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Pragmatism versus Principle – the role of the economist in the EU debate

by Eben Wilson
AT A PRIVATE dinner recently I listened to a professional academic economist offering an erudite view on the prospects for Scotland of Brexit.  Like many in academe he appeared to be a dedicated “remainer”; and along with many in our ...

Article from Thursday 19, January, 2017
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Politicians should beware, actions have consequences

by Ivor Tiefenbrun
WHEN PEOPLE disagree, it is tempting to assume that a compromise means both parties conceding ground to meet in the middle, but that is not always possible. Few doubted that a majority for Brexit would have consequences.  To ...

Article from Friday 13, January, 2017
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Put the family before the state for a real Conservative healthcare policy

by Dr Sutherland MacNeill
I WAS interested to read the latest press release on improving health from the Scottish Conservatives who have, it seems, not one but three spokesmen on health. On the train from Perth this ...

Article from Thursday 12, January, 2017
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Stage Formula 1 in Scotland and show we are still in Europe

by Jonathan Stanley
BREXIT, Europe, EU, Remoanians, immigrants, Single Market… I don't think I'm the only one believing this debate is becoming somewhat stalled. An avalanche of cliches and acronyms gives that away. Scotland has been cut out of the ...

Article from Friday 6, January, 2017
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Where now for Scottish Education?

by Keir Bloomer
SOME PEOPLE might think ‘uncomfortable reading’ a rather understated reaction to Scotland’s performance in the 2015 Performance for International Student Assessment (PISA) survey.  The results were the poorest that Scotland has had in any international comparison of educational standards so ...

Article from Thursday 22, December, 2016
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It’s time Scotland had its own migration deal based on local needs

by Jonathan Stanley
BACK in the heady days of the referendum a little note was slipped into Nicola Sturgeon’s pocket and also, handily, into the national press. Vote Leave’s Director in Scotland, Tom Harris, called for something rather shocking. That ...

Article from Tuesday 20, December, 2016
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Mackay’s Budget is no Laffer matter

by Murdo Fraser
ALEX SALMOND, the former SNP First Minister of Scotland, has many failings, but at least he knows something about economics. His favourite economic theory is that of the Laffer Curve, the details of which he would regularly bore the Scottish ...

Article from Friday 16, December, 2016
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How to help enlighten Scotland’s entitled

by Eben Wilson
IN THE SPRING of 2016, TaxpayerScotland was invited to host a meeting of economists from around the world, jointly hosting a meeting in Edinburgh with the Vienna-based Austrian Economics Center. We took this on because it was ...

Article from Monday 12, December, 2016
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Alex Johnstone MSP – A Tribute

by Murdo Fraser
I first came across Alex Johnstone at the Conservative Party Conference in Blackpool in 1997. This event was held in the wake of the Party’s crushing defeat in that year’s General Election, but one of the platform speakers caught my ...

Article from Friday 9, December, 2016
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Italian revolt shows people want control of their parliaments

by Martyn Greene
STRANGE THINGS are happening across the political spectrum but they have a common theme. The old political parties are imploding and electorates are playing a major role in their demise. From Brexit to Trump to Italy, people are using whatever tools ...

Article from Monday 5, December, 2016
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