Unionism can rebuild the West

Unionism can rebuild the West

by Jonathan Stanley
article from Monday 31, July, 2017

LANCE HAHN, the late singer-songwriter of the anarcho post-pop punk band J Church (pictured) is an undiscovered gem of social conservatives. As conservatism becomes the new radicalism it ought not to be surprising that such sentiments bubble up from the most radical and anti-establishment of music genres. The refreshing cynicism of "Analysis, yes, very nice" inspired this little rant. Enjoy the lyrics if not the article.

I have long thought that the progressive liberalism in Scotland and Canada are remarkable in their similarity despite no obvious connection in terms of philosophy. It is almost as if very similar pressures forced a convergent evolution of the Trudeau and Davidson/Dugdale brands of centrism now entrenching ever more into Westminster.

Some basic psychoanalysis suggests to me what we are seeing is not originality or progress but instead, regional reactions of a slave-morality linked to the decline of the twin pillars of Western tradition, namely England and New England.

A very narrow band of philosophies intertwined in the USA and British Empires to create quite an incredible world in terms of freedom, wealth and technological advance. As socialism in the West and the rise of capitalism in Asia have taken their toll on western economic prestige maybe whole regions and nations are taking an anti-oedipal turn. Not content with individuals turning from marriage and family during the counterculture of the 60s the new left is now steering entire body politics in this direction.

Feminisation of every sex, simple presentation of memes and themes as bodies of substance, the attack of the patriarch and a tradition by proxy is now in essence government policy.

Where the nation must naturally excel, in national defence, in the satisfaction of realistic demands of people by the national economy is conveniently excused in Scotland and Canada by convergence trends of devolution in the UK and the hyperreality of global trade and NAFTA in Canada. In both nations the economy is so extremely dependent on external bodies that responsibility for economic prosperity becomes a given negative. Namely, the neighbour can and is increasingly blamed for shortcomings at home by governments that increasingly focus solely on domestic policies.

What are British and American governing philosophies based on?  Individual freedom to thrive as families, wealth creation and retention, social conservatism based upon Christianity.

With western economies now wracked with debt and shrinking their militaries what do these once great neighbours bring to our table? And what do the journalists and politicians of these once great nations now see in their smaller neighbours?

I suggest politicians in Scotland and Canada are not global in their outlook but actually are deglobalising. This is in part because their larger neighbours are themselves less influential in the world. They are increasingly antagonistic towards them economically because this is the only way they explain poor economic performance at home. Neither Scotland nor Canada operate independent economies in any serious way.

Does anyone in England give a toss about the NHS in Scotland? Does anyone in Alberqueque care about how Canada manages its pension system? No. The soft bigotry of low expectations and disinterest from great nations – and the externalised frustrations of the smaller neighbours  – leads to a curious narrative.

Canada and Scotland make a big fuss over many, oh so many, socially progressive movements precisely because neither the movements nor the nations matter all that much. There is no downside regionally or internationally if these nations mess up in any serious way. No risk in the long term for the short term reward of holding a Solero on a mechanical bull or dressing up in silly costumes. No one cares.

Meanwhile the evil Americans and British, with their silly traditions, are only ever holding everyone else back.

Vanguard strawmen causes pop up outrage and expire as fast. Rape clause, bedroom tax, transgender dishcloths, chlorine in oor chicken. What inspires such a political culture that everything is as disposable as plastic cutlery and the making the TV or front page is the name of the game?

What drives us to a politics of the banal, the venal, the extrovert and the childless? What has us wave any flag in the air and grimace at our own?

Progressivism is the gentle art of believing in absolutely nothing so why not just crack on and enjoy the day today? Capitalism, Nationalism, Socialism all blend together here to create false victories and lead us by competing ideologies to self indulgence and the pursuit of personal euphoria amongst our peers.

The elderly? Meh. Unplanned children? Abort, they're no fun. Long-term economic growth? Why bother when we've peaked but can still borrow for another generation to pay that I won't have a stake in. Culture? Why bother when you can have fun. Why develop responsibilities together to build a future when you can play the zero sum game of knowing your rights today...

Yep. It's miserable. The happy clappy parade of devolution style identity politics in Canada and Scotland is borne of something rather dark, a decline in the expectations of great Western nations to lead the way.

Compare this with the Sinosphere nations, where a booming China is breathing national fervour and pride in Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, and yes even Australia. What was black and white is now sublime unless we look closely and ask questions.

What can we do to restore our own future? We should start with our own families and our family of nations. 

We need serious and aggressive unionism in Scotland and Canada, not to mention Ireland. A unionism that cherishes the concept of a New West: that there is a natural and political symbiosis and common culture between the Anglosphere and the European Single Market (that was forged largely on Anglospheric traditions.) 

Canada must stop accepting low expectations from other others and take a bigger stake in global security. Holyrood needs to drop the Kool Aid and accept the only way it can thrive now is to ensure the British Union is strong and based on the people of these islands and not esoteric causes dreamt up by academics. We have to elect and value people who believe in themselves and their nation in the long term and junk the concept of politics for the moment a if it were a personalised fast moving consumer good and not the means to renew our country.

Leaving the single market needs framed so that the UK is in essence moving back into its own half of a common pitch and this represents too great a loss so long as the small and great nations of the Anglosphere and Europe reject any mutual antagonism.  The West must create a new sense of economic prosperity, military security and create a sense of hope and optimism in the future. Banal vulgarity that strives for "progress" must be moderated by rational delayed discounting, that is, we must base decisions on the long term consequences of change whether there should be change and for this we have to expect our future to be bright all things being equal, there must be a sense of potential loss if we screw up.

J Church – "Analysis, Yes, Very Nice"

It's simplistic presentation,
Your caustic realization,
Motivation in TV screens,
Vanguards built deliberately,
Feminization on every sex,
Stop, go back, re-read the test,
Feminization on every sex,
You're the anti-Oedipus

Who's remapping moral highways,
New speed limits you crave,
You think you're transforming infinity,
You're just lost in hyper-reality

What was easy to define now becomes so sublime,
What was easy to define you can dismiss as political lies

What was easy to define now becomes so sublime,
What was easy to define you can dismiss as political lies

Sweetest dreams, now go to sleep,
You've dug yourself too deep,
To summize, at all, morality,
Re-write your personality,
Analysis, yes, very nice,
It's changing almost every night,
Analysis, yes, very nice,
Maybe on some other night

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