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Simple but effective changes that would transform our government

by Martyn Greene
BRITAIN WAS ONCE the undisputed world leader in science, engineering, education, communication and the armed forces, however, we have thrown it all away. Why on earth did such an accomplished and capable nation allow this to happen? ...

Article from Friday 2, December, 2016
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I got Labour out of Midlothian but the SNP has let me down

by Peter de Vink
IN NOVEMBER 2011 I was unwise enough to put myself forward as a Conservative Council Candidate in the May 2012 election. Early in 2012 I came out as saying that Scotland could actually become an independent nation and I was ...

Article from Wednesday 30, November, 2016
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Central planning has failed – so let's stop demanding more of it

by Eben Wilson
CAN TAXPAYERS be blamed from turning their backs on politics and, across the Western world, voting to crush the political and media class?  This week’s budget (for that's what it was) could be viewed as cautious and measured, ...

Article from Friday 25, November, 2016
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Tim Farron should force a by-election of his own

by Jonathan Stanley
JUST WHEN you're starting to finally wind down from FIVE years of worrying about breaking up the country; when the SNP seem almost vanquished following two bruising referenda, Tim Farron pops up. I like Tim, I met him during the ...

Article from Monday 21, November, 2016
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Our duty to remember

by Ian Duncan MEP
LAST YEAR I spent Remembrance Day in the French village of Loos, a century after the bloody battle that carries its name. On the 25 September 1915 at 06.30, British soldiers clambered from their trenches and began ...

Article from Friday 11, November, 2016
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Referenda? It's the hypocrisy that gets me!

by Keith Steele
I MOVED to Scotland in 2008, since when I’ve lived under a government whose political mantra was and still is that ‘nationality’ defines one’s route to a better life. In late 2014 we were given a ‘once ...

Article from Friday 28, October, 2016
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Planes, trains and Hinkley Point...

by Jonathan Stanley
FASTEN YOUR SEAT BELTS, we're encountering some turbulence.  We apologise for any delay to your flight / journey / whatever... actually we don't apologise. You are travelling British class so what did you expect? Another twist in ...

Article from Wednesday 26, October, 2016
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What would Clem make of it all?

by Ian Duncan MEP
ANNE GLOSSOP was a fifteen year old schoolgirl in 1951 when she wrote to Prime Minister Clement Attlee. The Government’s recent education reforms meant that Ms Glossop, who had expected to sit her final exams in only a few months, ...

Article from Thursday 20, October, 2016
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Does tuition fee discrimination amount to xenophobia?

by Effie Deans
THERE IS AN ODD concept in Scottish politics where things that are paid for by someone else are called free. The SNP in particular has based much of its populism on providing these “freebies” to their supporters. We now have ...

Article from Tuesday 18, October, 2016
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Angela Constance should respect the providers of benefits

by Eben Wilson
IT IS REPORTED that Angela Constance believes the Personal Independence Payment system – which replaces Disability Benefit – needs “radical reform”. The basis for this appears to be that two-thirds of claimants challenging awards are successful; something which the minister believes ...

Article from Wednesday 12, October, 2016
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