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The birth and early life of a nationalist factoid

by Gordon Barclay
A NEW 'truth' emerged in the 'Scottish Region'  Mail on Sunday of 24 March 2013, that 'London planned to abandon Scotland if Hitler invaded our shores' (Marc Horne). The story was picked up and elaborated in a print-only edition of the Daily Express (Rod Mills) apparently ...

Article from Saturday 19, July, 2014
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SNP child care costings shown as pure fantasy

by Neil Craig
THE BIG money promise the SNP made in its White Paper was that if the Scots voted for separation the SNP would immediately provide:
  • Thirty hours of childcare per week in term time for all ...

Article from Friday 18, July, 2014
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Victory for reason as Anti-Nuclear 'Linear No Threshold' theory dropped

by Neil Craig
FOR SIXTY YEARS the Linear No Threshold theory (LNT), the basis for saying that low level radiation is harmful, has been the foundation of the anti-nuclear movement. It has never had any scientific justification whatsoever and, in a new report released last ...

Article from Thursday 17, July, 2014
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Hope Not Hate – refuting the claims that UKIP is racist

by Neil Craig
MY PARTY, UKIP, has come under a lot of pressure from unfair accusations of racism. In that light on Monday I attended a meeting of a leftist group called Hope Not Hate. The meeting had been specifically advertised as a ...

Article from Wednesday 16, July, 2014
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Dig for victory, Tunnel for prosperity!

by Neil Craig
OVER THE LAST two decades the Norwegians have revolutionised their transport infrastructure cutting 900 tunnels with a total length of 750 km (1). They have done these at the remarkable cost of under £4 million per km which means the ...

Article from Tuesday 15, July, 2014
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How science fiction introduced me to freedom

by Neil Craig
WHEN I AND THE WORLD were much younger than now and both of us thought we were more “leftist” than today I read a book, set on the Moon, about a revolution where the very lowest in society rise up and ...

Article from Monday 14, July, 2014
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Collective nouns: an over-provision of quangocrats

by Stuart Winton
IN A PREVIOUS ThinkScotland piece I argued that measures like minimum pricing for alcohol were blunt instruments unlikely to significantly curtail consumption. Meanwhile, the gradual decriminalisation and de-stigmatisation of drunkenness and non-enforcement of existing rules had perhaps exacerbated the alcohol ...

Article from Saturday 12, July, 2014
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Where next for the Scots Tories?

by Marcus Buist
1997 OUGHT to have been the Conservatives' worst result in Scotland. After eighteen years in power, the government had lost its clarity of purpose, and in Norman Lamont's memorable phrase "was in office but not in power". Its economic credibility ...

Article from Monday 7, July, 2014
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Federalism refuses to go away

by Murdo Fraser
THERE IS NOTHING new about the idea of federalism in Britain. Early last century a Cabinet sub-committee was tasked with drafting a Bill for a federal UK, in an attempt to deal with the Irish question.  Federalism has long been ...

Article from Monday 30, June, 2014
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A vision for Scotland after 18 September?

by Andrew Morrison
ON 26th June I attended a Reform Scotland debate hosted by the University of Glasgow, at which Murdo Fraser MSP and Michael Moore MP both set out their visions for Scotland and the wider UK after the independence referendum on ...

Article from Saturday 28, June, 2014
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