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Tactical voting can defeat Salmond

by Effie Deans
I GREW UP in a little village in Banff and Buchan. The local MP lived nearby. He was a Conservative. Altogether there were 22 Conservative MPs in Scotland. There were two SNP MPs. What happened? The answer is simple, there ...

Article from Wednesday 17, December, 2014
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Class war comes to Holyrood

by Murdo Fraser
THERE HAVE ALWAYS BEEN some people in the SNP who have objected to the principle of private ownership of large areas of land. There are those, like the SNP Convenor of the Scottish Parliament’s Rural Affairs Committee, Rob Gibson, who ...

Article from Saturday 13, December, 2014
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Federalism goes forward at Westminster

by Murdo Fraser
DURING THE recent independence referendum campaign, the soon-to-be-departed (at least from front-line politics) former Prime Minister Gordon Brown pledged that in the event of a No vote, a package of powers would be delivered for Scotland that would amount to ...

Article from Saturday 6, December, 2014
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The cadences and rhythms of cynical politics

by Stuart Winton
IN ONE OF Lap Gong Leong’s interesting recent ThinkScotland pieces on devolution and federalism, he wrote: “The libertarian path to federalism means power should be devolved to the lowest levels. […] For too long, devolution meant power to the politicians. It ...

Article from Wednesday 3, December, 2014
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Sir Alec’s ghost can rest easy

by Murdo Fraser
THERE WAS a spectre at the feast in virtually every one of the many debates on independence I participated in, during the run up to September’s referendum. That was the ghost of the late Conservative Prime Minister, Sir Alec Douglas ...

Article from Saturday 29, November, 2014
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And now for something completely different.

by James Corbett
YOU KNOW HOW occasionally you read something and feel compelled to write something in response? Well, that’s happened to me. (Thanks Alan Bissett) The People’s Pledge On September the 19th, one day after the ...

Article from Wednesday 26, November, 2014
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Piggy in the middle and our political decline

by Ivor Tiefenbrun
DEMOCRACY works best when there is a clear choice between two distinct and different parties.  Only in these circumstances can anyone be certain to get or have rejected what they voted for, so the fragmentation of the middle ground that ...

Article from Monday 24, November, 2014
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The policies causing poverty

by Murdo Fraser
SCOTLAND has a new First Minister. In a long-anticipated move, on Wednesday the Scottish Parliament voted in Nicola Sturgeon to hold office as the leader of the country’s devolved administration, to replace the retiring Alex Salmond. The ...

Article from Friday 21, November, 2014
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Tories abolishing Human Rights?

by Murdo Fraser
TORIES, particularly in Scotland, have got used over the years to being unjustly accused of all sorts of vicious behaviour, from snatching the milk from school children to driving the disabled into poverty. The latest chapter in the sorry saga ...

Article from Saturday 15, November, 2014
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Libertarianism after 2015

by Lap Gong Leong
UNLESS YOU BELIEVE the SNP narrative that England, particularly London and the South East, is full of free market worshipping Eurosceptic libertarians in government, you will have noticed that the UK is still a pretty statist country.  ...

Article from Tuesday 11, November, 2014
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