The Mummy Diaries: Two babies – Weeks 17 & 18

The Mummy Diaries: Two babies – Weeks 17 & 18

by Emma Hargan
article from Tuesday 23, October, 2018

WHAT AN AMAZING FORTNIGHT it has been! We have managed to survive a trip to Edinburgh in one weekend to visit the family and then celebrated Lily’s christening the following weekend. To say it has been busy is an understatement but we have had plenty laughs and memories to last a lifetime.

Jamie’s first holiday happened when he was a year old when we were well and truly past the stage of bottles and sterilisers. Lily’s first trip has been a whole different experience altogether. This time there were bottles, sterilisers, milk, bouncer chairs, pushchairs and enough babygrows and change of clothing to sink a ship. The car was packed to the gunnels and that was before James and I had even packed a thing for ourselves! 

I honestly can’t remember what I did with my time before we had kids. I vaguely remember spending a couple of evenings before James and I were going away anywhere, choosing what clothes to take, selecting what make up and jewellery to bring that would go with my outfits and have plenty time to paint my nails and straighten my hair. Those days are long gone.

The Edinburgh weekend

A week before we were planning to leave, I wrote myself a list of all the things required. The problem was most of the items were things we used on a daily basis so couldn’t be packed in advance, so as usual, the night before we left was a case of getting the kids to sleep so James and I could frantically get our stuff together and pack the car 

What we thought was a half-hour job of loading up the car turned into a two-hour handling. Everything had to be fitted into the car like a jigsaw puzzle to leave space for the kids. How can two little people have so much stuff?! It had gone past 1.00am and I had no intention at that stage of sitting up half the night straightening my hair or painting my nails. The most effort I was going to make was to make sure I had matching underwear packed. At least then if I got run over or ended up in some horrific accident where they would have to cut the clothes off me – I wouldn’t be embarrassed.

After we finally arrived and started to do the rounds of visits with the family, Jamie and Lily loved all the attention and were as good as gold. Jamie was so excited to be staying in the hotel. They had supplied a cot for Lily but had made up a single bed for Jamie. He was so exhausted with all the excitement of the day, that we thought it might be a good idea to try him out in the single bed and see how he would get on. Okay, it was midnight before he actually settled but he slept in the bed all night! Result!

The following morning, we arrived at Jamie and Lily’s Great Grandma’s house. She was so delighted to see how big Jamie had grown and spent ages cuddling and chatting to our new edition. It was lovely to have four generations of the family around the table. My Granny had bought Jamie a new scooter, so he spent the day flying up and down the hall, laughing and falling over. James and I spent the day chasing him down the hall, picking up all Granny’s priceless ornaments she had lying everywhere! How we made it out of that house without a breakage, I’ll never know. Jamie of course was totally oblivious to all this and was having a great time. Again, they were both so good, and Lily pretty much fell asleep once we arrived back at the hotel (pictured). Jamie was still late again but eventually fell asleep and stayed in his bed until the morning. Oh, this was going so well, I began to relax and wonder why I was getting so stressed at taking them on a trip? 

Err, the following day happened, that’s why.

The plan was to go and visit the kids’ other Great Grandma in the morning and then a cousin of my Mum’s in the afternoon. I should have known how the day was going to go from the off. Jamie was so grumpy over breakfast and even more whingey in the back of the car on the way. I figured once we got to Granma’s house, he would be fine. Not so. Once we arrived at the house, Jamie was furious at being lifted out the car seat and being confronted again with yet more faces. James and I took it in turns for over an hour trying to bring him round but he was having none of it and the whinging turned into tears, which then set Lily off. He even nearly throttled Grandma’s budgie! I decided to put Jamie into bed and see if he would settle. After 10 minutes, he was out like a light, snoring his head off. After two hours, it was time to wake Jamie up and go. My poor Grandma must have felt like a tornado had hit her house with all the roaring and crying. All this way for a visit and Jamie spent most of it sleeping!

