About us

ThinkScotland was established as a virtual think tank in 2006 by Scottish entrepreneur Robert Kilgour to encourage greater discussion in Scotland about economic, social and constitutional policies – from the perspective of mainly Scottish Conservative authors.

The site relaunched in July 2012 seeking a far broader constituency as an independent not-for-profit debating forum with a cross-section of topical, political and cultural writing on a daily basis.

ThinkScotland’s editorial position has always been right of centre – with the aim of explaining and defending free markets and an open liberal society – but crucially without endorsing any one political party – or taking a corporate view.

Since that relaunch other generous donors have come forward to give their financial support, large and small. They need not agree with everything that’s published but they do recognise the need for a vital, dynamic debate in Scotland – as we’ll as a channel for lighthearted and humorous asides that make ThinkScotland a rounded and broad home for writing. 

Without the help of our supporters ThinkScotland would come to a sudden halt – if you want to join their ranks please donate using one of the buttons placed at the end of articles throughout the site. Every donation of whatever currency helps.

Comments are encouraged but moderated. Enjoy, be infuriated – but either way, respond.

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