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Scottish Labour – nothing lasts forever

by James Corbett
AFTER THREE attempts at writing a piece on the woes of Scottish Labour that I’m personally happy with I’m beginning to ask myself why anyone really cares? Honestly, would you look at the state of them? A ...

Article from Friday 31, October, 2014
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All-you-can-eat devolution buffet is a recipe for indigestion

by James Corbett
IN THE SAME WAY Britain used to be called a nation of shopkeepers, Scotland is starting to look like a nation of constitutional obsessives. I predict a surge in popularity for woolly Christmas jumpers this year as all the cool ...

Article from Friday 10, October, 2014
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Change will now come – but should we be uneasy?

by Eben Wilson
HALF AN HOUR after declaring the “No” majority in the referendum, politicians were being asked what they “felt” the outcome would be from a debate we are about to have following the “decision” by the people.  The ...

Article from Friday 19, September, 2014
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What kind of Scotland do we want to be?

by Kyle Thornton
THE LAST WEEKEND of campaigning had me absolutely speechless. Not only was this because of excellent canvass returns but more that the general public got a real glimpse into the 'Yes' side that us die-hard campaigners have seen from the ...

Article from Wednesday 17, September, 2014
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Playing 'Chicken' with Scotland's future

by Jamie Gardiner
THE TROUBLE with predicting which currency Scotland will use following independence is that this is no longer a question of economics or strategy. It's a game of chicken.  Nobody meant for it to turn out this way. ...

Article from Monday 15, September, 2014
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United and divided – the choice is stark

by Ivor Tiefenbrun
THE INCREASE in support for independence in Scotland is quite astonishing.  The core support of committed nationalists was stable for years in the region of a quarter of the population, yet recently support for independence has more or less doubled.  ...

Article from Thursday 11, September, 2014
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A No vote can offer hope for harmony and tolerance

by Jaber George Jabbour
Why Scots must teach the world a much needed lesson about harmony and the benefits of living together

Article from Wednesday 10, September, 2014
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The referendum - the best and worst of times!

by James Corbett
AS WE REACH the end of the referendum campaign, it’s only appropriate that we start to wonder if the referendum has been a good thing for Scotland. Of course whatever the result, one side will claim it’s a great thing ...

Article from Tuesday 9, September, 2014
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Councils banning referendum debates in schools are making a huge error of judgment

by Elizabeth Smith
HOW DEPRESSING it is to hear that some local authorities have instructed their schools to refrain from holding referendum debates during the five weeks between the start of the new school session and referendum day. It is even more depressing ...

Article from Monday 1, September, 2014
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The arrogance of Ian Bell and others is cause for concern

by James Corbett
THE INDEPENDENCE debate is of course full of arguments. No statement goes unchallenged. Many positions appear plausible, provided you don’t think about them very much; and given the frequency with which they are recited verbatim by audience members in TV ...

Article from Thursday 28, August, 2014
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