The Mummy Diaries: Two babies – Week 36

The Mummy Diaries: Two babies – Week 36

by Emma Hargan
article from Tuesday 26, February, 2019

POOR GRANNY is away home for a rest! Jamie was up at 5.00am pretty much every morning for the last fortnight and I think my Mum was about to go mad if she had to listen to Baby Shark and Despicable Me one more time.

It’s been a lovely couple of weeks having Mum here helping with the kids and actually having some adult conversation instead of my usual, “get your finger out of your nose!” or “goo goo ga ga” and “goi de goi de goi”. 

James and I managed to get a well needed night out to ourselves and even though Jamie had his early mornings, he has come on leaps and bounds in his chatting and singing and even starting to help dress himself. Yes! Prince Jamie is now starting to pull his weight.

Well, in saying that, the toilet training has been put on hold. We tried for a couple of weeks but he’s just not ready yet. I kind of knew that myself but the low point was when I got asked to stay behind for a ‘chat’ when I went to lift Jamie from the creche last Wednesday. It took me back to being at high school when I was about to be taken aside by the teacher to get whatever bollocking I was in for that week! The girl from the creche explained to me that they had tried to take Jamie to the toilet on the hour but he was having none of it. The biggest thing they said when a toddler isn’t ready is when they are not pulling their own trousers up and down and just expecting everything to be done for them. Yip, that would be my Prince Jamie. 

Just when I was about to breathe a sigh of relief that that was all, the creche supervisor then went on to tell me he wasn’t sharing toys and had been slapping out at the other kids. “Oh my God!” I said. “Yes”, the creche supervisor said, ‘We’ve never seen that side to Jamie before.” “I’m so sorry, I’ve no idea where that’s come from, he doesn’t slap at home”, I exclaimed as Jamie was pulling at my leg to be lifted for a cuddle. 

I picked Jamie up and quickly made an escape before I was told anything else. We made our way out to the car where I saw one of the other mums from the toddler room pulling out of the car park. I waved but she just turned and drove off. The drive home was horrible. I couldn’t stop thinking about what I had just been told – that my son was slapping. When I got home, I told Mum all about it. She immediately jumped to Jamie’s defence and made some excuse on why he was doing that. “I don’t care why he’s doing it, he shouldn’t be doing that!” I exclaimed. After telling Mum that one of the other mums at the creche didn’t wave back at me, she turned and said, trying to be funny, “It’s probably because her kid is no doubt sporting a black eye from Jamie!” I wasn’t in the mood to laugh. “Oh what kid is 100 per cent perfect all the time? Stop stressing, he’s just having an off day.” Mum said to me.

So, after a bad start to the week, I was determined to try and get Jamie to start doing more for himself. Mum and I took turns in watching Lily and we each spent more time trying to show Jamie how to dress himself and put his shoes on. We played more games together and I could see that Jamie was enjoying the one-on-one time and it was so nice to see him so happy. 

This in turn worked well for Lily, as she was also enjoying getting the one-to-one attention from both her Granny and Mummy. Lily has now started repeating words we say. If I say ‘Ga’, Lily says, ‘Ga’. If I say ‘Goo’, Lily says, ‘Goo.’ If I say ‘Mama’, Lily then says, ‘Dada.’ Brilliant, another smarty pants in the family that refuses to say Mummy! Lily is also pretending to do a death cough if she wants attention. Eight-months-old going-on eight-years-old!

All sounds good right?

It was all going so well until I took Jamie up for his bath before bedtime. I began reading him one of his animal bath books which I do every night. It goes in this order, “Fishy, turtle, ladybird, tiger, snail, butterfly, froggy, ducky.” I finished and clapped as usual and Jamie pointed down and said “Frucky!” 

“No, ducky!” I said. After all the times I couldn’t wait to hear Jamie starting to chat, this was not it.

The following day, Jamie’s Grampa arrived and he and his Granny took him swimming. Lily and I went too but as the wee soul had a wee head cold, I decided we would just wait in the spectator area and watch Jamie having a great time. After an hour in the pool, I could see Mum and Dad trying to figure out a way of getting Jamie back into the changing room without him having a meltdown. No such luck. They managed to get him to the stairs but as soon as they made an attempt to get out of the water, Jamie had a fit! Thankfully, my Mum was armed with a bag of Skips and a carton of juice when they got into the changing room, which settled Jamie down. Ah the joys! It was actually nice to see Jamie having such a great time, he didn’t want to leave, although I think his Granny and Gramps were glad to see the car after his poolside paddy.

When we got back to the house, we fixed Jamie and Lily some lunch and then I took Jamie upstairs for a nap. He was out like a light and I knew he would sleep for a couple of hours after ‘swimming’ in the morning. This gave us a chance to spend some time with Lily and get jobs done in the house. 

4.00pm. I knew I had to go wake Jamie up from his nap otherwise I would have problems trying to get him to sleep that night. I went into his room and switched the light on to find Jamie snoring away under his duvet cover. I gently woke him up and he got out of bed and came over to me for a cuddle. He took my hand down the stairs where Granny fixed him an apple and drink of juice. Lily was at this point sitting in her bouncer chair playing with a rattle. Jamie finished his apple, jumped down off his seat and went over to Lily where he carefully took the rattle out of her hand and Lily started to cry. I immediately went over to Jamie and said “No no, that’s not yours, that’s Lily’s.” and I swiped the rattle back and gave it to Lily. Jamie then roared some kind of baby obscenity at me and walked out of the room. 

After dinner, I thought I would leave Jamie to play for a bit before bath time. James took Lily out of her highchair and put her back into her bouncer. James got her strapped in and he handed her one of Jamie’s toy cars to keep her amused. The next minute Jamie appeared back into the kitchen and saw Lily playing with his toy. He walked over to her bouncer chair and said, “No no Lily!” and swiped the car from her. What could I say! Only a few hours earlier I had shouted at him to give Lily her toy back and here was Lily now playing with his toy. He was only doing what I had taught him to do.

Aaagh! Who said this parenting thing would be easy?

It’s the hardest fun of my life! 

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