Deliver a real Brexit or there will be a political reckoning

Deliver a real Brexit or there will be a political reckoning

by Brian Monteith
article from Friday 22, March, 2019

OUR POLITICIANS through their deceit, self-aggrandisement, short termism and ignorance have brought disgrace on this nation. 

Let us be clear Theresa May was elected on a false prospectus. She said “no deal was better than a bad deal,” but when it came to it she quietly and deceitfully encouraged no deal to be taken off the table.  She made it clear many times she supported leaving the ECJ, the Single Market and the full acquis of the EU. It was in her manifesto. She said over one hundred times we would leave on 29th March, but quietly all along she was working towards the opposite.

Her Government has deliberately mislead the people, aided and abetted by a rabble of Remainer MP’s and Peers attempting to thwart the direct instruction of the electorate. Moreover her appalling BREXIT withdrawal agreement, voted down twice by a massive majority, without any offer to resign is contemptable. Her Government has brought shame on itself and the nation.

Yet despite the pathetic circus of Westminster, Britain is doing just fine.  Unemployment is at a 44 year low and virtually the lowest level in the EU. Total employment is at an all-time record, up by almost a million since the referendum, wages are soaring up 3.4 per cent over the year and substantially ahead of inflation, vacancies are also at a record high suggesting wage growth will accelerate further. 

Britain continues to be a centre for educational, scientific, cultural and financial excellence. The siren warnings of Project Fear have been totally wrong and again undermined confidence in those who profess to govern us. The BBC of course could only grudgingly say the numbers were good despite BREXIT uncertainty. Who do they speak for?

The contrast of the heavy reporting of Honda reshoring its British manufacturing back home (all due to changes in market conditions and the removal of EU customs union tariffs making it more affordable to assemble in Japan, hence Honda also leaving Turkey)  – with the almost ignored announcement that Toyota is to build a new Suzuki model in the UK is so typical of the blame-Brexit bias of broadcasters.

When Brexit is done and dusted – and it will be – Britain needs root and branch reform of its political system. In so many areas our political establishment has been aloof, paid no attention to solemn manifesto pledges and treated the people with contempt and at times hostility. Parliamentary conventions and any sense of honour have been abandoned cheaply. Let us remember they are our servants, not our masters. 

Moving the date of the UK’s departure from the EU has, for many people, been the last straw. 

We have now reached the stage where some MPs are so concerned about lengthy queues of lorries outside Dover and Calais that they are willing to sign an agreement that does not deliver Brexit. This in turn is provoking British lorry drivers to instigate their own protests that shall lead to the blockade of ports like Dover, Holyhead and Hull. The tailbacks on our roads our MPs are so hoping to avoid will instead materialise because of their betrayal of the genuine peoples’ vote to leave the EU.

Ignoring the expressed view of the British people cannot continue. I can tell you, judging by the mailbag I see and the feedback from a wide range of sources, that the people have had enough and Brexit supporters are getting more and more determined to see justice done.

There will be a reckoning at the polls; if a recognisable Brexit is not delivered no political party will be safe from retribution.

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