Hold fast and hold the line to defend liberty and democracy

Hold fast and hold the line to defend liberty and democracy

by Aaron Brown
article from Friday 12, April, 2019

FISHING FOR LEAVE’S PRIMARY CAUSE has always been the repatriation of our fishing waters from EU management, and a rejuvenation of our coastal communities through enactment of new policy that this will allow.

To achieve this, it has always been subject to, and therefore intertwined, with the bigger issue of the political settlement under which this country is governed.

The increasing economic and social suffering inflicted upon Britain’s fishing and coastal communities has been inexorably linked to and caused by the increasing political surrender and subjugation of our country’s sovereignty to the EU. This has been done with the direct complicity of our British political establishment.

It is why fishing is in many ways the poster child of the loss of British sovereignty and is an acid test of whether we actually regain that sovereignty by genuinely leaving the EU as the British people instructed.  The instruction to Leave the EU was a watershed to uplift the hearts of so many in the fishing industry and its communities.

Sadly, to uphold their ideal of Britain being continually yoked to a federalising EU, a sizeable number of MPs have expended all their energy to thwart Brexit, rather than grasping restoration of British independence as an opportunity to flourish. Although many may not realise it, this last week has seen a potentially monumental moment in the history of the constitutional settlement of this country. One that stretches back to 1689 and arguably back to Magna Carta in 1215.

Despite a majority of the British Cabinet being against any further extension of Britain’s EU membership, almost unbelievably, Theresa May ignored them and has begged the EU for such an extension. To compound this the PM has also ignored the indicative votes and expressed opinions of the majority of Conservative MPs; the sentiment of an overwhelming majority of Conservative members; AND the public who, all polling confirms, are all clearly against any further extension.

The outcome – an extension not just to 12 April, or 22 May or 30 June – but to 31 October will cost £1.8bn in potential income from catches that could have gone to the British fishing fleet.  The catches in British waters that go to EU boats is worth around £300m+ a month, representing 60 per cent of lost business to British fishing communities.

To keep Britain trapped in the EU the PM has also attempted conspiring – and continues to conspire – with the leader of the opposition to circumvent her own party of government. By Seeking to deliberately and flagrantly over-ride the people, her cabinet, the majority of her party – and in seeking to use the votes of the opposition – Theresa May has fragrantly sought to rip up and undermine the whole democratic settlement of this country.

May has lied on everything she has ever said and is at complete odds with the country. Polling now shows that when presented with the same choice faced by MPs – supporting the PM’s Withdrawal Agreement, seeking and extension of membership, or leaving without a deal – a majority of the British people are in favour of leaving immediately with no deal. With the increasing view being this is necessary to end this slow-motion car crash on the foundations of our democracy.  The actions of the PM and MPs have inflamed Brexit to now encompass more than fishing, farming, industry, trade policy, customs arrangements, defence, or any other topic.

It is now not just an issue of leaving the EU, but the fundamental question of how and by whom the people are governed.

A question that hasn’t convulsed this country since the 1600s, when it led to a civil war throughout the three kingdoms and the deposing of two monarchs.

We are now observing the same situation as when Charles I sparked this upheaval, as he too trampled all over the constitutional settlement of this country and its ancient sacred principle of government by consent rather than autocracy and dictatorship.

We are now scarily at the point of having to ask will democracy, parliament and the constitution be usurped in a coup by a technocracy of Europhile politicians who are close to imposing quasi-dictatorship upon us to keep Britain in the EU?

Whereas cross-party Europhiles will work to circumvent normal government to undertake giving more control to a foreign power the British people instead voted overwhelmingly to leave.

It beggars belief, and has caused many to raise scary questions asking if the PM is unhinged; or are Europhile MPs so fanatical about the EU they are prepared to smash all government, parliamentary and democratic procedure and convention in their quest to overturn and thwart Brexit? The answer appears to be “YES”!

Before further irrevocable damage is done by the shaking of democracy and the constitution to the core, sane heads in the Conservative Party must now depose May or bring this rotten government to heel before we sink into an abyss where those who capitulate or fail to act will be equally culpable.

Fishing For Leave therefore beseeches MPs to end this PM’s rule and fulfil Brexit. Those principled MPs who have stood up to an avalanche of disinformation, group-think pressure and a narrative to drain their resolve, should hold their heads high and know that the British people recognise, commend and are fully behind them in their tenacity to dig in to defend our liberty and constitutional settlement.

We implore them not to yield. To remember that the deliberate narrative of inevitability of surrender to the shocking Withdrawal Agreement is designed to induce resignation to defeat.

Nothing could be further from the truth. It is the europhiles who are stuck in a desperate position. Proven by their desperation to sink to any level to thwart Brexit. It is they who are on the cusp of defeat.

MPs who recognise the Withdrawal Agreement for the vassalage it is must stand firm. The more times and the harder the Withdrawal Agreement is beaten down the less it can be brought back. Those yielding to the No.10 technique of demoralisation to the ‘inevitable’ only encourage more of the same.

Brexit MPs need only keep going through the wood panelled lobbies to defeat the constitutional insanity that emanates from Number 10. With the cry of generations who defended liberty and independence was – “hold fast and hold the line.”

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