Who really pays tax today?

Who really pays tax today?

by Ivor Tiefenbrun
article from Monday 6, November, 2017

HERE ARE some facts that need to be taken into account when considering all that is flying around about who pays taxes and who doesn't.

Tax cuts focussed on lowest paid by the  coalition and Tory Governments elected ten years ago have lowered income inequality to the lowest level in thirty years. 

Top rate income tax was cut for the highest earners which led to a higher tax take. 

The top 0.01 per cent of earners now pay 4 per cent of total income tax and the top 1 per cent pay 28 per cent, while the lowest paid half of the workforce pays less than 10 per cent of total income tax. 

Disposable income is at record high even although wages are not rising as fast in a low inflation era, those on the lowest incomes are thriving and benefiting the most and those on highest incomes are doing the worst, so Tories are sharing proceeds of growth as they promised. By reducing the size of the public sector, for each Government job lost eight jobs were created by the private sector so the deficit has been reduced by over 75 per cent. 

The Labour Party tell lies about the success that the Tories created after the mess they inherited after three catastrophic Labour terms in office that led to an economic crisis of near unprecedented scale. 

Leftist policies have never worked anywhere, but Leftists lie so often and blame others so much for their policy failures that those who do not examine or know the facts believe the grievance driven, class hatred and dishonest anti-capitalist propaganda peddled by the Left who pretend to be morally superior and be best for the poor.  Nothing could be further from the real truth when the data is allowed to speak to the facts. 

By now everyone on Earth should know that every time they elect a Leftist Government the result will always be higher taxes and spending, delivering poorer living standards, more debt and more lost jobs, and will end in an economic crisis. 

Why don't they?  The reason is that a selfish well-to-do powerful elite envy those who earn even more than them, and so seek to reduce the incomes of the very richest, who might be the greatest job and wealth creators, out of jealousy and resentment. This powerful elite have the money, positions and media power to spread their divisive lies, while hypocritically pretending to care about the poor and claiming there is a failure of capitalism.

The poor are too busy earning a living and aspiring to waste time and energy on this drivel so it is always the spoilt children of the better-off middle classes who spread discontent and incite revolutionary change that will put them in charge.

It has always been thus, especially during periods when traditional values are weakened or lost. 

Finally, the Queen does not illegally evade or legally avoid tax - as head of state she is not liable for tax – but nevertheless she actually makes a voluntary contribution of over £14 million a year.

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