A letter from Jacob Rees Mogg MP – why we should “Chuck Chequers”

A letter from Jacob Rees Mogg MP – why we should “Chuck Chequers”

by ThinkScotland
article from Friday 24, August, 2018

Dear Conservative Association Chairmen,

When the British people voted to leave the EU over two years ago it was an act of great political courage against the prophets of doom. Seventeen million people voted to leave because they believed in better. They believe in Britain and the kind of country we can build.

The Government would be wrong to be fearful of Britain enjoying an independent future. Theresa May’s Chequers proposals would shackle us to the EU forever. We would be out of Europe yet still run by Europe. This is why the Prime Minister should “chuck Chequers” and instead seek a Canada style free trade agreement with the EU to make the most of the global opportunities that lie ahead.

The United Kingdom does not need to do a deal with the EU. The EU needs to do a deal with us at all costs. No deal means no divorce bill – handing a £40 billion Brexit bonus to

It is time the Government realised that the EU stands to lose much from no deal being agreed and stopped being cowed by the EU’s threats. It is time to face down vested interests in the establishment and put democracy first. Yet most of all, it is time ‘to chuck Chequers’, respect the referendum, be out of Europe, take back control and believe in Britain.

As such I have enclosed a copy of a useful briefing note on what the Chequers deal would mean for the UK; the opportunities it would forsake and the costs both monetary and democratic it entails. Please feel free to circulate this letter and briefing note to members and your constituents to assure them that the Prime Minister has alternatives, and that if the bullying stance of the EU continues we can leave on 29 March 2019 with either Canada +++ or WTO terms. We Believe in Britain.

Yours sincerely

Jacob Rees Mogg MP

Chairman of the European Research Group

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