Good news, Corbyn is still there!

Good news, Corbyn is still there!

by Jonathan Gillen
article from Tuesday 20, June, 2017

AS A CHILD, to me the most scary enemy of Dr Who was the Cybermen. Hiding behind the sofa was the only way I could face watching this great show but while protecting myself from those bleak and horror filled faces. The 2017 Tory election campaign took on the same sort of feel. You hoped for the best but almost each and every day, reading or watching the news became something which was best done from behind the sofa. But, in the end is it all such bad news? Corbyn is still there as leader of Labour, and that has to be good news .

Corbyn had a great campaign. Just think, he out preformed the Tories on security from terrorists. Yet this is a man who would sit down quite happily with the IRA and Hamas. But we lost to him?  As my daughter says OMG! He got social media right and offered a 'bribe' to every interest group he could think of. And, he was able to present a clear image in the minds of that interest group, that they would have to pay nothing.  There would be no consequences of taking the cash.  The big question for the Tories, is how on earth did we let him get away with such rubbish?

So where is the good news?  The Tory Govenrment being propped up by the DUP is far from great. But we agree on almost every aspect of Brexit. That is the big issue.  The good news is that Corbyn is still there. Just think, for a moment if the Tory landslide had happened. Labour could have had say 160 MPs. The calls for Corbyn to go would have filled the news for weeks.  But would the Labour Party membership have voted for this change? I would suggest not. Instead 160 labour MPs would have faced a choice, stay with Corbyn and face perpetual opposition or start a new 'New Labour' party.  They would, however, had one huge advantage over the pomp and circumstance of the SDP in the eighties, if 120 of those 160 MPs had left to start afresh, they would have become the official opposition. Their leader should have been the leader of HM Loyal Opposition.  And that status would have had a huge impact; money from business, media profile, questions in the House, even some of the trade unions would have gone over. Almost from the start they would have looked and felt like a real party. If you are not sure about the potential of this just look at France.

For the UK the outcome would have been a 2022 election, just a few years after Brexit and before it had become embedded, between a Tory Government Vs a nice cuddly Left of centre New Labour Party. The country would have had 12ish years of Tory rule and would be looking for a change. I would suggest that that this could have been an election that would have been a Labour landslide on a 1997 scale.  Would that be a government able to build on the huge potential of Brexit? I would estimate that unless they retain a few whelk stall owners as MPs or as advisors, it would fail.

So what now? Mrs May, a competent PM is holed below the waterline and sometime soon she must move aside. Hopefully, the Tories replace her with a pro-Brexit charismatic leader who can connect with Business, the City and the young. And can campaign. But please don't have an ugly leadership election. Next  year or maybe 2019 hold a election against a Corbyn led Labour Party. This can, however, only take place when the electorate is past its fatigue. The backlash of another election in the near future could be massive.   Conservatives should, however, win that election and the Labour Party can then begin its process of moving back towards to the real world either as one party or as a new social Democratic Party. This New Labour may well then win in 2023 /4 or whenever but by then Brexit will have been established firmly, we would have got our trade moving with passion and energy.  We need those few extra years .

Rose tinted this may be... but this cloud does have a silver lining. Corbyn makes Labour unelectable. And the Tories can never be that bad again.

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