8pm. I can get the kids down and then I’ll jump in the shower, get jammies on and get myself into bed. Sorted.

Tuesday Night – 8pm. Jammies on, drink of juice, shot of Calpol, kisses all round and bed. No bother.

Me – 8.05pm. Shower, jammies on, brush teeth and into bed. Lovely!

8.30pm. Lily starts to cry. I hear James go up the stairs and go in to settle Lily. 

8.45pm. Lily starts to cry. James goes in again but this time has to lift her and pace the room. This goes on and on and on.

3.30am. Lily’s crying and in our bed. I’m up, James is up and we’re both out of ideas on how to settle Lily. Tried Kids’ Nurofen this time but nothing seems to be helping. Now trying nursery rhymes on YouTube. Jamie’s out cold, snoring his head off next door!

6.30am. Lily closes her eyes and falls asleep. James has to now get up for work and me and the kids need to get up to drop James off at work before dropping Jamie off at creche. I wanted to leave Lily sleeping as long as possible, so we got her changed and into the car. The wee soul was so exhausted she just conked out again as soon as James put her in her car seat.

“Are you feeling okay?” James asked me in the car on the way to his work. “Well, apart from being completely wrecked tired.”

“No, you know what? I’ve had a sore throat the last couple of days and it’s getting worse.” I replied. “Why, are you alright?”

“I’m the same.” James said. We looked at each other without a word knowing rightly we were both thinking sarcastically, “Bloody brilliant!”

As the day went on, I was on autopilot. I got the food shopping done while Jamie was at creche in the morning. I managed to get the washing and a bit of housework sorted while they both had their naps in the afternoon. Lily seemed a lot quieter today, so I stupidly thought we were now over the worst of it. Ha!

Wednesday night was just a repeat of the night before and I can honestly say I was ready to cry myself, by this stage! James and I were both feeling horrible and poor Lily was suffering terribly, even with medicine. Although by 4am, she did nod off but by this point I could barely swallow so I couldn’t sleep a wink.

The following morning and autopilot again, although at least we didn’t have creche or anywhere to go. I let Lily sleep on again and left Jamie to potter about in his pj’s. By 9.30am I could hear Lily stirring so I went upstairs to lift her. It was then I noticed the sheet on her cot was wet and she had clear fluid running out of her ear. Oh God what was this?! I lifted Lily and she didn’t seem bothered by her ear, in fact she was smiling away at me. I on the other hand was traumatised and got on the phone to the doctor’s surgery to get her checked out. Of course, I couldn’t get her an appointment until the following morning, so I got the Skype cranked up and rang my trusty medic for advice – Mum!

Mum knew straight away it was an ear infection and caused by her teething and not to be stressing about it as it looks worse than it is. All I had to do was make it through another day and night with regular doses of Calpol (which by now I must have shares in!) and plenty cuddles and most of all – patience!

Another horrendous night of crying, no sleep and that was just me! Poor Lily was just worn out with it all and I wished I could have taken it from her. By this stage, all me and James could do was take it in shifts to comfort Lily and try and let the other one sleep, although James and I were struggling ourselves.

Friday morning, and I’ve never been so glad to see a doctor in my life! It turned out Lily got an infection in both her ears due to the teething and she may have even perforated the drum but the doctor couldn’t tell. She explained to me that’s why Lily will have been screaming the house down at night as it’s very painful and worse when lying down. I felt so guilty at even feeling grumpy with Lily as she must have been in so much pain. The doctor prescribed her an antibiotic and said it should kick in after 24 hours and continue with the Nurofen for the pain. While I was in with the doctor, I explained that I had also been feeling shaky, warm and had a terrible sore throat. The doctor took one look at my throat and told me I had a bad dose of tonsillitis – again! Antibiotics for me too!

By Saturday morning, James had also been to see the doctor and was also told he had tonsillitis. At this point we could have taken shares out in antibiotics and Calpol!

After a day or two, the medicine started to kick in for us all and Lily managed to sleep through the night again. So, to say it’s been a crappy week is a bit of an understatement, but my boy soon sorted that out.

Sunday night and I was getting Jamie ready for bed after his bath. Then it was the usual routine of slippers on, drink of juice, kisses for Daddy, dummy in and then I take him upstairs to bed. Jamie climbed into his bed and I was throwing the toys and books back into his toy chest. I got Jamie snuggled in and he took the dummy out of his mouth and for the first time ever, he said, “Love you.”

I cried. Not for the first time that week – but this time it was happy tears!

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