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How nationalism can sow negative perceptions towards investing in Scotland

by Grant Simpson
THE UNITED KINGDOM has been a beacon of justice, democracy and fairness for centuries. A stable country and viewed as one of opportunity, borne out by the vast numbers of international citizens who have chosen to make Britain their home. ...

Article from Thursday 23, February, 2017
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The stench of public partnership economics

by Eben Wilson
A DANGEROUS CANKER is growing in Scottish governance. It’s surrounded by what seems to be completely reasonable assertions, but my alarm bells are sounding loudly. I sense socialist managerialism getting out of control. Let me introduce you ...

Article from Monday 20, February, 2017
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Nationalising the railways would be wrong on every level

by Liam Kerr
LAST YEAR, when responding to some of the severest rail delays in Scotland’s recent history, the transport minister told Parliament he had established a ‘shell company’, ready to make a public sector bid for the ScotRail franchise. It was a ...

Article from Friday 17, February, 2017
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The Single Market is grossly overrated

by Jonathan Stanley
ALL THIS TALK of Scottish trade with the EU distracts from the reality that our trade with the UK is growing far faster than with the rest of the world and that most of what we export to the EU ...

Article from Wednesday 15, February, 2017
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Why we need state-funded autonomous schools in Scotland

by Bill Nicol
THE Scottish Government’s current review of governance, “Empowering Teachers, Parents and Communities,” assumed from the outset that it “must empower teachers to make the best decisions for children and young people”. The consultation went on to say “decisions about children's ...

Article from Monday 13, February, 2017
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SNP education policy: all talk and no action?

by Elizabeth Smith
NOT THAT LONG AGO, in September 2013, the Scottish Government commissioned a study into the possibility of extending philanthropy in Scottish education. Whilst the main focus of the study was a paper published by Professor Lindsay Paterson of Edinburgh University, ...

Article from Thursday 9, February, 2017
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Scottish Enrolled Nurses could solve the numbers crisis

by Jonathan Stanley
The NHS in Scotland is struggling to recruit and retain enough nurses. It’s a UK wide problem and the causes are many. Certainly Holyrood has not shone in delivering the health service we all need. Poignantly in the SNP’s own ...

Article from Saturday 4, February, 2017
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Enterprise must engage to bring about change

by Martyn Greene
THE UK NOW HAS a number of problems far beyond the reach of the political elite and, with our economy on its knees, the traditional remedy of throwing money at them is no longer an option. Business people have a ...

Article from Tuesday 31, January, 2017
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Trump changes everything

by Martyn Greene
I WAS RECENTLY sent a long and detailed blueprint, with copious references, on how to build a new political party fit for the 21st century.  The paper made a number of very good points; better connections with constituents, using the ...

Article from Monday 23, January, 2017
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Pragmatism versus Principle – the role of the economist in the EU debate

by Eben Wilson
AT A PRIVATE dinner recently I listened to a professional academic economist offering an erudite view on the prospects for Scotland of Brexit.  Like many in academe he appeared to be a dedicated “remainer”; and along with many in our ...

Article from Thursday 19, January, 2017
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