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Have you ever searched for 'demolition fail'?

by James Corbett
IT IS NOT OFTEN that The Simpsons forms the basis of an analogy in the world of Scottish politics, but in what was a fairly eventful week, I think I’ve found one. There aren’t many things that ...

Article from Monday 7, April, 2014
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Salmond’s Stamp Tax on Scottish business

by Murdo Fraser
THE DESCRIPTION “written on the back of a fag packet” is one which is often bandied around in the world of politics to describe policy ideas which are floated without the detailed implications being considered before they are announced. ...

Article from Saturday 5, April, 2014
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Balancing the positive and the negative

by James Corbett
A BIT OF negativity isn’t necessarily a bad thing when you’re faced with making an important decision. It can push you to make a more conservative or pessimistic assessment of the possible outcomes and counteract desires to take excessive or ...

Article from Monday 31, March, 2014
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Providing care for terminally ill people isn't an injustice but passing assisted suicide into Law could be

by George Laird
I DON'T THINK anyone can have anything but the utmost sympathy for the plight of Andrew Morrison's family when his grandmother was struggling with effects of cancer. Events, traumatic events can certain affect a politician's view of the world around ...

Article from Friday 28, March, 2014
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How and why I changed my view on Assisted Suicide

by Andrew Morrison
FOR AN approved candidate and devout party supporter, a party conference is usually all about affirming existing beliefs, and being galvanised for the battles ahead.  I've been inspired to produce this write-up concerning an issue which the Scottish Conservative Conference ...

Article from Monday 24, March, 2014
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Six months left to play your part in the referendum

by Rob Murray
FOR NEARLY two years Better Together has been taking its positive message to households across Scotland. We can have the best of both worlds. Our strong Scottish Parliament, with the guarantee of more powers, takes key decisions about our schools, hospitals and ...

Article from Wednesday 19, March, 2014
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Where next for the Scottish Tories?

by James Corbett
THIS WEEKEND the Scottish Conservatives will meet in Edinburgh for their annual conference. As Murdo Fraser observes in his article for this site the conversation will be dominated by the independence referendum. Talking about the importance of keeping the UK ...

Article from Monday 10, March, 2014
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The EU must reform – or face a backlash at the polls

by Struan Stevenson
VALÉRIE TRIERWEILER – former mistress of Francois Hollande - is not the only woman who now regards the French President with disdain. With the breakdown of the Franco-German alliance, Angela Merkel is determined to woo David Cameron. There is no ...

Article from Friday 28, February, 2014
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The truth is out there – but don’t expect to find it in politics

by James Corbett
I’VE JUST FINISHED a short online course on forensic science and as I went through the material I was struck by how easy it can be to take a piece of evidence and reach the wrong conclusion because of personal ...

Article from Tuesday 25, February, 2014
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Is more devolution now the best response?

by James Corbett
LAST WEEK, Andy Maciver wrote a piece for ThinkScotland challenging the Conservatives, Labour, and Liberal Democrats, to commit themselves to significant further devolution now or risk losing the independence referendum.  It’s a good article and it makes ...

Article from Tuesday 18, February, 2014
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