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Mental health champions at Holyrood are driving Scotland mad

by Jonathan Stanley
ONE OF THE MYSTERIES of politicians is how they pick winners in healthcare, almost at random. It seems to be that mental health is something we need to do more for, which means giving it a nice label, compartmentalising it ...

Article from Thursday 26, January, 2017
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Embattled Finance Secretary takes more flack

by Murdo Fraser
AS THE PROCESS for scrutiny of the Scottish Government’s draft budget for 2017/18 grinds its way through the Parliamentary process, the position of the SNP Government, and in particular that of the Finance Secretary Derek Mackay, continues to unravel. ...

Article from Friday 20, January, 2017
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A game theory guide to Theresa May's negotiation strategy

by Mike Nevin
THE PRIME MINISTER'S Brexit speech on January 17th marked the opening move in the negotiation process that will lead to the UK’s departure from European Union. The UK’s best strategy through these negotiations will depend upon how the other side ...

Article from Thursday 19, January, 2017
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Lucky Derek still in denial over SNP budget

by Murdo Fraser
HE MAY NOT like to admit it, but the SNP’s Derek Mackay is the luckiest Finance Minister in the history of devolution. Not only does he have an unprecedented range of choices over tax and spend, following the full devolution ...

Article from Friday 13, January, 2017
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Solving the mystery of the Brexit bounce: why the UK economy has confounded its critics

by Mike Nevin
IN THE run-up to the EU referendum on June 23rd, you could hardly move without hearing prophecies of doom by the Great and Good from the terrible consequences should Britain vote to leave. IMF Chief Christine Lagarde ...

Article from Thursday 12, January, 2017
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Why 2016 was the turning point towards better times

by Effie Deans
CERTAIN PEOPLE I know and certain people I read have been describing the past year as something horrible. You only have to go back one hundred years to see how foolish this assessment is. Imagine you had just celebrated Christmas ...

Article from Friday 6, January, 2017
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Brexit changes everything! Fisheries management is coming home!

by Ian Duncan MEP
THE ANNUAL bun fight that is the EU Fisheries Council wrapped up in Brussels in the wee small hours last week. On the whole it is a good deal for Scotland, with Prawn fishermen the big winners, securing a near ...

Article from Thursday 22, December, 2016
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Education: It's time for John Swinney to be decisive

by Bill Nicol
ON THE 13 September this year, Deputy First Minister John Swinney MSP launched a governance review of education. Launching the review he stated that the guiding principle for the way schools should be run is simple. He said that decisions should ...

Article from Friday 16, December, 2016
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No Exit from Brexit: Seven thoughts on a PreBrexit IndyRef2

by William Ross
THE LAST TEN DAYS have been quite interesting regarding the prospects of Indy Ref 2. First of all, veteran nationalist (and Leaver) Jim Fairlie was quoted as saying that he would vote "No" if the Indy Ref 2 question presupposed our "remaining in the EU". ...

Article from Wednesday 14, December, 2016
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Can John Swinney stop our education falling into decline?

by Elizabeth Smith
JOHN SWINNEY must dread getting up in the morning these days. I have some sympathy him as I do not believe that he is personally responsible for the current mess in Scottish education. That charge can be more easily laid at the ...

Article from Monday 12, December, 2016
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