Margaret Thatcher in disguise?

Margaret Thatcher in disguise?

by Brian Monteith
article from Friday 31, March, 2017

IS OUR First Minister feeling the pressure? Has the adulation during all the past campaigning, the parade of photocalls, the incessant Selfies, and the very obvious personality cult that was encouraged to break the spell of Alex Salmond – gone to her head?


Are any of her advisors telling her she is misreading the Scottish public’s mood? And if there are does she have the ability to accept it without blowing-up?

I don’t pretend to be even an amateur psychologist but Nicola Sturgeon has apparently developed a form of Tourette’s, only instead of repeatedly cursing in Anglo Saxon she mouths off the word “independence” in a rat-a-tat machine gun fashion. For those that are not members of the cult – and that’s most of us – all we ever seem to hear from the First Minister is that word, rather like the scene in Hitchcock’s movie “Blackmail” when the only word the murderer hears is “knife”, “knife”, “knife”.

Then there’s the strange sub-conscious adulation of her own personal Great Satan. You would think that a female politician of such pro-CND and anti-poll tax pedigree who has spent her life demonising Margaret Thatcher would have found a way to avoid being compared to her – but her behaviour is quixotically quite the reverse. Instead we have a collection of photos where our Dear Leader appears wearing twin sets that could have been bought at a Thatcher vintage fashion auction.

Then, just last night, her press team issued a staged photo where she sat shoeless on a sofa drafting a letter demanding a second independence referendum – just as Thatcher had shown  portrayed in the same pose reading official papers from her Red Box.


Then there is that SNP poster that stole from a famous Margaret Thatcher poster. Ironically showing a reverse version of Thatcher's Twin Set.

Just what is going on?

If Nicola Sturgeon has not known she has been copying Margaret Thatcher then she is profoundly ignorant about the woman she has claimed to despise. If she has known then she has some explaining to do, for she then is a fraud and a fake. Like her or not, the mold was broken when Thatcher was born and there shall never be her like again. If Nicola Sturgeon had wanted a role model then Eva Peron would have been a more obvious choice, but then she has her own baggage too.

Maybe Wee Nippy, as she is affectionately called by many of her opponents, has developed a Napoleon Complex and is overcompensating her diminutive size by over projecting her persona?  Being told to “Sit Down” by Ruth Davidson or firmly put in her place by tall and leggy Theresa May will certainly not have helped.

Is there a suppressed anger at not getting her way, the regular display of most un-ladylike clenched fists suggests something is troubling the SNP leader.

The Easter recess at the Scottish Parliament has now started.  Maybe the First minister should take the time to get some rest, to de-stress and be ready to come back fresh and up for the day job.

Her number one priority of education needs her undivided attention. It’s not had much of late. She might even find helping our young generation equipping themselves for the Brave New post-Brexit Britain quite therapeutic.

I write this in all sympathy. Hubris is a politician’s greatest enemy and the First Minister shows the signs of having overdosed on it. A great fall is most often the outcome.  Humility is the only antidote and a little will go a long way. Accepting the outcomes of the two referenda that she has lost and seeking to make them work to Scotland’s benefit can, I believe, save her from herself.  Nobody else can help.

Will the medicine be too unpalatable to take? That’s the thing with hubris, after the highs from a guid conceit of yersel, nothing, but nothing ever tastes sweet enough again.


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