Kill the 'kill switch' on mobility

Kill the 'kill switch' on mobility

by Jonathan Stanley
article from Thursday 24, August, 2017

The day has a y in it, therefore some idiot in government or opposition thinks the free mobility of citizens needs degraded. In less than a week it has been suggested laws on van hire need tightened up and women should travel in reserved carriages, or rather men should not.

I'm becoming sick and tired of busybodies. Especially those interested in the movement of others. It is sinister and the fact trains are subsidised predominantly by men just ices the half-baked cake.

Every society that has lost freedom has lost the freedom to move.  It is no one’s business if someone hires a van, or car for that matter. Let's be honest here, a car can as easily kill people and regularly does. 

If you are driving several tonnes of metal at a non-lethal speed you are not going fast enough. Cars are meant to be fast. 

Why have our cities become so anti-car as to have cars discouraged as policy? Would it make a difference if all cars were electric? Answers on a postcard. Edinburgh is moving over to 20 mph limits across the whole city. Hilariously some speed cameras can’t pick up such slow speeds as 21 mph!

There is an unpleasant and not accidental trend here. There are now proposals for contactless payment on Lothian buses. For convenience? For modernity? And perhaps to know where you are going to and from.

Likewise if we are to have segregation why stop at trains? Why not lifts, buses, nightclubs and supermarket queues?  Segregated urinals and park benches anyone? Does it provoke any memories of past segregation?

None of this will make us safer of course. It will simply normalise nannying that bit more. How then to stop passengers being molested while they stand? Perchance ensuring there are enough seats in the first place? Perhaps banging up perverts who struggle with their urges? It's not difficult.

If so called conservatives promote or endorse these policies it begs who will oppose them? 

How archaic will films appear when a tall male copper asks you were you were last Saturday? Soon a fat, blackcurrant-haired arts graduate, differently gendered, will just access the database.

No further questions....

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