The Full Jared stripped bare is no monster

The Full Jared stripped bare is no monster

by Jonathan Stanley
article from Thursday 26, October, 2017

AFTER JARED O'MARA burst onto the stage sometime Tuesday the Twitterati had a right old meltdown.

The humanity, oh the humanity! How could some beast defeat Cleggers and become MP for the richest part of the North?

I, for my numerous undisclosed sins, lived in Sheffield Hallam for five years. The reality hits you like a house brick and in the medical school they bury it deep. Sheffield is an extraordinarily divided city. The South West is affluent and the rest afflicted. Drug use, prostitution, poor health and poor people are rife in parts. 

The home of the Full Monty, a wee tease from the 90s that deep down was just as grim as Trainspotting. Unemployed workies stripping for pennies in a seedy bar and all the trappings of abandoned working class abound. Fat people, smokers, rough mannered women, caustic homophobia fulminant in the wake of male identity crisis. All signs of low hope of a better tomorrow.

The home of King Edward VII School where Cleggers was taught. Fulwood mansions, poncy prissy coffee shops off Ecclesall Road and fine dining at Cutlers' Hall. Or the dog track at Owlerton with chicken and chips or a drive to Chatsworth or Hathersage? Wednesday or United, Lad? Owls or blades?

Jared is in many ways our dream MP. A working class lad from a tough city done well and managed to unseat a public school preppy douche who has played the privileges every step of his way to Downing Street. So why are so many so shocked and appalled?  What has he really said that could not be said by so many in Crookes or Tapton let alone Shire Green and Burngreave?

This is actually how much of the post industrial north is. He admits to low esteem, to being raised in a culture that is intolerant of gays and says fat people don't respect themselves. So what does Labour do? Crucify him. Am I a fan of O'Mara. No. I find him equally uncouth and obnoxious but I do not find him arrogant. Why should only the well-heeled be confident?

1400 girls were raped in Rotherham and where was Labours ire then? A little humility please!

No. If we are to champion this idea of a rough working class white lad beating the odds to represent us in Westminster then we have to rediscover this lost country of disenfranchised young men. Some better raised than others.

Labour should be aware that we are determined largely by upbringing and circumstance. Insight and effort are needed to grow beyond our natural limits. When I first went to Sheffield I had barely seen Asians, having been raised in Merseyside. Half my family is now Chinese.

Jared may be an uncouth rogue but there are legion in Westminster, many with a far finer education than he. 

I remain unconvinced this man is worse than many men of his background. Excuses, no, but reasons, yes. As for a bit of backbiting with a girl in a nightclub in Sheffield, since when was being an incompetent suitor ever been a crime?

Again, there are MPs that have plenty worse in their copybooks than that.

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