The Mummy Diaries: pregnancy week 38

The Mummy Diaries: pregnancy week 38

by Emma Hargan
article from Monday 11, June, 2018

WELL IT'S nearly D Day! I’ve spent the week trying to keep myself relaxed and chilled as much as possible for the fear of going into labour early. Jamie’s Granny and Gramps don’t arrive until the start of next week to help look after the wee man and also babysit while James is with me when I go into the hospital. I have unpacked and then re-packed my hospital bag for the fifth time, just in case I forget something like the babies clothes!

I am well and truly the size of a house now at this stage. My maternity clothes don’t even fit me anymore! Thankfully though, I have now taken a huge craving to eating ice cubes?? If nothing else, at least they are better for me than Haribo’s or Ben and Jerry’s. I have now become obsessed with cleaning the house. My usual routine of housework involved basically dusting, hoovering, washing floors etc. Now it involves washing windows, cleaning skirting boards and doors and cleaning light shades. All of which - I’m embarrassed to say - have probably never seen a cloth since we moved in 3 years ago! I actually didn’t realise how obsessed I was with the cleaning until today when I shouted Jamie through to the kitchen for his lunch. Usually upon calling ‘lunchtime!’ Jamie would be running through at a hundred miles an hour - but silence. Oh God - what’s he into now! I waddled through to the sitting room as fast as I could and there he was, picking up his toys and putting them back into his toy box before running through to his high chair! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing - result! I hope he’s as keen when he turns into a teenager.

I had my last hospital appointment and scan a couple of days ago. After 5 hours of seeing the nurses, giving bloods, seeing the doctors and getting my scan, I’m definitely done with the hospital appointments. I didn’t know whether to smile or cry when the nurse told me that the baby currently weighs 8lb and 8oz’s and I’ve still got a week to go! Then I realised, it’s ok, I’m having a section. Of course, that night, instead of having my nice recurrent dream of Channing Tatum landing at my front door and asking me to run away with him - I had visions of lying in the hospital theatre with the doctor peering over the curtain telling me that they will have to saw me in half to get the baby out! I’m going to have to start watching Magic Mike again before I go to sleep - purely to stop the nightmares of course!

Jamie has been fantastic this week. I think he knows something’s going on but doesn’t understand what it is. I haven’t had as much time to play and spend time in the garden but he has been happy to follow me about and ‘help’ me empty out the cupboards that I spent an hour filling with stuff. As a result of this, he has been a bit clingy and looking for lots of cuddles - which is lovely! The baby bump has now come in handy as a comfy cushion for him to lean on when we’re chilling watching YouTube or a bit of telly. The baby starts to kick whenever Jamie is leaning on me and he gives me a look as if to say, ‘stop it!’ Jes, they are fighting already and the baby isn’t even born yet. Is this a sign of things to come?!

I have now got rid of all the ‘To Do’ lists much to James’ delight. However, there is one list that I’ve squirrelled away for when I’ve had the baby and I get home.

The essential shopping list:-

  • Nappies

  • Wipes

  • Sudocrem

  • Formula

  • Crisps

  • Chocolate

  • Pate

  • Red Wine

  • Guiness

  • Jack Daniels

I know that once my folks arrive at the start of the week, I will feel more relaxed and be as about as organised as I can be. I will have plenty of help at that stage and will be able to put my feet up and enjoy the last couple of days of excitement before our family is complete. In a perfect world, I’ll have the wee one safe and sound and lose 3 stone before next Saturday - but I’ll settle for having the wee one safe and sound!

The next time I write, my pregnancy will be done and dusted and we will have a new bundle to introduce to you all!

Wish me luck!!

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