Something for the weekend? The Greek lothario

Something for the weekend? The Greek lothario

by Jackie Anderson
article from Saturday 18, November, 2017

POWER IN ANY SHAPE or form can be a heady aphrodisiac, clearly apparent in our corridors of power in recent years. I’ve always wondered how, in this day and age, with the media being what it is, that people in the public eye think they will get away with their affairs and dalliances unreported .

Reading the recent reports on the 70-year-old marriage of the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh it’s really no surprise that accounts of Prince Philip's affairs are now being written about. There have been rumours for years of Philip's indiscretions, and as an avid reader of history, this seems to be the norm in royal circles throughout the ages. It's very sad to read that while Lizzie’s marriage may be 70-years-old but she’s possibly married to a bit of a philanderer .

A handsome young married man, he had a group of what the inner circle of royal flunkies say was an unsavoury bunch of pals who liked nothing better than to party hard in clubs till dawn. It would appear that marrying Princess Elizabeth did nothing to curtail his love of living the bachelor life, regularly attending the notorious Thursday Club in Soho for a boys night out. You have to presume he married out of love, or maybe as his eldest son he too wondered "whatever love is?"

The notorious four month trip with his pals around the Commonwealth in the 50’s was even in these days widely reported with supporting photographs from the media. The Royal Yacht  Britannia had a regular procession of young girls aboard, whilst the Queen was  back home having had two young children, Charles and Anne. His behaviour then was enough for him to be practically ordered to return home. There is no doubt the Queen adores her hubby but one has to question her sanity in allowing him to behave like a plonker and bringing the Monarchy into disrepute.

Although Kings and Queens through the ages have behaved this way it beggars belief that they still think they can get away with it. Look at the eldest son, our next in line king. Distasteful phone conversations with his lover Camilla were recorded with him wistfully saying he wished he was her tampon, really ? The only thing bloody about that sordid affair was the damage to Charles’s reputation, but he then went on to marry her.

The list of women that have been romantically linked to Phillip is seriously impressive and to name but a few, the Countess of Westmorland, novelist Daphne due Maurier, actress Merle Oberon, Anna Massey, TV personality Katie Boyle, the Duchess of Abercorn and Princess Alexandria – and I kid you not this is just a few on the list .

Another alleged dalliance was an old childhood friend who it’s reported was very close to Prince Philip after she separated from her husband. Rumours of an affair circulated and she then went on to have two children after her separation with the rumour being that Philip is the father. She refused to say who the father was, adding fuel to the rumours. He is Godfather to both children, of which at least one strongly denies any royal parenthood..

The satirical magazine Private Eye linked him to the notorious Stephen Ward who became the centre of the Profumo affair in the 60’s. Apparently Mr Ward liked serving drinks at the Thursday Club naked and wearing only an apron. The Eye reports Philip was known as “the naked waiter“. I suppose it beats putting a straw in the drinks .

One of his biographers Sarah Bradford is adamant that throughout his marriage there is clear evidence that the Queen's consort has been rather liberal with his affections. He apparently has an eye for pretty young women, haven’t they all, but if true what an idiot to think that it wouldn’t be reported or talked about. Maybe he doesn’t give a damn, as he surely has the most forgiving wife on the planet.

I was once at an occasion in Edinburgh where Prince Philip attended as president of the English Speaking Union and I have to say he didn’t make me swoon, in fact he reminded me of the character Mr Burns from The Simpsons. However the pack of adoring Americans who were there just about climbed over each other to get to him, strange world .

The Queen of course seemed to be shocked and disapproving of the breakdown of her children’s marriages, to her you're not only married to the job but you make it work no matter what, so accepting Philip straying now and again may be to her just something she has to put up with.  I can only imagine she’s got through a few boxes of Kleenex over the years.

We would all have long marriages if we were prepared to put up with our hubbies getting their leg over at every available opportunity.

The Queen has been reported to have said, “that there’s nothing worse than to fence a man in and stop him from doing what he wants". Really? What the hell's the point in marrying then? I would respectfully suggest that a fence wouldn’t have made any difference to the Greek lothario, maybe a spell in the Tower to cool off might have helped, followed with a hefty dose of Bromide.

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