The final visit was just the icing on the cake for Jamie and Lily. They lasted about half-an-hour before we had to leave– or I’m sure we would have been thrown out! They were both so exhausted and Jamie at this point was running on fumes, going around like a raving banshee and ignoring my pleas of ‘Put that down!’ and ‘Sit down and behave!’ Of course, I’m trying to notraise my voice while pretending I’m totally cool when really, I wanted to grab the little devil and roar my head off! We made our excuses and left but I then realised it wasn’t fair on them and it was too much to expect them to be on their best behaviour all the time. 

We spent the following day having a day-off from visiting and decided to hit Ocean Terminal shopping centre. We had only just arrived and Jamie needed changed. I found the parenting suite and started to get Jamie cleaned up when a woman turned on the hand dryer. Jamie went crazy and was genuinely so terrified that I ended up having to change his clothes as well! I got Jamie back into the pushchair and noticed Lily’s face was getting very red – a face that tells me I’m not done with the nappy changing bag. Back in to change Lily.

After wondering if I was actually going to get out of the parenting suite, we eventually got to the shops and had a great day. Lily was able to snooze as and when she needed and Jamie was happy to be ferried about chilling in the pushchair. In hindsight, I should have had a day like this in the middle of our visits and maybe we wouldn’t have had the meltdowns, but all-in-all we had a fantastic trip and it was lovely watching all the relatives spend time with the wee ones.

The Christening

We were only just home, when we had Lily’s Christening in three day’s time. Back to the organised chaos of sorting out washing and getting the house tidied up for my Mum and Dad staying and also my sister Katy who had been asked to be Lily’s Godmother. All the best-laid plans go out of the window when you have a toddler and a 4-month-old in the mix. My main thing was to get the kids back into their routine and have them in good form for Lily’s big day. Thankfully, I managed to get the house into a fit state the night before, with James’ help of course! After Mum and Dad arrived, it was time to relax as nothing more could be done by that stage. The kids were in bed early. There was nothing else for it, other than have a wee glass of wine and enjoy the evening.

James collected the Christening cake and delivered it to the hotel in the morning, collected Katy at the bus station while the rest of us packed our bags for staying overnight, with all the outfits ready to go. When my sister arrived there was all the usual catching up, and then a race to see who could get into the shower first and take it in turns to get ready. I wanted to wait until the last second to dress Lily and Jamie. I just wanted one photo of both of them in their dress and suit before they either spilt juice or threw up – or worse!

We met our family and friends up at the Chapel. We were early. Albeit by three minutes, but with myself to dress, a husband who announces he needs a shirt ironed 15 minutes before leaving and the kids to sort, I think that’s pretty good going. The Christening service was lovely and both Lily and Jamie did brilliant and happily sat through the whole thing without a sound. My Mum had armed herself with bags of Quavers and random items out of James’ toolbox that she thought Jamie would enjoy playing with. I’ll never forget the Priest’s face when he turned around and saw Jamie sitting in his pushchair with a bag of crisps in one hand and a paintbrush in the other! Whatever works.After the usual bustle of photos and getting an opportunity to chat to everyone, Jamie went on with his Granny and Gramps to the hotel and we took Lily and my sister.

We arrived at the hotel to a private room with a champagne reception. The cake was beautifully placed with tealights on a stand when we walked in. Everything looked lovely and the meal we had just finished the day off. The room we were in was perfect as it was just for us so Jamie was free to run around all he wanted. Everyone had a great evening laughing, chatting and drinking. Lily was ruined with so many gorgeous gifts and cards. I was so glad we had decided to stay in the hotel. We could just take the kids straight to the room when they got tired and after, James and I were able to chill and have a wee dram to celebrate too.

All that is left to say is what a fantastic weekend with so many great memories. It was lovely to celebrate our daughter’s special day with our nearest and dearest and we would like to thank everyone who came near and far and celebrated with us. 

Cheers to Lily!

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