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No, we’re not becoming a more unequal society

by Murdo Fraser
VETERANS of the independence referendum campaign will remember claims being regularly made by the ‘Yes’ camp that the UK was “the fourth most unequal society in the world”. These were quickly debunked at the time, as (at best) exaggerating the ...

Article from Wednesday 7, October, 2015
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Our universities have a proud record when it comes to public accountability

by Elizabeth Smith
ONE OF the central principles of good governance in any sector is accountability. This is at the heart of the Nolan Principles of public life. Those in a position of power to make decisions and to act on them must ...

Article from Thursday 24, September, 2015
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The sun still shines on renewable energy

by Murdo Fraser
SCOTTISH CONSERVATIVES have always believed that renewable energy has a part to play as a component in Scotland’s energy mix. We don’t share the single-minded focus of the SNP on onshore wind as a technology, but we do want to ...

Article from Friday 18, September, 2015
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This unhappy breed

by Vivian Linacre
THE INTERVAL at any theatrical performance is usually marked by the fall of a curtain, which is raised again at the start of the next act.  Nothing of note occurs during the interval, which is merely a gap between the ...

Article from Friday 11, September, 2015
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Scottish Government’s programme leaves unanswered questions

by Murdo Fraser
THERE WAS good news this week for the Scottish economy. The Chancellor George Osborne was in town, with two significant announcements. The first was of a significant investment of some £500 million in Faslane of UK taxpayers’ ...

Article from Saturday 5, September, 2015
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ScotFree rather than ScotRail?

by Jonathan Stanley
THOUGH IT MAY seem to go against the concepts of individualism and low tax, free regional rail is something that should be considered.  We spend a fortune, subsidising housing in city centres, on unemployment benefits and maintaining ...

Article from Monday 24, August, 2015
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Prestwick is worth supporting

by James Corbett
IT IS A testament to the high standard of journalism in Scotland’s newspapers that I rarely find myself reading an opinion piece that can reasonably be described as bad. (I’m excluding the National since it’s really more of a pamphlet than a ...

Article from Friday 31, July, 2015
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George Osborne – closet socialist?

by Hugh Andrew
THE GREATEST surprise of our most recent budget (a budget which managed the signal attainment of making an already byzantine tax system even more complex) was the announcement of the Conservative Party’s conversion to the Living Wage and ambition that ...

Article from Wednesday 15, July, 2015
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Osborne’s budget causes problems for SNP and Labour

by Murdo Fraser
THE TERM “triangulation” first came into politics in the mid-1990s, the brainchild of Dick Morris, Bill Clinton’s Chief Political Advisor. Essentially it involves a politician adopting for himself some of the ideas of his political opponents, the logic being that ...

Article from Saturday 11, July, 2015
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Obama's legacy offers a Middle East tinderbox

by Struan Stevenson
WITH THE DEADLINE for signing a nuclear deal with Iran looming this week, there is increasing frustration that President Obama seems to be committing to too many concessions and weakening the West’s approach to the Iranian regime. Obama has conceded ...

Article from Tuesday 30, June, 2015
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