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Is it all over for Independence?

by Murdo Fraser
ALEX BELL has always been one of Scotland’s more thoughtful Nationalists.  A former advisor to the ex-First Minister Alex Salmond, Bell has always been capable of providing some independent analysis of both the SNP and a case for a separate ...

Article from Wednesday 18, November, 2015
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For a Brexit model we should learn from South Korea

by Jonathan Stanley
A POST WAR miracle, a strong manufacturing powerhouse funded by domestic albeit very large levels of debt.  Steel, coal, heavy engineering and shipbuilding, Japan was unstoppable for a generation.  The 1980s saw Tokyo at its zenith, a massive retail and ...

Article from Thursday 12, November, 2015
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Scotland's political shame

by Ian Duncan MEP
OF LATE, when Tories foregather, conversation turns to Manchester. The howling mob. The spitting. The threats. The intimidation. Tales are recounted. My friend and fellow MEP Geoffrey Van Orden told me of the crowd chanting ‘murderer’ at his wife. Of ...

Article from Tuesday 10, November, 2015
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Scotland Bill tax powers turn up the heat on SNP

by Murdo Fraser
LAST SATURDAY it was Halloween. As I took my children guising around Perth, they were terrified by the endless procession of hideous misshapen creatures from the underworld, ghastly ghouls, and the undead stalking the streets. I am sure it was ...

Article from Friday 6, November, 2015
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Some education crackers for the firework season

by Elizabeth Smith
IN RECENT DAYS, the war between the SNP and Labour about who is the best guardian of state education has taken some interesting twists.  Kezia Dugdale told her party conference that Labour would deliver a £78 million ...

Article from Monday 2, November, 2015
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Interview: Case for federalism never stronger

by Lap Gong Leong
You’ve been an MSP since 2001. From your perspective, how has becoming and being an MSP today, compare with that to when you first started in 2001?  The most significance difference is that we are now in ...

Article from Monday 19, October, 2015
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No, we’re not becoming a more unequal society

by Murdo Fraser
VETERANS of the independence referendum campaign will remember claims being regularly made by the ‘Yes’ camp that the UK was “the fourth most unequal society in the world”. These were quickly debunked at the time, as (at best) exaggerating the ...

Article from Wednesday 7, October, 2015
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Our universities have a proud record when it comes to public accountability

by Elizabeth Smith
ONE OF the central principles of good governance in any sector is accountability. This is at the heart of the Nolan Principles of public life. Those in a position of power to make decisions and to act on them must ...

Article from Thursday 24, September, 2015
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The sun still shines on renewable energy

by Murdo Fraser
SCOTTISH CONSERVATIVES have always believed that renewable energy has a part to play as a component in Scotland’s energy mix. We don’t share the single-minded focus of the SNP on onshore wind as a technology, but we do want to ...

Article from Friday 18, September, 2015
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This unhappy breed

by Vivian Linacre
THE INTERVAL at any theatrical performance is usually marked by the fall of a curtain, which is raised again at the start of the next act.  Nothing of note occurs during the interval, which is merely a gap between the ...

Article from Friday 11, September, 2015
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