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The Palestinian flag does not fly in my name

by Andrew Morrison
SO GLASGOW City Council has decided to fly the flag of Palestine from the City Chambers as a gesture of solidarity towards the Gazan people in the ongoing conflict – I should like to point out that as a Glaswegian ...

Article from Friday 8, August, 2014
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We need to talk about the ‘F’ word

by Alison Payne
I WAS ONLY a month old when Mrs Thatcher entered No 10, so to me as a young child growing up in the 1980s, I believed women could do whatever wanted.  Unaware of politics, sexism, glass ceilings, work-life-balances or any ...

Article from Tuesday 5, August, 2014
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The people’s sovereignty Vs public choice theory

by Stuart Winton
IF NOTHING ELSE then the often constant refrain from Yes supporters regarding more powers for the Scottish Parliament demonstrates a lack of confidence. Why moan that Westminster won’t grant Holyrood any more powers if independence is such a certainty? And ...

Article from Monday 4, August, 2014
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Why I'm pro-union: a young person's perspective

by Kyle Thornton
ON TUESDAY, I had the pleasure of hearing Ruth Davidson talk about why she felt young people were naturally against Alex Salmond's separation plans. She made a convincing case that I agree with wholeheartedly.  Young people want ...

Article from Friday 18, July, 2014
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Are debates worthwhile? It’s debatable.

by James Corbett
LAST WEEK I went to not one, but two debates on Scottish independence. Until now I’d not had much first-hand experience of independence debates, but in the spirit of Gonzo journalism I decided it was time to experience this “re-democratisation ...

Article from Monday 7, July, 2014
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With 78 days to go, we need you to do your bit

by Rob Murray
IN 78 DAYS, millions of Scots will go about their daily routine. They will be doing all the things they normally do – taking the kids to school, heading out to work, looking after elderly relatives. Yet ...

Article from Monday 30, June, 2014
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Are prospects for Scottish renewables now becalmed?

by Robert Trythall
JUNE has been a significant month to update the development of Scotland’s offshore renewables, and its UK-European-Global perspective   Earlier in June, the three  biggest offshore wind farm construction ships in the world passed Tiree, en-route, to ...

Article from Saturday 28, June, 2014
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Wings Over Scotland: No ‘ordinary’ website

by Stuart Winton
IT WAS NOT my intention to write a follow-up to my recent piece on the Clare Lally/Campbell Gunn affair and the role of the Wings Over Scotland website in the whole thing. However, Wings author Stuart Campbell responded on Twitter by calling ...

Article from Friday 20, June, 2014
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A Scottish constitution - Swiss style

by Neil Craig
I WROTE recently about the leftist Holyrood consensus for a Scottish constitution designed to lock in the permanent power of the state to dictate to us over global warming, high taxation, foreign "aid", and general busybodying, even if we voted for ...

Article from Friday 13, June, 2014
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A positive case for the Union

by James Corbett
WE'VE ENTERED the official campaign period for the Scottish referendum on independence. This seems like a good opportunity to draw a line under the last couple of years of what we know wasn’t officially campaigning, just lots of people shouting ...

Article from Wednesday 11, June, 2014
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