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Time for Yes Campaign to call off the dogs

by Murdo Fraser
IT IS THURSDAY morning in Cupar, usually a quiet time in North-East Fife’s market town. After a dull start, the sun has come out and the temperature is rising. The Cross in the centre of town is ...

Article from Saturday 30, August, 2014
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Bring forward better proposals to last NOW!

by Marcus Booth and Craig Buchanan
ON 18TH SEPTEMBER 2014, the people of Scotland will go to the polls to vote on the future political direction of their country, whether she should remain a part of the United Kingdom, or re-establish herself as an independent nation.  ...

Article from Tuesday 26, August, 2014
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Yes or No, the world is about to change

by Murdo Fraser
THE FINDINGS of the Social Attitudes Survey, prepared by the estimable Professor John Curtice and his colleagues, are always poured over by politicians and commentators trying to discern shifts in the public mood. Over the past couple ...

Article from Friday 22, August, 2014
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Nats turn desperate as time runs out

by Murdo Fraser
IF THERE is one aspect of the referendum campaign that could have been predicted with some accuracy when it started more than two years ago, it is that the closer we came to 18th September without the polls showing advances for ...

Article from Saturday 16, August, 2014
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Now even the Nats are having second thoughts

by Murdo Fraser
ONE OF the narratives that the Yes Campaign for Scottish Independence has been running with is that the only movement in terms of support for either camp is in their favour. So, they say, there are No voters moving to ...

Article from Sunday 10, August, 2014
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Challenges for Scotland: delivering a humane health service

by Marcus Buist
COMPASSION is rarely the product of committees. While a universal health service is a laudable aim, the cult of the NHS is failing some of Scotland's most vulnerable people. Moreover, these failures are not the product of temporary circumstance, but ...

Article from Thursday 7, August, 2014
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The spectre of Paradise Lost faces us

by Struan Stevenson
BASKING in the glorious sunshine and bursting with pride from the spectacular (if a little kitsch) opening and closing ceremonies of the Commonwealth Games, Scots could be forgiven for thinking that we had at long last stumbled on a sort ...

Article from Monday 4, August, 2014
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The iron maiden of the Gaza conflict

by Marcus Buist
ISRAEL HAS ALWAYS been a state at war. Long before the Jewish-Roman wars of 66-136 AD, the Jews had been a persecuted people. A monotheistic nation state in a region of Asian empires, the Jews have oft been transported to ...

Article from Thursday 24, July, 2014
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The birth and early life of a nationalist factoid

by Gordon Barclay
A NEW 'truth' emerged in the 'Scottish Region'  Mail on Sunday of 24 March 2013, that 'London planned to abandon Scotland if Hitler invaded our shores' (Marc Horne). The story was picked up and elaborated in a print-only edition of the Daily Express (Rod Mills) apparently ...

Article from Saturday 19, July, 2014
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SNP child care costings shown as pure fantasy

by Neil Craig
THE BIG money promise the SNP made in its White Paper was that if the Scots voted for separation the SNP would immediately provide:
  • Thirty hours of childcare per week in term time for all ...

Article from Friday 18, July, 2014
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