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Professor Sir Donald MacKay - an appreciation

by Bill Jamieson
A CHAMPION of home rule, a stout defender of liberal economics and an unswerving supporter of enterprise and the market economy: Professor Sir Donald Mackay who died last month aged 79, made a unique and distinctive contribution to Scottish public ...

Article from Wednesday 7, December, 2016
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Irish homecoming not so sweet for Sturgeon

by Murdo Fraser
GIVEN THE often troubled history of relationships between Great Britain and Ireland, it is perhaps not surprising that the separatist SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon got a warm reaction when she addressed the Irish Senate this week. Senator after senator lined ...

Article from Friday 2, December, 2016
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Seven SNP Brexit myths

by William Ross
WELL OVER thirty per cent of nationalist voters supported Brexit in the referendum. On St Andrew’s Day one of them has written for ThinkScotland why the SNP should reconsider its position in opposing Brexit. 1. Scotland ...

Article from Wednesday 30, November, 2016
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Trump's election confirms disenchantment with party political stitch-up

by Martyn Greene
DONALD TRUMP’S stunning victory is the final proof that it is game over for the political elite.   First Corbyn winning against the odds, then Brexit beating even the bookies’ predictions – and now Trump; all point to a system ...

Article from Monday 28, November, 2016
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An Autumn Statement delivering for Scotland

by Murdo Fraser
IT IS ALWAYS easy to tell when good news comes out of Westminster for Scotland, in that it usually generates very little response from the SNP.  SNP politicians and their followers on social media, who are so quick ...

Article from Friday 25, November, 2016
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Norway or no way: the SNP’s Brexit shambles

by Murdo Fraser
IT SEEMED like a golden opportunity for the SNP. On the morning of June the 24th, the UK had just voted to leave the European Union, but with 62% of Scottish voters backing Remain. It was exactly what Nicola Sturgeon had ...

Article from Saturday 19, November, 2016
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President Trump: The Triumph of the Morlocks?

by Murdo Fraser
In H.G. Wells’ great science fiction, The Time Machine, written in 1895, the hero, who is  identified only as The Time Traveller, builds a machine which transports him to AD 802,701. There he finds that mankind has evolved into two ...

Article from Friday 11, November, 2016
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It's time to shun the SNP's greetin-faced childishness

by Jonathan Stanley
TO EVERYONE'S amazement the SNP is threatening not to vote for Article 50 to be declared, to prevent Scotland being "dragged out of the EU" against our will. 62% voted to Remain in Scotland. Bristol managed 62% too and Cambridge ...

Article from Tuesday 8, November, 2016
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Whistle is blown on SNP's hated football Act

by Murdo Fraser
OF ALL the legislation put through by the SNP government over the past nine years, none has been as hated as the Offensive Behaviour at Football (OBAF) Act. Introduced to try and address the problem of sectarianism around football, as ...

Article from Friday 4, November, 2016
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Wallooning does not improve our lives

by Eben Wilson
NOW THAT the Canadian EU trade deal, CETA, has eventually gone through, there are important lessons for Scotland and the UK. The theatre of the on again, off again, on again, CETA negotiations tells us a lot about the institutions ...

Article from Tuesday 1, November, 2016
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