The Mummy Diaries: Two babies – Week 7

The Mummy Diaries: Two babies – Week 7

by Emma Hargan
article from Tuesday 7, August, 2018

THANKFULLY we managed to survive a full week without the family helpers. The next challenge however, was to manage an outing with just my two little darlings and me!

This week has been all about organisation. After last week’s ruckus with my lists, I decided that the best way to be organised was to simply do as much as I can the night before. Sounds straightforward enough right? Well yes, but there are just some things that you can’t plan ahead for. 

So, Monday evening with dinner done and dusted and James upstairs getting Jamie showered and ready for bed, I started my prep for the following day. James lunch made, take dinner out of the freezer, get Jamie and Lily’s clothes laid out, stock up the downstairs piles of clean nappies, bibs and cloths, wash and sterilise bottles and dummies, load dishwasher and load washing machine. Ok, not so bad, it was nearly 10 o’clock and I was ready to make a cup of tea and sit down and watch a film that didn’t include Buzz Lightyear or Moana. Great, White House Down was on (a bit of Channing Tatum never goes a miss) so I settled in to watch. Only problem was I think I saw the first 10 minutes before conking out. Ah well, at least everything was done for tomorrow, or so I thought…

We had an early start because I decided I would take the kids (plural!) out myself for the first time. I had been out plenty with James and when my Mum and sister were over, but I hadn’t actually taken them out by myself and wanted to face the fear of handling two babies on my own. 

We had managed to get out of the door within the hour (a new record!) due to my fantastic organisation last night, there wasn’t as much to do before we left to drop James off at work. I thought the best plan of action was to drop James off and then head back to the house to get showered and the babies changed and fed which would buy me plenty of time to get to the shops before they needed changed and fed again. 

They were as good as gold in the car. Lily was sleeping and Jamie was quite happy singing away to the tunes on the radio while looking out of the window on the way to get the messages. We got to the supermarket and result! The car park was half empty so I managed to get a parking space in one of the mother and baby spaces. Everything was going so well. Now remember earlier, when I mentioned that you can’t plan for every scenario? 

With now having the two babies, we had bought a double buggy; it’s so handy, that is, if you know how to work it! Every time we had been out, James had been with me, so he had done the folding and unfolding of the new pushchair. I mean seriously, how hard can it be to work out how to fold down a buggy?! It never even occurred to me to check how to do this before I unloaded the buggy from the boot – fortunately it unfolded easy enough. Result! 

I got the kids strapped in and hey presto! We were good to go. My wee beauties were little angels going round the shop while I got the messages in. Jamie was even chatting up the lady at the till! Back at the car, I loaded the bags into the boot, got the kids buckled into their car seats and got Jamie sorted with a packet of crisps to keep him occupied on the way home. Ah this is easy, I’ve totally got this, I was thinking to myself - again that terrible false sense of security crept in before reality hit me like a tonne of bricks. I was searching everywhere for the button or switch that unlocked the buggy so it would fold down. 

Ten minutes later and I’m ready to crack up! The buggy was still standing like some big monstrosity in the middle of the car park, Jamie’s crisps had long been devoured and it was chucking it down with rain. At this point, my little angels quickly turned into devils and started getting fed up sitting in the car. Jamie then started to whinge which in turn set Lily off. Bloody hell, I was going to have to admit defeat and ring James and ask him how I fold the pushchair down, all while throwing Jamie another bag of crisps to keep him quiet for another five minutes. Jesus, if the public health nurse saw me now! After another 10 minutes of trying to get hold of James, I was just about ready to drive off and leave the flaming thing where it stood when James answered the phone…

“Hello?” he says.

“Oh thank god! How the hell does this buggy fold down?” I cried.

“Err, there’s a catch on the handle at the side. You just press it and push the handle down and it will collapse. Are you ok? You sound stressed?” he says.

“Of course I’m bloody stressed! I’ve just spent nearly 20 minutes trying to get the pushchair into the car with the kids getting upset and I’m soaked! I roared.”

I then felt bad at shouting at James as it wasn’t his fault, I should have checked this before we left, right up until he said, ‘”It’s not rocket science you know.”

Just then a guy comes over to me and says, “Do you need a hand with that?” and in one motion, lifts the catch and folds the buggy down and puts it into the boot. Well that confirms it. It must definitely have been a man that invented the pushchair and have the most awkward and complicated method of folding it! 

So, later that afternoon I was getting the dinner sorted when James walked through the door. He tentatively asks, “How did you get on this afternoon? Did you get the buggy sorted?” 

“Yes” I replied “I got it sorted.” I didn’t want to tell him that I had help from a passer-by! James then brings the pushchair through to the kitchen and then smugly says to me “I’ll show you how to work the pushchair...”

And I replied, “That’s great and I’ll show you how to work the f##king washing machine!”

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