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A free market case for remaining

by Sam Bowman
AFTER EXPECTING to vote Leave for a while, and being undecided for even longer, I’ve eventually decided to vote to Remain in the EU. Here are my reasons why: Immigration. EU immigration is very good for the ...

Article from Wednesday 22, June, 2016
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Brexit won't cure the NHS, but it will deliver the tools we need

by Jonathan Stanley
THE NHS remains at the forefront of concerns for those undecided about whether we should leave the EU.  Deep down many people want to leave but are worried about the short term impacts this might have on their health service. ...

Article from Friday 20, May, 2016
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Why more tax does not mean better public services

by Eben Wilson
THE BBC AIRED a fascinating phone-in the day after John Swinney’s budget. It asked the question “Would you be happy to pay more tax?” Almost all listeners, with a weighting towards older callers to be fair, said ...

Article from Tuesday 12, January, 2016
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Kezia Dugdale should get to know her Laffer curve

by Eben Wilson
KEZIA DUGDALE has been honest enough to propose how her anti-austerity spending plans would be paid for.  That in itself is a welcome change from days before the presence of campaign groups like the TaxPayers' Alliance and TaxpayerScotland; ...

Article from Wednesday 18, November, 2015
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Scotland needs more capitalism – not less!

by Ivor Tiefenbrun
INDIGENOUS BUSINESSES in Scotland are increasingly uncertain about their future prospects.  Until recently it was unimaginable that we would question whether the three-hundred-year-old United Kingdom of Great Britain would survive.   Scotland’s contribution to this partnership has been enormous, ...

Article from Wednesday 11, November, 2015
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Scotland needs an independent nuclear power industry

by Malcolm Mackay
NUCLEAR POWER creates energy by unlocking the power of the supernova, uranium and thorium were formed in one, billions of years ago. Both are found in the granites of northern Scotland and contribute to a background level of radiation we ...

Article from Monday 9, November, 2015
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Seemingly not self-evident truths about Scottish politics

by James Corbett
TODAY I shall be expressing some views that others may find controversial, disagreeable or give cause to question my humanity or my right to have a forum for my views. If you are one of that charming group of people ...

Article from Friday 6, November, 2015
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Just when EU thought it was safe to go back in the water

by James Corbett
IT'S DEJAVU all over again. There’s suddenly lots of press coverage of a referendum and the line between passionate debate and angry ranting on Twitter is even finer than usual. There’s even a campaign for the status quo with an ...

Article from Monday 19, October, 2015
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College and university admissions point to SNP education failure

by Elizabeth Smith
LAST MONTH, the First Minister told us – boldly it has to be said – that her “neck was on the line” when it came to addressing the attainment gap between those pupils who come from poorer backgrounds and those ...

Article from Thursday 10, September, 2015
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Only by ending its union with Germany can Greece escape its abuse

by Jonathan Stanley
THE CURRENT Greek crisis is being played out in every form across social and mainstream media. It is easy to be caught up in the fine detail of the debt levels involved, in the bailouts and the round robin round ...

Article from Wednesday 22, July, 2015
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