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College and university admissions point to SNP education failure

by Elizabeth Smith
LAST MONTH, the First Minister told us – boldly it has to be said – that her “neck was on the line” when it came to addressing the attainment gap between those pupils who come from poorer backgrounds and those ...

Article from Thursday 10, September, 2015
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Only by ending its union with Germany can Greece escape its abuse

by Jonathan Stanley
THE CURRENT Greek crisis is being played out in every form across social and mainstream media. It is easy to be caught up in the fine detail of the debt levels involved, in the bailouts and the round robin round ...

Article from Wednesday 22, July, 2015
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Introducing the living wage? "Put your money where your mouth is"

by Robert Kilgour
IN PRINCIPLE, I am strongly in favour of the introduction of the 'Living Wage'; currently £7.85p an hour. I believe that paying all staff the Living Wage is an admirable goal to which all businesses should aspire. But it is ...

Article from Monday 13, July, 2015
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Memo from Edinburgh: Yes Scotland can teach Eurosceptics lessons

by Jonathan Stanley
IT’S NOW OVER nine months since the Scottish referendum and Eurosceptics are in a remarkably similar position to Nicola Sturgeon’s crew were nearly two years ago. What’s really remarkable is how little Eurosceptics seem to have learned ...

Article from Monday 29, June, 2015
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Gun killings bring politics before grieving

by Lap Gong Leong
IF THERE is one thing I hate about America, it’s the polarised state it’s been in since the Bush-Obama Era began.  Five minutes into the Charleston tragedy, people began to talk about the politics rather than the ...

Article from Friday 26, June, 2015
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Putting the brakes on the EU super-tanker

by Struan Stevenson
DAVID CAMERON will have to move fast if he hopes to bring forward the date for the "EU - in or out" referendum to 2016. Achieving change in the EU is like putting the brakes on a super-tanker, it can ...

Article from Tuesday 26, May, 2015
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Should Alistair Carmichael resign? That’s beside the point.

by Lap Gong Leong
SCOTLAND EXHIBITS more Unionist-Nationalist warring as both sides fight over the old #FrenchGate memo. One side is angry over the besmirching of Alistair Carmichael and the double standards about politicians lying. While the other side is extremely hurt over how ...

Article from Sunday 24, May, 2015
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Who is responsible for business in an irresponsible society?

by Ivor Tiefenbrun
BRITAIN WAS ONCE a leading player in consumer electronics.  How could it be that the people who led British companies that once dominated world markets lost the will to compete, and that their once great companies fell by the wayside, ...

Article from Friday 8, May, 2015
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That N56 'analysis' of fiscal autonomy: 
spun for social media

by Neil Lovatt
THIS WEEK we received two publications from the SNP-leaning “think tank” N56, one on growth the other on Fiscal Autonomy.  This post concerns itself with the second of these publications rather then the former. I would say beforehand, however, that ...

Article from Wednesday 6, May, 2015
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We're all the losers in these party games

by Vivian Linacre
THE UK POLITICAL CLASSES made massive gains in power and public money by imposing extra layers of government upon the British electorate in Brussels and at Holyrood.  They both had indeed been created primarily for that very purpose:  the political ...

Article from Friday 1, May, 2015
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