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The SNP offers no hand of friendship

by Allan Smith
THIS WEEK saw the SNP announce its UK General Election manifesto.  A manifesto, not for Scotland but for the “whole of the UK” if Nicola Sturgeon is to be believed. Full of promises of ...

Article from Wednesday 22, April, 2015
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How the Tories could call the SNP's bluff

by Hugh Andrew
​Offering politicians what they want can be a way to bring about their ruin. Could the Conservatives do just that to the SNP?

Article from Sunday 12, April, 2015
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Transport in Edinburgh: small government is the best city deal

by Jonathan Stanley
ANOTHER one billion pounds for Edinburgh has been mooted as part of a City Deal for Edinburgh as if the premium placed on infrastructure is its expense. By definition infrastructure is a cost and a bridge across a boundary.  Both ...

Article from Wednesday 8, April, 2015
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SNP’s Full Fiscal confusion

by Murdo Fraser
THE LATE LAMENTED Scottish Tory leader David McLetchie used to joke that Fiscal Autonomy was a little-known Irish folk singer.  Had he been with us on Wednesday, he would have enjoyed the afternoon, as the SNP’s flagship policy for the ...

Article from Friday 3, April, 2015
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How the SNP’s green policies sealed Longannet’s fate

by James Corbett
THE SECOND least surprising piece of news this week broke on Tuesday, when Scottish Power announced that it was very likely that Longannet Power Station in Fife would have to close next year. The decision came following the announcement that ...

Article from Sunday 29, March, 2015
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Whatever happened to localism?

by Murdo Fraser
WHEN the SNP were first elected to power in Scotland in 2007, they talked a good game on localism.  The ring-fencing of local council budgets was substantially reduced, a move which the Scottish Conservatives warmly welcomed.  We saw the local ...

Article from Monday 16, March, 2015
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US must change policy in war against Islamic State

by Struan Stevenson
THE CIVILIZED WORLD has united in its condemnation of the barbaric beheadings of innocent Western aid workers and Egyptian Coptic Christians and the horrifying burning to death of the brave Jordanian pilot by the so-called Islamic State. Their rapid expansion from Syria across vast ...

Article from Tuesday 10, March, 2015
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Missing – an energy strategy for Scotland

by Murdo Fraser
LAST WEEK we had yet more unwelcome news about the future of the Longannet power station in Fife. As somebody who represents the area, I am well aware of the significance of the plant to the local economy, and of ...

Article from Friday 27, February, 2015
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Will Ruth's jalopy pass its MOT – or is it destined for the scrappy?

by Andy Maciver
RUTH DAVIDSON and her Scottish Conservatives are fairly chipper at the moment. This derives largely from the independence referendum, where (along with Kezia Dugdale and Jim Murphy) Ruth distinguished herself with a string of solid performances that made a stronger ...

Article from Thursday 26, February, 2015
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Why is statism on the rise?

by Lap Gong Leong
THE BIGGEST mistake for any libertarian is to think people are wilfully ignorant of the effects of an overbearing government and that they will see the light and become libertarians, conservatives, or classical liberals after some great exposition.  ...

Article from Thursday 12, February, 2015
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