Drunk on self-importance, the EU is falling apart

Drunk on self-importance, the EU is falling apart

by Jonathan Stanley
article from Tuesday 3, October, 2017

WELL, WHAT A WEEK that was. Catalonia has brought to a head a fundamental question. When a nation is not sovereign, what right does it have to become so?

Is a Union of nations maintained by force or consent? The law of a constitution is like all trappings of statehood – supported by an implicit right by the state to coercion through the use or threat of use of violence. The aggression principal lies behind any written constitution and it is telling the UK has never codified one, instead preferring the principle that no parliament can bind its successor.

In Spain we have a constitution approved by a vote that says Catalonia can never leave – yet the vast majority have since wanted a referendum. Polls suggested 70 to 80 per cent wanted this.

Many are unaware the EU now requires a majority decision of its members to allow a member state to leave. From this year on Article 50 can no longer be invoked in the way the UK did. That was literally our last chance to do so.

When the Irish PM rejected Catalonia's ballot the irony of his own country's history was not lost. 

It is by the nature of an independence struggle that it is not legal, with very few exceptions. All peoples have a right to revolt in the face of state brutality. The law is made for man, not man for the law.

That the EU responded to Sunday's vote with intolerance, while its focus on its treaties showed it to be cold and autocratic. When EU troops put down the next succession vote, as the Warsaw pact did before, they will let no Eurotrash regional politician cry foul. 

In dealing with Yugoslavia the approach by the European Commission to Slovenia, when it first broke away, was to try and keep the federation together. Later Italy offered incentives to breakaway under the Carrington Plan once Slovenian succession was irreversible. Now the EU deals with Kosovo as a separate state but some members still don't. So the EU recognised Kosovo but will not recognise Catalonia. 

The EU wants a special deal for Northern Ireland but hates the UK special deal – its rebate. The EU takes infraction proceedings against Poland and condemns Hungary, but Spain will go without rebuke.

The Prime Directive of the EU is not to leave the EU in peace but to ensure no piece leaves. In the end it is about expansion and power.

That alone means it will now collapse. Either it will collapse into tyranny or in entirety. No European power has ever held nations together by consent alone except the UK. This not by manifest destiny but by unionism in its true sense.

Democracy, consensus, dialogue, debate and belief it is all worth it in the end. The moment we rely on crackpot clauses and jackboot policing we are done for.

The EU has shown that its interpretation of the law of nations draws from whatever is in the interest of the EU at any given point. That is of course another way of calling it a tyranny. Drunk on self-importance, the EU is falling apart and Catalonia is just the start.

Catalonia is at an impasse.  What it does now is frankly its business after that disgusting gratuitous display of violence we all saw.

Juncker is a man who likes a drink but compared to the "Project" he's as sober as a judge.

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