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SNP’s Programme for Government fails to show ambition

by Murdo Fraser
THIS WEEK the First Minister set out her Programme for Government, in effect setting the legislative and policy agenda for the next Parliamentary year. In her statement to Holyrood, she referred to the new political environment in ...

Article from Sunday 11, September, 2016
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Corbyn discovers the modern world. Bless!

by Jonathan Stanley
I LOVED the digital revolution speech by Corbyn. Rarely do such gems appear and with such dry wit. It could have appeared on Yes Minister or perhaps Blackadder.  At first it all seems rather comical. Your grandad ...

Article from Wednesday 31, August, 2016
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Don't oppose Sturgeon’s five tests, let's hold her to them

by Jonathan Stanley
THE FIRST MINISTER has rejected both recent referenda results on the grounds of political inconvenience. I think we should let Nicola Sturgeon run with this recent escapade for longer, as it is humiliating her more and more by the day. ...

Article from Tuesday 26, July, 2016
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You'll have had your #indyref then!

by Effie Deans
I FEEL LIKE I’ve been in one long referendum campaign for the past five years and more. I’ve written over two hundred blogs, nearly all of them about Scottish politics. It gets tiring. Now some Scottish nationalists want another referendum. ...

Article from Tuesday 19, July, 2016
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Scottish independence is a dead issue

by Effie Deans
I WOKE UP one morning in Spain to find that Britain had voted to leave the EU. I got a shock. I was certain that Brexit would lose. I reacted to the news with some pleasure, but also some nervousness. ...

Article from Wednesday 13, July, 2016
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Why negotiate a “deal”?

by Eben Wilson
As a liberal economist, my touchstones are always liberty, private property and free exchange. That means decisions about our path away from EU membership are about how best to release the best possible productive outcomes. In the 21st century that ...

Article from Friday 8, July, 2016
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As a remain voter, let’s get on and make Brexit work

by Keith Steele
OVER A WEEK AGO I voted to remain in the EU. I suspect like many others my vote was not made with any great enthusiasm for the EU but in my case I believed UK’s economic fortunes ...

Article from Monday 4, July, 2016
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Don't fear change

by Ivor Tiefenbrun
THE POINT of a referendum is to let the people decide.  So telling people how to vote is not only anti-democratic, but is generally counterproductive.  I will not do that.  Some argue that we should listen to the experts and ...

Article from Thursday 23, June, 2016
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In the EU referendum you play the man not the ball

by Alex Story
WE LEARNT in the last couple of weeks that people who wish to leave the European Union are “like Trump with better hair” and “economically illiterate”. These comments were made, respectively, by William Hague, who has no hair, and George ...

Article from Wednesday 22, June, 2016
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All centralism is the enemy of freedom and prosperity

by Ivor Tiefenbrun
“CENTRALISATION IS COMMUNISM” said Knudsen, the Dane who made General Motors successful, and then saved the Free World from servitude in WW2, by organising American industry in support of a beleaguered wartime Britain.  In serving their communist bosses who thought ...

Article from Friday 20, May, 2016
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