Why Greening's gusto for changing gender without medical opinion?

Why Greening's gusto for changing gender without medical opinion?

by Jonathan Stanley
article from Tuesday 25, July, 2017

ORWELL foresaw a great many things but the wilful abuse of language to corrupt the free thinking of individuals is one that haunts Western society ever more.

Socialism is the hatred of humanity for it attacks the self assembling hierarchy of society that marks the boundary of nature and culture.

Every time social justice warriors "challenge" the established order they are simply restating their hatred of humanity and in the end themselves. Hence why so many appear bitter and fault finding, the kind of person you'd have polite conversation with out of duty but would never surrender a minute of your free time to.

Justine Greening has become one of these people. She has, as one friend put it, come late to the party and is making up for it with gusto by saying that people should be able to change gender without a medical opinion. The main issue with the LGBT lobby is its inherent dishonesty and vulgarity. To primarily identify in public by those you seek to have sex with whether or not others want to know is vulgar. How can one be bisexual if there are more than two genders and they are fluid?

Any philosophy born of an iterative process, like Marxism, that arrives independently at two different views of gender; Feminism and Transgenderism, is invariably flawed. Maybe both conclusions are wrong and we should ditch the lot?

To conflate sexual preference with gender is absurd in three ways, all of which are sinister.

1. That gender can change is the realm of the flat earther.  I can no more think myself a 6 feet 5 basketball player as I can think myself a woman. 

2. It immediately devalues the blindingly obvious and that is that gender roles stem FROM gender. Having a child teaches you very quickly what mummy and daddy can and cannot do well. If you're childless and discussing gender the conceit is naturally fatal.

3. It tips a nod to those who think any gender role is flawed. For men in the western, university educated, post-industrial world soaked in benefits this creates a crisis. 

Are men exiting the male world because it has become too hard for too little reward?  Have women through feminism left so many men with so little on the plate that they'd rather just jack it all in and not only date other men but also receive the secondary benefits of being a woman in this society?

Have we become so self-obsessed that only horizontal equality matters? That only people other our reproductive age have issues?

A 35-year-old humanities graduate cannot decide which toilet to sit on... call the press!  An 85 year old woman needs help getting onto any toilet... increase the pension, boost the tax credits and give everyone more money.

It is an absurd situation that has arisen because decadent politicians have embraced the engineered destruction of the family as the unit of society, not the individual in isolation. Who suffers? The vulnerable. Who wins? The vulgar. This cannot be poured into a frock and called progressive. 

There is every reason to feel compassion to those with gender dysphoria but it IS a disorder. It is not a variant of the norm and allows the idea that government can redefine the truth by legislation. That is exceptionally dangerous.

Even now criticizing a religion makes you a heretic to be burned. Now the state will roll the Earth flat and jail you or fire you for finding a curve where none are allowed.

There is nothing Christian or Conservative about this. It smacks of Common Purpose communitarian claptrap which seeks to reduce every institution of society to rubble.

We must take a long stroll back through the lunatic asylum to rebuild our institutions. If the Conservative Party will not do this a new challenger will emerge for there is yet no law than bans water flowing downstream.

Let the tide go out on these utter charlatans.

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