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Don't fear change

by Ivor Tiefenbrun
THE POINT of a referendum is to let the people decide.  So telling people how to vote is not only anti-democratic, but is generally counterproductive.  I will not do that.  Some argue that we should listen to the experts and ...

Article from Thursday 23, June, 2016
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In the EU referendum you play the man not the ball

by Alex Story
WE LEARNT in the last couple of weeks that people who wish to leave the European Union are “like Trump with better hair” and “economically illiterate”. These comments were made, respectively, by William Hague, who has no hair, and George ...

Article from Wednesday 22, June, 2016
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All centralism is the enemy of freedom and prosperity

by Ivor Tiefenbrun
“CENTRALISATION IS COMMUNISM” said Knudsen, the Dane who made General Motors successful, and then saved the Free World from servitude in WW2, by organising American industry in support of a beleaguered wartime Britain.  In serving their communist bosses who thought ...

Article from Friday 20, May, 2016
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Residential care needs a Scottish Government review urgently

by Robert Kilgour
  I AM a strong supporter of the new national living wage (NLW) that the UK government announced in 2015. The NLW will start at £7.20 an hour (outside London) in April 2016 for all workers over ...

Article from Wednesday 10, February, 2016
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Oil and gas workers don't need Green death notices

by Murdo Fraser
YOU DON'T need too long a memory in politics to remember the Green Party and its fellow travellers banging on about the concept of “Peak Oil”. Peak Oil is the point in time when the maximum rate ...

Article from Sunday 24, January, 2016
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Obituary: Sir Albert McQuarrie

by Ian Duncan MEP
BACK IN 2014, during the European elections I found myself in Peterhead. It was March, and a light wind was howling off the sea. As I approached the pier-head, Sir Albert McQuarrie was waiting to greet me. He was 96. ...

Article from Sunday 17, January, 2016
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Will I predict 2016 better than 2015?

by Murdo Fraser
AT THE START of last year I made a number of predictions about what the coming year would hold. Before embarking upon my predictions for 2016, I thought it was only fair to revisit what I said this time twelve ...

Article from Tuesday 12, January, 2016
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How we can build a Project Peace

by Robert Durward
THE WESTERN WORLD claims to be civilised but is it?  All of the great civilisations of the past imparted their knowledge and moral values on others less-advanced but we have become racked by self-doubt. If we fail to defend the ...

Article from Monday 21, December, 2015
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Faced with the chance of ending ‘Tory austerity’, Swinney bottles it

by Murdo Fraser
THE SNP’s Finance Secretary, John Swinney, delivered on Wednesday a historic budget for the Scottish Government. For the first time since devolution, he was not simply concerned with the distribution of the resources available to him. For the first time, ...

Article from Friday 18, December, 2015
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The cracking story of the Forth Road Bridge

by Murdo Fraser
IT GOES WITHOUT SAYING that last week’s closure of the Forth Road Bridge to all traffic is having a catastrophic effect on residents of Fife and the East of Scotland. Commuters trying to get across the Forth on a daily ...

Article from Saturday 12, December, 2015
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