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Good article Alex, the Tory party and for that I include the SC&UP, run by Ruth and the Gang, will be considerably exercised over Europe and this attempt, with “ The Speech “ including the ample support in the background of Mr Pickles rallying the troops, which means I`m sorry to say the infighting will continue down in England whilst we try to have an open and informed debate in Scotland about our future. The utter complacency of the “No Campaign”,(and the SC&UP) tied as it is to a UK Government that won`t engage in the debate,( which has been spotted) is leaving the vacuum that is appearing open to the SNP to field its ideas without serious challenge. Nature abhors a vacuum which I am sorry to say isn`t being filled buy the “status quo” advocates who are choosing to say nothing. There are stories about those who might consider a Devo Max solution to encourage us to say NO. If that is true they are admitting the “Status Quo” is not fit for purpose and giving the SNP an argument for the impending failure of the No campaign. Some would say that the psyche of the relationship now with Scotland and Europe is tempered by the fact that the “Union” way back then wasn`t really by making an application to join in, to make the UK, unlike the accession to the EU which was. I really do wish those we have elected politically can stop the amateur Glasgow University Debating chamber antics and get the debate up and running.

Posted on Thursday 1, January, 1970 by Jim Terras