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Doomed: Nigel Farage, UKIP and the Battle for Brussels

by Ben Acheson
IT'S ALL about UKIP. It always has been. They've made a routinely uneventful and uninspiring process the political event to watch. Thanks to them, this year's European election cycle will be the most exciting, or the least boring, ever.  ...

Article from Tuesday 15, April, 2014
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Political lessons from Quebec

by Murdo Fraser
I HAVE ALWAYS had some level of personal interest in Quebec. The British General James Wolfe, who took Quebec from the French in 1759, is even sometimes claimed as a former pupil at my old school, Inverness Royal Academy. He ...

Article from Saturday 12, April, 2014
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Leaving the EU offers many positives for the UK

by Rory Broomfield
DESPITE THE DAMAGE suffered by the pro-EU campaign during the recent televised debates between Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage they still point blank refuse to concede defeat. Rather than spout conjecture, its time to present the facts for fear of the debate being ...

Article from Friday 11, April, 2014
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Being part of the EU is GOOD for the UK

by Ben Acheson
IT WAS disastrous. It shouldn't have happened. Never again.  The dust has settled on Nick vs Nigel and clearly we didn't need the televised debates. All they did was give Farage primetime coverage to spread misleading falsities ...

Article from Thursday 10, April, 2014
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Can the Conservatives capitalise on Labour's misjudgement?

by Andy Maciver
In a two-part analysis of the unionist's attempts to agree on more devolution Andy Maciver considers the Labour and Conservative offerings. In part two today he looks at the Conservatives...

Article from Wednesday 9, April, 2014
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What has Labour done... and can Conservatives take advantage?

by Andy Maciver
In a two-part analysis of the unionist's attempts to agree on more devolution Andy Maciver considers the Labour and Conservative offerings. Today he looks at Labour...

Article from Tuesday 8, April, 2014
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An opening ceremony up in smoke?

by Andrew Morrison
THERE IS something about the ceremony of huge sporting events which holds popular appeal way beyond typical sports enthusiasts.  Whether it's the spectacle of the Summer or Winter Olympics, or indeed the Commonwealth Games, there is no getting away from ...

Article from Monday 7, April, 2014
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Margot MacDonald: She loved sport and sport loved Margo

by Elizabeth Smith
IT WAS WITH the greatest sadness that I learnt of the death of Margo MacDonald MSP – one of Scotland's finest politicians and also one of its greatest characters. There are many people who are far more ...

Article from Friday 4, April, 2014
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Forget UKIP, Northern Ireland has the most to gain in the European Elections

by Ben Acheson
WHO really cares about the European elections? Let's face it, they can be pretty irrelevant.  Just by mentioning them, some people may already have lost interest in this article.   They are secondary to domestic elections. Some parties use ...

Article from Wednesday 2, April, 2014
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Speed-Dating for youngsters: a solution to Britain's Adoption crisis?

by Ben Acheson
CRITICS HAVE slammed them as 'cattle markets for kids' and 'speed dating for toddlers'. They've been branded 'Babies 'R' Us' parties or 'shopping expeditions' for children.  Controversy abounds. Welcome to the world of adoption parties.  ...

Article from Tuesday 1, April, 2014
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