A snap election? Triangulation will save Brexit and strengthen the union

A snap election? Triangulation will save Brexit and strengthen the union

by Jonathan Stanley
article from Tuesday 18, April, 2017

WELL I WASN'T EXPECTING THAT. Which is odd because every ingredient is there but I took the PM at her word that, "now is not the time." Ah well, maybe I'm confusing that with her shutting down the SNP threat of a second divisive referendum up here.

So the First Ministers personal ratings are falling. The economy is stalling compared to England. UKIP is UKIP but wobblier than ever and Brexit has been undermined from within by all sorts of second rate born again democrats. Time for a catch crop, to crystallise a high water moment to execute ukip in England and knock the SNP sideways. This is triangulation and there is doubtful a better time to kick three parties when they are down and secure a muscular majority to ensure fifth columnists don't upset Westminster votes on key Brexit bills. 

The LibDems will recover some ground on the SNP and take out a few Blue liberals in the South West of England. Oh my heart bleeds. Crucially Labour will be left as a red dwarf in Westminster, too small to be effective and too large to allow a new centre left to emerge. It will become even scrappier nastier and more inward looking as marginals fall and safe seats concentrate their vote. Oh now where have we seen that before?

Brexit means Toryshire will be in control of the government for at least a decade. Risk of internal splits and of a sense of Scottish isolationism pose serious threats to unity and stability. The opposition will become at once more internal and external simultaneously. Let's call it out for what it is. We are seeing a Bavarianisation of the Government with a Christian democratic hegemony emerging. We also are seeing a Balkanisation of the opposition.

Conservatives not only are the party government now. We are the party of the opposition too and have to be. It is our duty as unionists not to fall easily to temptations of English nationalism and singing to our Toryshire faithful in the South. Nationalists and trade unionists, students and the elderly poor need our ear and for more than fine words. We have to out-nationalist the SNP to ensure our brand of regionalism is for everyone on these rocks.

The CSU in Bavaria shows this is our union to lose, our wealth creation to waste.

Interesting times, for a change...

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