Lorraine Crozier

Lorraine Crozier

by Jackie Anderson
article from Thursday 13, May, 2010

Lorraine Crozier had the last laugh this week on friends who over the years have joked at how unlucky she has been in sustaining so many bumps, bruises, trips and falls.

A Motherwell girl, Lorraine won one thousand pounds as this year’s most accident-prone person beating a hundred other competitors.

Even on taking the phone call that informed Lorraine of the win resulted in an accident. Pushing her daughter on a swing she forgot the swing when it came back and hit her on the head.

As an admin manager, amazingly responsible for health and safety at work, she entered for a joke and was amazed when she won.

She has had nearly twenty serious accidents that includes a fractured elbow, a dislocated right knee, four broken toes, a broken coccyx, and a chipped collar bone and on one occasion on entering the hospital with a ruptured ligament was given morphine to which she suffered an allergic reaction.

On the way to the opticians she even walked into a lamppost and dislocated her shoulder.

Included in the prize is a years accident cover with insurance company ACS, who had better brace themselves for the many claims coming their way.    

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