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Tories abolishing Human Rights?

by Murdo Fraser
TORIES, particularly in Scotland, have got used over the years to being unjustly accused of all sorts of vicious behaviour, from snatching the milk from school children to driving the disabled into poverty. The latest chapter in the sorry saga ...

Article from Saturday 15, November, 2014
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Libertarianism after 2015

by Lap Gong Leong
UNLESS YOU BELIEVE the SNP narrative that England, particularly London and the South East, is full of free market worshipping Eurosceptic libertarians in government, you will have noticed that the UK is still a pretty statist country.  ...

Article from Tuesday 11, November, 2014
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Illiberal, unnecessary and nonsensical

by Murdo Fraser
DESPITE its current travails, the Scottish Labour Party can, just occasionally, get something right. This Wednesday, three years after Parliament passed the Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Bill, we debated a Labour Motion on sectarianism, which included ...

Article from Saturday 8, November, 2014
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The fight to save the Union is not over

by Murdo Fraser
ANYONE who thought that the referendum on September 18th would end the debate on Scotland’s place in the United Kingdom only needed to watch proceedings in the Scottish Parliament this week to see that that is not likely to be the ...

Article from Saturday 1, November, 2014
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Labour must choose wisely, or be damned

by Peter Duncan
IN THE political bubble, it’s a common belief that you are at a turning point. It always feels important, always feels like the next few days, weeks or months will change the whole lexicon of political life for a generation. ...

Article from Friday 31, October, 2014
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Labour still does not "get it"

by Andy Maciver
“We can win the 2016 election; of course we can. We just need to get rid of Johann.”
NOT A WORK of fiction, but the genuine views of London­-based Labour strategists after 'their' ...

Article from Tuesday 28, October, 2014
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Hague and Smith commissions cannot afford to drop the ball

by Lap Gong Leong
ON THE DAY after the referendum Andy Mciver wrote a somewhat optimistic article on what happens after. He was cautious that another referendum could happen (the ultimate nightmare for unionists) if Westminster drops the ball. It has now been a ...

Article from Friday 24, October, 2014
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An anti-SNP electoral coalition? No Thanks

by Kyle Thornton
THERE HAS been much chatter about on the idea that the pro-UK parties must team up in next year's General Election to ensure that the SNP is limited in its gains. The idea is that the pro-UK party which is ...

Article from Monday 13, October, 2014
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Bitter Together: Why our divided country needs a regional policy

by Ivor Tiefenbrun
STUDENTS OF Adam Smith and the Scottish Enlightenment will know that empathy is crucial for the wealth creation process we call free enterprise.  After the referendum, I must confess to being astonished at the passions it aroused, and the dismaying ...

Article from Saturday 11, October, 2014
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How many Nats does it take to help aspirational Scots?

by Andrew Morrison
THE ANSWER is we don't know, for they've never tried.  Not content with scrapping the Right to Buy, which limits the chances of aspirational people buying their own home, now the Nats kill it off with a ...

Article from Friday 10, October, 2014
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